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    Angry and need to vent

    Yesterday, after work, I stopped by my local grocery store. I ran into a lady that I had known, but not really kept up with, for years. Our sons had grown up together and been close-my sons were either at her house, or her son and daughters were at mine. They had all grown and gone from home, for many years, in fact, mine moved a distance away. Back at the beginning of the new year, one of my sons called me and told me that "Mary" (the oldest daughter) had died recently, but they weren't sure of any specifics. I looked at online obits, and sure enough, Mary had passed at 24 years old, leaving behind a daughter, her brother and sister, and her devastated parents (who now have custody of her daughter). As I spoke with mom in the store, she told me the story of meth use prior to the baby, with a boyfriend. The boyfriend was well known and has a very troubling past, including drug use. After the baby, they split up because he said being a dad and committed boyfriend was too confining. But he continued to supply her with drugs. Her last night of life he supplied her with heroine with fentanyl. She passed and someone had tried to used narcan on her. But instead of calling 911, the other party-ers decided to clean up all the evidence of drug use and leave her to sleep it off. She never woke up. At autopsy, according to mom, 8 times times the lethal dose of fentanyl was found in her system. Ex boyfriend showed up to funeral so high he couldn't stand on his own. Mom told me that she had tried to get Mary help repeatedly, but Mary denied use, of course. She was 24 and could take care of herself!, etc, every story that we've all ever heard. Mom found out that she had narcan on 26 separate occasions in last 6 months. Miom tried to have her arrested for drug possession, called CPS for putting the baby in danger, anything to get her off the street and hopefully quit using No one would help. Why am I angry? Mary was a beautiful young lady with a smile that would melt the devil's heart. She was smart, sweet, and intelligent. She had a bright future, if only she had reached out for it. Now she's left an orphan behind. Her family is devastated. Her friends that remember the beautiful young lady are filled with grief. Where is it going to stop? This is rhetorical, as there is no clear cut answer. But today, I want to go to my rooftop and scream outrage for a beautiful young lady who died by her own hand. I do want to add, that I am grateful. My youngest son is a recovering addict. I know on any given day, he could start using again, or be a statistic like Mary. Thank you for letting me vent...Hoosier
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    Alzheimers mention

    An interesting read. But like everything else, it comes down to money... Pfizer had clues its blockbuster drug could prevent Alzheimer’s. Why didn’t it tell the world?
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    Alzheimers mention

    I didn't realize that Alzheimers, or any dementia category, had a socioeconomic factor for determining incidence. I worked at a private pay dementia facility a few years ago. Those folks could easily afford the best. It didn't keep them from getting a dementia dx.
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    Alzheimers mention

    No one, over 65 especially, should have to worry about the cost of medications or medical care. But that's a rant I best not get started on!
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    Alzheimers mention

    Cost. My mom was on this med for the correct use, and couldn't afford it despite the help from various foundations. Those that could benefit from use most likely wouldn't be able to either
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    Private Duty as First Job for New Grad?

    You say you have your ADN, have you considered starting your BSN? Many online programs out there. Many hospitals are now requiring it or a plan to obtain, but it varies by area. Good luck with your job search! As Nurse Beth said, don't take this job if you don't have to. So many things can go wrong and you won't have that solid footing that experience can give you.
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    Help!!!Accesses covered compliance

    I don't know which company you work for, but it's policy where I work which means staff must abide, pt will have education and documentation out the wazoo. My friend that works for the competitor says they have pretty much the same policy...
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    First Nursing Job Dialysis Am I Stuck Forever

    Not you that I can't understand The below is what I don't understand...this jumbled up comment has appreared in a couple of places. I realize that the person is not an English as first language speaker. Sorry for the confusion May 14 by AnkitSharma52 32 Visitors; 4 Posts One my doubt differences in bachleors in dailysis therapy what will it job in abroad country like Canada a dailysis techinan or dailysis nurse because both are same in bachleors degrees i request to you tell me answer
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    Alzheimers mention

    It's sad they way they rob us while covered by the copy laws, then abandon the minute it goes out. They upgrade to new and improved. I hope you find something positive for your mom!
  10. Some companies actually do have policies that prohibit anyone from doing this, either as company rep or as an individual. Because of litigious idiots in our society, or people who have "issues" and are a ticking time bomb, are among reasons that many companies have adopted this stance. Very common in my area and others that I've talked to
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    First Nursing Job Dialysis Am I Stuck Forever

    You've posted this in another thread. Please rephrase, it is very hard to understand. We want to help you, but cant if not sure what you need
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    It's a good plan since your employer is paying 100%. But read their stipulations before you do it. The hospital systems in this area (and since it was all of them and they all did the same thing, I thnk they are in cahoots) all did that, the fresh NPs have to work for them for 6 years in whatever capacity they deem necessary As far as retirement plan, never get married or into a relationship that mixes finances. I had the same plan with the money I had set back (I inherited some, saved like crazy, etc). Ex hubby got most of it in divorce, so retirement plans down the drain--and yes, we had separate accounts. I found out that a judge can do that if s/he wants!
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    The 20 year NPs in my area make about 5,000 a year more than new NPs so I am making about 2000 less is all, and for the comparison in liability and hassle, seems to even out. This pay variance is because of market saturation, and Indiana has a few hospital systems running it, and they own just about every practice through the hospitals. They call the rates-if you don't want the offered salary, go elsewhere, "Susie" is still working at the bedside and wants the chance to work as an NP and will do it for way less. For many, moving isn't an option, as we have family obligations and our spouses may have obligations as well. Market saturation is eventually going to catch up. Me, I am making 6 figures now. Again, it's area dependent. Someone mentioned not getting lunches, since I've changed to this new job, I always get regular breaks. My cousin who is an NP states when she was in independent practice as well as back with MD, lunches are a bite here and there, running past her desk. The NPs that work in my area speak to the same. The ones who have 20 years say years ago, before reimbursements changed, they did take normal breaks. Not now. Again, this is all area dependent. I wish all of you who are pursuing NP luck, but there isn't enough money for me to do that.
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    Denied every job so far as a new grad bsn

    Many HR and department managers won't take cold calls. They refer you to the electronic job board. I was a hiring manager for a few years. The cold calls were sometimes seen as a strike against you. My advice: before you cold call, if you know anyone that works there, ask them if they think it's a good idea
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I can work 40 hrs a week (notice, NO OT) and make more than NPs with 3 years experience in my area. I used to complain about pay, but now have a job that pays appropriately, My area is also flooded with NPs, some working at bedside to get paid. Those who are working as NPs tell me that with charting and reviewing at home, they are working 60-80hrs/wk, easy, and are salaried for 40. If they complain, there are others just waiting to take their place. Some can argue that NPs don't have to lift. I work in a clinic, I don't lift...Overall, most of my NP friends wish they hadn't done the NP route, they say that its a whole new level of crummy. I don't know what it's like everywhere else, but this seems to be the common theme everywhere. Another note about NPs I've seen on here: a few years ago, a couple of NPs were happy in general. Now with many years experience, practices don't want to hire them with their salary demands, but sure do want their expertise. Independents (in states that don't require MD oversight) are supposedly seeing less and less in reimbursement because these are being cut constantly. My cousin does this in another state and has went back to being with an MD because the overhead of a basic office couldn't be sustained with cut after cut after cut on what an NP can bill vs an MD. She was making less a year than I was, and was working herself to death. CRNAs is another area of nursing that is beginning to see a market flood. In my area, some did this, but have to travel. Why? Local hospitals won't use CRNAs because we are rural, and the anesthesiologists that were there are young, no need for them. The anesthesiologists can bill higher as well... So, there is some more food for thought. Again, this pertains to things I see locally, other's experience may vary...
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    Acute dialysis - PAID PER TREATMENT

    What company/facility? I'm in Indiana, of course, but have never heard of such a monster! Only time I've ever had a job pay "per case" is the home health arena. I'm curious now!
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    HD to PD

    AZ, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I love incenter, but would love to learn PD! Good luck!
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    Computer Systems

    I've used Matrix and PCC. I like Matrix so much better. But that being said, the employer that I last used it at, paid for all the bells and whistles, prior had not, and neither had the employers for PCC. This makes all the difference. If they don't pay for it, they can't use it as a function, perhaps that's why they don't Glycerine82. But if they do, ask, show them how, or at least utilize on your own to streamline your tasks
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    Women's Right to Choose

    This is how it should be, an independent decision for anyone who is pregnant. While I could have never done it (my babies are 32 and 27), who am I to decide what someone else should do?
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    HD to PD

    Sorry to hear that. In my area (central Indiana), both companies hire internal candidates first, but they interview just about all viable applicants just in case--your salary requirements, unless ridiculous, would not have had much effect on hirability. If you have any friends that are currently working incenter (chronic clinic), ask if this is the case in your area. If so, you may need to go back to incenter for a while, if you're not currently doing HD. The last PD opening in my area, which I applied for with 1 year HD experience but 20+ years nursing experience, went to a nurse with 12 years HD experience, and all other applicants were in that boat so I didn't stand a chance. But it did let my clinic manager know that I'm interested in growth. Good luck with your future endeavors, let us know how things pan out!
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    Starting ADN Program, Will I Get Hired?

    Check your local hospital's hiring boards for an exact answer
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    Is Concierge Medicine Elusive for Most?

    I think we already have this in regular practice as well. Some MDs will not accept Medicaid or only take a small number of pts with Medicaid. In my area , this is governed by the hospital, who also owns the urgent cares, who do not take Medicaid either. There are 2 clinics in downtown Smalltownville who takes cash (sliding scale to income) and Medicaid. Appts are booked out 3 months, so if you have an acute incident, you suffer or go to ER. Facilities will do backflips if you have a premium insurance or are wealthy private pay, so concierge medicine just falls in this line
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I love this 100%. Another 2nd career nurse that comes from a family of nurses, PAs, and NPs. As far as malcontents: there are some posts as soon as I see that "X" is the poster (sorry, not naming names), but I scroll on by. Their posts are so venomous that I think that it must really suck to be them. Do I have crappy days at work? Yes, but so does every other job out there. Overall, I like what I do, and I have some of the same issues as others do. I just vent appropriately and move on...
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    It depends. Hospitals in some areas don't acknowledge the education. They will pay variable rates for RN experience, and some for LPN experience as well. It's all about location