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Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

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@ twinkletoes22 did you apply to ABSN program too? I applied right at the end too. Keep your hopes up! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Spaceshuttleboy I didn't get a call

@charming kitty YEP! I applied for aBSN too!! Thanks for the well wishes! We will see what happens...

Hey! I applied for the Master's Entry Program as well. I spoke with admissions on Tuesday and they said that notifications would be sent out no later than March 15th. Hopefully sooner than later though!

Congratulations to all who were accepted to the BSN program. That's a great way to start of the weekend!

I'm direct entry MSN so my wait is a little longer. Thanks, nmc08133!

did anyone get any Scholarship or financial info in their email?

Also, just so you know, they definitely don't do it by alphabetical order. my last name is at almost the very end.

@charming_kitty - I didn't get any Scholarship or financial aid info in the email. I'm guessing that the admissions packet will contain more information, but who knows. I also didn't get a phone call.

@bd33, i'm west coast. how about you? in previous threads, someone who worked in admissions office said that if you're west coast they try to accommodate the time difference.

@charming_kitty - I'm also on the west coast. Not getting a call isn't an issue for me, I was just sharing so that people expecting a phone call wouldn't get discouraged if they didn't get one. :)

@bd33, i was SO worried they sent out the wrong email... i couldn't believe that i had gotten in, i even accidentally deleted my email out of my inbox haha

[COLOR=#000000]I was also accepted for the ABSN, waiting on NYU and Columbia![/COLOR]

@jess, twinkle- I'm right there with you... waiting. Let's keep our hopes up for good news in our inboxes early this upcoming week! :nailbiting:

And Congratulations to those of you who have been accepted! That is SO exciting!!!

I've been accepted as well! I wouldn't be too worried for the people who haven't heard back yet, i spoke with admissions over the phone a couple weeks ago and they said they would be sending out letters all throughout February.

Not to get overzealous but maybe we should make a facebook page or something that is a little easier for us all to communicate through. I would do it but i just made a facebook for the first time in several years and i'm a little unfamiliar with how to go about making a private group and all.

Good luck everyone!

Hi guys! I was accepted into the ABSN program as well! I received a phone call on Friday from admissions, so it was a great way to start off the weekend!

Hope to meet some of you all soon!

Hi all, in case you haven't heard from admissions yet, they're still making calls! I got mine this morning, after I Received an email friday! good luck~~

I think that is it! My friend and I applied at the same time and she got in, received email on Friday.


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