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I'm a student nurse.?

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  1. iNurs5

    Failed nursing school

    And you signed the document to be withdrawn. You should have your professor/instructor/clinical instructor show you the evidence that you were guilty, not based on someone's emotions based on what you're posting here. Don't just accept it! Do you thi...
  2. iNurs5

    Charge nurse soloing me out

    If she gets the same assignments and with much higher acuity, she can turn around and let that charge nurse worry about who to replace her.
  3. iNurs5

    How long after NCLEX do you get your license?

    About 28 hours later, I received a congratulatory email from our BON.
  4. iNurs5

    Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    I stayed with ATI throughout nursing school. Out of curiosity, I tried UWorld and did well on it too. 95% of my practice NCLEX question was with ATI provided by my school. I passed NCLEX on the first try. It was challenging. The questions were gettin...
  5. I personally would wait until the baby is one year old.
  6. iNurs5

    School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    It sounds familiar to me, but it was a weekly simulation. We were given clinical situations. We would be given feedback on where we did well and where we need to improve.
  7. iNurs5

    Nursing School Fail out

    Give a specific example. Did your CI "screaming" at you because you were jeopardizing your patient's safety? What did you do? You were perfectly minding your own business, and your instructor specifically called you and started "screaming" at you?
  8. iNurs5

    Nursing School Fail out

    No, you're bluffing. You don't know how to present your cases. If you have cases, you should have no problem hiring a lawyer, especially if your school is a private school.
  9. iNurs5

    No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    I'm not familiar with management, but I do know that our admin and management were nurses for many years watching the doctor(s) performing procedures by the bedside. What do you think? They told me the nursing field "opens many opportunities."
  10. iNurs5

    No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    Having a master's degree won't fix those people. What's your goal to be have an MSN, RN?
  11. iNurs5

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    I see. They aren't telling the whole story of this scenario.
  12. iNurs5

    Nursing School Fail out

    Frankly, you wouldn't be here if you have a case. I'm not a lawyer, but I can think and read.
  13. iNurs5

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    I got it. I wouldn't work with this condition. Dangerous. Thank you.
  14. iNurs5

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    I noticed that at least one or two of them was on the wrist restrained on daily basis for attempting to yank their trach away. Nurses and CNAs hated to work in this area if we were short-staff. They'd rather walk away.
  15. iNurs5

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    I worked in vent and trach. I'm still trying to wrap around my head how they didn't detect changes in his oxygen level, pressure changes, etc. The pulse oximetry was noisy if there was no pulse detected. The pressure changes can alarm everyone that ...