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  1. Infuriating Code Status Changes

    This is surprisingly common. My 96 year old aunt had DNR on file with the hospital, and was admitted full code. And, in the ER, we sometimes get the information late, and wrongly resuscitate.
  2. I think you are mistaken. The research was done by three economists one of whom is a JH professor. Apparently a well known (in some circles) conservative/libertarian who contributes to the conservative National Review and is a senior fellow at the ...
  3. This has actually been an educational thread. Daisy- thank you for posting that link. It gave others the opportunity to show how something with a grain of truth can be manipulated. It really got my attention that a Johns Hopkins study about lo...
  4. Pushing IV Meds Without Scrubbing Hub

    Are your educators educated? Serious question. Not an expert in the subject, but I am pretty sure the whole point of Curos is sterile access. I am 100% that compliance with a 30 second prep of an IV has an minute compliance rate. As far a...
  5. That's an interesting take away. I was thinking they must have had good mitigation strategies. How does their mitigation compare to ours?
  6. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    In answer to the question- Let HR know when you expect to meet their job requirements, and see what you can negotiate. You have proven your ability to make your case with both your school, and the BON. Use the same approach to solving this problem,...
  7. Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?

    More accurately, it is satire. Fake news is yet anther dormant screen name coming to life for the sole purpose promoting the narrative that has worsened this pandemic.
  8. If I had the opportunity to talk to this man before he got on the flight, I would tell him to order the kosher meal. Many people find it tastier regardless of dietary preferences. As far as Covid is concerned, pretty sure it wouldn't make a dif...
  9. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    I really appreciate all your feedback about how one day I might develop into a competent nurse. I will be sure to incorporate it in my various roles as triage, charge, preceptor, and hospital code team leader. The first 18 years have been a bit tri...
  10. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    I do. "IV 1000ml D5 1/2 NS 60ml x 24 hours" To be clear- I do not question the intention regarding the rate. That is- assuming the clinical condition of the pt matches the order. But- the rate is not specified. It is a bad order. I inter...
  11. Giving Report and IV Access

    The best way to be ready for an emergency in regards to an IV is not to have somebody verbalize to you their memory of the IV. Even if they checked it recently, and report it accurately, there is nothing saying it is working now. If you want to be...
  12. Interpret This Order For Me Please

    So what? Of course they don't like being called- who would? So what? They chose a particular job, and that job involves call? I do all kinds of thing in my job I don't like. Including trying to figure out poorly written orders.
  13. Infuriating Code Status Changes

    Apparently, we can. Until somebody wins an expensive lawsuit, and this abuse becomes expensive. Right now, it is the easiest path. I hope somebody makes it harder.
  14. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    False dichotomy. I like the job. I like the pay. Best pay I can get with a 2 year degree, and scrubs are comfy. Also- occasionally I save lives, and sometimes I get to use a load of skills I have accumulate over the years.
  15. Giving Report and IV Access

    Absolutely. There are nuances that are not charted that help the oncoming nurse understand the big picture. Family involvement, pt pet peeves, that sort of thing. And, having the off going nurse provide an overview gives context to the details t...