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  1. PinkEagle

    Sharp New Grad Residency 2018

    I'm so confused about the self-identification page you all are referring too! I Already filled mine out at the end of the application and I got a confirmation email when I applied on 10/25. On 11/2 my application changed to "under consideration".
  2. PinkEagle

    Sharp New Grad Residency 2018

    WHAT!!!! I really hope that they are not biased against out of state applicants! I have no family or friends in Cali so I can't just move there for the sake of having a "San Diego address" without a job. Cali's way too expensive to do that. We'll see how it goes!
  3. PinkEagle

    Sharp New Grad Residency 2018

    DC resident here!! I applied to Sharp Grossmont Surgical Intensive Care Unit!! I thought it was so annoying that I could only pick one unit. I also applied to Scripps and didn't hear a peep so I'm hoping SOMETHING pans out!! My dream is to move cross country but I can't do that without a job.
  4. PinkEagle

    RN working as a CNA

    I'm not sure how it works in NY but in MD once you take and pass your NCLEX you are no longer allowed to work or apply as a CNA, so don't bother! Just start networking like your life depends on it and apply! My Hopkins coworker went to several job fairs in NY before she was eventually offered a job at Hopkins. So don't sell yourself short!! You're worked to hard for that!!
  5. PinkEagle

    Note taking in class....how do you do it.

    I need to buy this!
  6. PinkEagle

    Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    So I haven't heard anything nor have I had a credit check and my application status still says "Under Review"...should I be concerned or give up hope?
  7. PinkEagle

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    Hey everyone!! It was so great meeting everyone who attended SSIP #1 yesterday!! As promised I wanted to share a great resource for anyone looking for more dosage calculation practice. Search this title in Amazon or any other website you buy books from: "Henke's Med-Math: Dosage Calculation, Preparation and Administration" by Susan Buchholz
  8. PinkEagle

    3.4 gpa-doomed?

    As controversial as this statement is, in my personal experience (PLEASE READ THAT DISCLAIMER!) I found this to be 100% true! Graduated from a very expensive/prestigious undergrad school and took the equivalent of nursing pre-reqs with med school students who all had high hopes of getting into Ivy League med schools. I was pre-med at the time and those classes were KILLER!! I've never seen so much weeding out in my life! Cut to a couple years after getting my degree, and after a hiatus overseas, went to my local community college and it was almost the complete opposite experience. The teachers were way more lenient, material wasn't 100% easy but not nearly as difficult/ challenging as my undergrad and the cheating was a pandemic!! I will say that when I was a premed, because of the negative reputations of CCs (how easy they are and cheating), I was advised (by med school reps) to steer clear from taking any pre-med classes at CCs. I was advised this because Med schools weigh classes taken at 4 year universities higher than those taken at a CC, because they want to know you were as challenged academically as possible. When I made the switch to nursing I expected nursing school to have the same mentality and was honestly disappointed when I found out that an A is an A no mater where you took the class, because I knew I didn't have to work as hard as I did in undergrad to get good grades (had wayyy ewer sleepless study sessions) and way too many people cheated their way to the ADN program. This isn't to discredit people who have gone to CC or decide to go there for financial reasons, this is just my personal experience as well as my opinion. It could just be my local CC sucks but I got into my first choice MSN program so I don't care anymore! I'm very fortunate that I was extremely challenged and learned many excellent skills in my undergrad.
  9. PinkEagle

    UMSON Fall 2015

  10. PinkEagle

    UMSON Fall 2015

    Hey BusyBee91, I sent you a PM, please check it out!
  11. PinkEagle

    UMSON Fall 2015

    Yes you do have to register for an SSIP session. UMSON's orientation process is a 2 day process.
  12. PinkEagle

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    I'll send it to you!
  13. PinkEagle

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    wait! What kind of "paperwork" did everyone receive??
  14. PinkEagle

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    I'm going to PM you now! CONGRATS and welcome to the FALL 2015 CLASS!!
  15. PinkEagle

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    I'm going to PM you the link! Congrats on getting in and thanks for the heads up about SSIP and Orientation! I'm going to register today!
  16. PinkEagle

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    Wait, pause, rewind....since when are they allowed to HIT students in nursing school??? I understand the need for the instructor to correct a mistake, especially if it puts the patient at risk, but in my mind hitting someone is unacceptable and could be viewed as an assault. If it were the other way around the student could have been expelled. A similar incidence happened at the hospital were my mother worked and the person who did the slapping was fired. If I were her, I would have reported her! I'm not above being corrected, but don't put your hands on me!!! OP, I'm glad that you found the strength to continue even after this horrible experience and thank you for sharing this to encourage others! I know that you will be a great nurse because you have the willpower to continue even after being emotionally and physically assaulted!

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