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    Hospitals charging nurses $100/month for parking?

    They honestly shouldn't charge anyone to park!
  2. Hoosier_RN

    Hospitals charging nurses $100/month for parking?

    Along with saving $50. You won
  3. Hoosier_RN

    Hospitals charging nurses $100/month for parking?

    Country Bumpkin General and Hillbilly Healthcare both have parking garages that don't charge anyone to park. Nice amenity for the small towns
  4. some rural areas are overwhelmed with new grads, and experienced nurses, as there aren't many other employers. Everyone in my area went, thinking big money and work at Country Bumpkin General locally or at Hillbilly Healthcare in the next town over. ...
  5. Hoosier_RN

    Falsely Accused Of Patient Neglect

    Exactly this! When I worked in a facility, I always asked visitors to step out while using bedpan or BSC, for patient privacy. Sometimes to go to BR, depending on situation. Something odd about this son, who's never met you, wanting to get video of y...
  6. Unfortunately, it does fall under being exceptional, other tasks as needed, and being flexible. Where I work, it's an "invisible" metric, unfortunately, but those of us who do change hours around and pick up extra are rewarded at annual raise time. ...
  7. Hoosier_RN

    Undesignated Felony 6 while in nursing school PLEASE HELP!

    I don't know, but the sooner that you discuss it with them, the sooner you know. Depending on disciplinary action received, you may not ever be able to sit for boards anyway, so it would be better to know sooner than later. And I doubt the school wou...
  8. Hoosier_RN

    Undesignated Felony 6 while in nursing school PLEASE HELP!

    I would talk to your program advisor immediately. Also, I'd ask for legal advice from a lawyer that is versed in nursing board issues. Most of the time each issue is a case by case basis, so it's really up in the air if you'll have issues when applyi...
  9. You shouldn't allow yourself to take this personal. Back at that time, I'm sure that these folks were inundated with so much information and phone calls, email, regular mail, texts, etc, that it was most likely hard to keep up. Also, as far as taking...
  10. Or provide dialysis if their kidneys were in failure and they drank the whole lake. Sorry, my weak attempt at humor on a Sunday morning... carry on
  11. I feel like this: once someone says "no thanks", drop it. I work in dialysis and patients get it from this lady, as well as a couple of vegans. The vegans tell the the patients (quite a few are T1D) that they can have candies, etc, just not meat prod...
  12. I work with a recent NP grad (she's credentialed but can't find a million dollar job in the flooded market in our area-shocker) that continuously advertises keto. When she found out I am T1D, she started commanding that I do this diet. I told her tha...
  13. Hoosier_RN

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    This was years ago in ICU, bug it does apply to dialysis as well
  14. Hoosier_RN

    Paper to digital: Nurse files & Competencies

    All of our goodies in dialysis land (at least at F) are digital, and have been in the 5 years since I started there
  15. Hoosier_RN

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    2 years later, it's no better
  16. Hoosier_RN

    WGU BSN to MSN program

    I actually finished at slightly over 3 months. With WGU, you don't get grades, you get pass/fail. For some schools, this will make you less competitive for admission for postmaster, depending on school Look at job postings and projections for PM...
  17. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    I'm on the right, and don't care for Trump. Never have, never will. He's a whiney butt, and when he talks, the sound of his voice, along with his grammer, makes me cringe. That said, we ALL need to stop painting everyone with the broad brush! In tru...
  18. Hoosier_RN

    Becoming a Certified Dialysis Nurse Yes/No?

    ETA: Fresenius CAP program changed, now required for level 4
  19. Hoosier_RN

    Mediteranian Tonight.

    That sounds absolutely delicious! I need to learn more about Mediterranean cuisine, as I need healthier fats in my diet ETA: I love making my own homemade hummus 😋
  20. Hoosier_RN

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    I still say EKG. Long timers know what I'm talking about
  21. Hoosier_RN

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    CCFCCP= coo coo for coco puffs. We had a Dr that used to write this occasionally as a dx, when they were definitely in that category. We all know the pt
  22. Hoosier_RN

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    ABSN is an accelerated BSN, which leads you to get your RN. This along with a couple of years (at least) in an ICU setting, are required to apply for CRNA school. Schools vary on GPA and other requirements
  23. Wondering what happened with OP. Did day shift materialize or did you get sent to night shift?
  24. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    I think that if we become socialized medicine, or even if the US remains privatized, I could see cuts to some services (especially dialysis and related), especially in relation to age and specific health condition/comorbidities. I wonder if it will b...
  25. Hoosier_RN

    Any nursing lab jobs?

    Acute NPs practice in the area that they have some years of practice in. That said, you would need X years of practice in infection control. But honestly, most hospitals don't put an NP in those positions, at least none that I've ever heard of. The R...