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Hoosier_RN has 27 years experience as a MSN and specializes in dialysis.

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  1. Hoosier_RN

    New graduate in dialysis, future career issues

    get through your training. There is so much going on due to Covid, and many places aren't hiring, or are limiting hiring, and new grads are having a hard time with getting that first job right now. Get your 7 mos-1 year, then start applying if you want out. You will use many skills in dialysis, trust me.
  2. Hoosier_RN

    Nursing informatics and healthcare informatics

    Do a job search in areas in which you wish to practice. Most informatics jobs are on the coasts, or in large cities in the Midwest (think Chicago, Nashville, Dallas). Most want some experience to go with the education. I started down the NI/HI path, as I have a masters in computer science as well. My adviser admitted that jobs are limited, and most aren't remote as one would think. My advisor suggested that I just move to a location that I 'may' find a job. With a large farm, not even a remote option. I shifted gears to a MSN in management. I would just suggest you job search before investing time and money. Good luck on your future
  3. Hoosier_RN

    Can I be an RN with a DUI?

    Some will tell you to contact the BON. They will only tell you that they will eval after successful completion of a nursing program. I think that's a raw deal to go to school, spend the money and be rejected at the last. Unfortunately, the board hold the cards
  4. Thanks providing. That's an eye opener
  5. I ❤ this 1000x. These 2 posts together is exactly what I feel, and have not adequately been able to put into words
  6. Hoosier_RN

    Multiple job offers & new to healthcare

    When I worked the floor in dialysis, I enjoyed the steady flow with known patients, with the issues that present-hypo or hypertensive episodes, bleeding episodes, and blood glucose related episodes. I'm currently a clinic manager What I didn’t like about hospital departments: understaffing, backbiting, ever changing politics-daily, and decreasing reimbursements which caused most of these situations, along with corporate greed. I was an ICU manager (CVICU) when I left the hospital in 2010, no plans to ever go back Seeing your end plan, go cardiac neuro
  7. I agree, but I feel that perhaps clinicals could be postponed. There's just no amount of similation or Zoom or Teams that equals in person/hands on. It's frustrating
  8. Hoosier_RN

    Multiple job offers & new to healthcare

    what is your end goal after nursing school? I'm a dialysis manager, so of course, I'm partial to that 😊. But, again, it depends on your personal goals
  9. Hoosier_RN

    License application concern

    Good luck on your new journey!
  10. I'm so sorry. This CV-19 has made a mess of education...grrrr...We discussed this at work the other day-one of the patient's daughter is in nursing school and has yet to touch a real patient. Patient is livid because his daughter is working and has scholarships to pay for school, and they both feel like she is being ripped off. She's in a ASN program and terrified that if this goes on long, she won't have a clue when she graduates. I agree, and a SIM lab is no substitute for true hands on.
  11. Hoosier_RN

    I can't get a job!!

    Apply. I had no direct nephrology experience, just 20+ years of being a nurse in various settings. Keep applying. Find out who the nurse recruiter for your area is and reach out to them. Call the clinic directly and ask to speak to the manager, and get your name in their head. They can call the recruiter and have your app/resume pulled. They can also give you said recruiter's name. I had interviewed with Fresenius about 10 times, got an offer everytime, except it was for part time (they used to not list if PT/FT). The last time, it was FT, and it was noted in the job description.
  12. Hoosier_RN

    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    You can watch American Greed and see that so many of these have gone on, and many, even with minute involvement end up in prison, or have legal issues that follow them forever. If something like that were to happen and you have a nursing license, you most likely won't after that. Be very wary and look at the mortgage opportunity very closely before you jump in that direction. Money means nothing if you're locked in a cell and everything has been taken from you. You now have lots of advice from 2 threads. Consider wisely...
  13. Hoosier_RN

    Start as nurse or new career opportunity?

    No, not a good idea. After a while, you are no longer a new grad, so most places will be leery to hire you. There are threads by others on here that discuss that they didn’t go straight to a nursing job for x reason, and now the cannot get hired anywhere. Even with that said, many new grads are having trouble finding new jobs. I responded to your other similar post yesterday. My step mom is interested in the details of this 100% commission job. If this is true, per her words (and 30+ years experience, is a VP of mortgage with a worldwide finance company and the education to go with it, she is in NYC). She believes that there is something illegal/unethical taking place if someone is making 20-30 grand a month in this current economy, and would love to know the company/details. You can pm that to me if you are uncomfortable to post. Unless you know in your heart there is something that's not quite right in this deal. In the pre CV-19 economy in some locations, with experience, it was possible. Either way, you sound as if you want us to give you permission to do it. You don't need permission or an okay. Do as you wish. You've already seen much advice from both posts, but only you can decide what you want to do
  14. Hoosier_RN

    I can't get a job!!

    It will truly vary by clinic, even in the same company. But, you see the same patients on a continuum, so the chance to build relationships is there, plus you see so many comorbidities. It is truly a learning experience I will warn upfront that there is a huge learning curve at the beginning. It takes a year to get really comfortable with the job. But it is sooooo worth it
  15. Hoosier_RN

    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    My step mom works for a well known mortgage corporation. She says no one is making that kind of money without lots of experience and a degree in finance, unless its one of the ponzi schemes...and yes those exist in mortgage/finance. In fact, every now and then we hear about them on the news
  16. We got into this mess when facility administration (and some schools too, honestly) allowed it. Also the whole "nurses are heroes" tag line doesn't help. It gives some the attitude that anything below the perceived heroship list is beneath them. You know Flo is turning in her grave at these folks...

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