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    NP: Age limit?

    I don't disagree at all; if someone's cognition is poor, they should not be working, regardless of age. But in 27 years, I have known many older providers (usually MDs) who are starting to slip, and refusing to quit because of (pick a reason), and no one questioned any of their orders if they seemed somewhat reasonable. Sad, but true, in many more instances than anyone chose to acknowledge
  2. Hoosier_RN

    NP: Age limit?

    Supreme Court--it's just not a 1 person vote, there are multiple people voting, so that's not a single person. With practitioners, if a script seems valid, it will get filled regardless of age/cognition of provider. I agree that cognition can change at any age. Many older providers choose to ignore the signs of their own slowing down.
  3. Please explain, I'm not following. To me, this seems to benefit the young, not the elderly, that's why I'm asking for clarification. Also, the elderly end up in these settings when they cannot care for themselves at home any longer and don't have the resources available to do so or hire assistive services. Without a shift in cultural thinking and basic economics, most families can't/won't take care of their elderly at home.
  4. How do you know that @Emergent doesn't know about the cost of senior care? They may be paying for a loved one now...I took the comment to mean if we educate and can help with healthier lifestyles, interventions and need for higher care levels can be lessened, often helping to contain costs
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    NP: Age limit?

    I agree with what your saying in theory. The reality: not one Supreme Justice, politician, or singular person can control all said things, even code to nuclear destruction. It is a group decision, so to speak. A NP who is older, and may have cognitive issues, acting alone can destroy a life or lives with a single prescription. This goes for MDs and PAs as well. But I think if physically and cognitively able, one should carry their livelihood as they wish, regardless of said livelihood
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    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    You will most likely be trained for a year. New RNs are. Regardless of previous experience
  7. Hoosier_RN

    Need a job quick!

    A pct at incenter (clinic) dialysis requires no experience or certifications. And Fresenius, as well as the other dialysis companies will help with tuition costs
  8. Schools teach to the NCLEX because of the all important pass rates needed to stay in business. Students don't get the same education that I got 30ish years ago, that taught me to learn in depth and develop the critical thinking skills needed to adequately care for patients once I left school and got my license. Nowadays, they depend on facilities to fill in the blanks, which is proving to be detrimental to nurses, as well as patients. Not all residencies are good, and not all new nurses get the training and support that they need. I don’t blame nursing instructors, per se, they are hired to teach a class by the model the school wishes. I blame the schools that take these students money and leave many of them grossly under prepared.
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    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you! You have experience in the dialysis setting and know the ins and outs, and realities. That will definitely be in your favor
  10. Hoosier_RN

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    Apply. You will go through the "RN without experience" training if hired
  11. not even assisted theft...outright theft
  12. But there is a standardized method to learning basic information in nursing. Facilities also have standardized policies based on state NPAs, ANA guidelines, etc. NCLEX tests your understanding of that at a basic level, using specifics-medications, procedures, assessments, etc. Reading your rants, I realize that you don't get it. baby needs a new pair of shoes? 🤣
  13. We cannot "test as we practice" as there is too much variance in the way policy is set up between practice areas.
  14. My mother's was like that, she was amazed when I took mine at a testing center, on a computer, on any ol' day, 30 years later. Before she retired, she would talk about how these "young uns" would cry at having to wait 3 or 4 days to a week to find out, when she said it took forever back then, and it came by snail mail. Oh, the horrors! I was a paramedic prior to nursing, for a few years. And yes, the tests are vastly different, as well as preparation
  15. No I don't Bruse. I passed it the 1st time at 75 questions, like many others have. But I remember knowing that I had to pass that test because I had children who depended on me. So, Bruse, you don't corner the market in knowing what it's like to worry, we've all been there. I'm sorry, I've almost got to laugh at "manipulative", like the test has a beef with you, and is out to get you. WOW!... Suicidal...I've only seen a couple of those on here...suicidal persons exist in every job title and walk of life, not just nursing. Grow up and take your temper tantrum elsewhere. You're wanting to throw blame, where blame is not appropriate
  16. No particular education level is any more prepared to pass the NCLEX, I'm not sure where you even got that thought. I know just as many BSNs who failed NCLEX as ASN/ADNs. In fact, probably more. RN vs paramedic. Different disciplines. A whole 'nuther thread. As @Wuzziestated, huffing and puffing and threatening usually doesn't go far in a profession such as nursing. Boards for licensure are to help ensure public safety at a basic level, not to make people feel bad or feel like failures
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    New graduate in dialysis, future career issues

    get through your training. There is so much going on due to Covid, and many places aren't hiring, or are limiting hiring, and new grads are having a hard time with getting that first job right now. Get your 7 mos-1 year, then start applying if you want out. You will use many skills in dialysis, trust me.
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    Nursing informatics and healthcare informatics

    Do a job search in areas in which you wish to practice. Most informatics jobs are on the coasts, or in large cities in the Midwest (think Chicago, Nashville, Dallas). Most want some experience to go with the education. I started down the NI/HI path, as I have a masters in computer science as well. My adviser admitted that jobs are limited, and most aren't remote as one would think. My advisor suggested that I just move to a location that I 'may' find a job. With a large farm, not even a remote option. I shifted gears to a MSN in management. I would just suggest you job search before investing time and money. Good luck on your future
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    Can I be an RN with a DUI?

    Some will tell you to contact the BON. They will only tell you that they will eval after successful completion of a nursing program. I think that's a raw deal to go to school, spend the money and be rejected at the last. Unfortunately, the board hold the cards
  20. Thanks providing. That's an eye opener
  21. I ❤ this 1000x. These 2 posts together is exactly what I feel, and have not adequately been able to put into words
  22. Hoosier_RN

    Multiple job offers & new to healthcare

    When I worked the floor in dialysis, I enjoyed the steady flow with known patients, with the issues that present-hypo or hypertensive episodes, bleeding episodes, and blood glucose related episodes. I'm currently a clinic manager What I didn’t like about hospital departments: understaffing, backbiting, ever changing politics-daily, and decreasing reimbursements which caused most of these situations, along with corporate greed. I was an ICU manager (CVICU) when I left the hospital in 2010, no plans to ever go back Seeing your end plan, go cardiac neuro
  23. I agree, but I feel that perhaps clinicals could be postponed. There's just no amount of similation or Zoom or Teams that equals in person/hands on. It's frustrating
  24. Hoosier_RN

    Multiple job offers & new to healthcare

    what is your end goal after nursing school? I'm a dialysis manager, so of course, I'm partial to that 😊. But, again, it depends on your personal goals
  25. Hoosier_RN

    License application concern

    Good luck on your new journey!

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