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  1. cnp2012

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I graduated from Hopkins in December 2013 and worked in the the admissions office so if anyone has any questions please let me know I can try my best to help! I cannot speak for the Direct entry masters but I can speak to the ABSN part. Also @spaceshuttleboy I live in Rochester and work as a nurse at the U of R! Small world :)
  2. They totally understand that! Trust me opting for a phone/ skype interview does not reflect any differently than and in person interview. Don;t regret your decision!!! Yes, I agree it is nice to see the school but if it helps the first time I saw the school was AFTER I paid my deposit and was able to drive down for an accepted students event.
  3. ejohnson brings up an excellent point. Please don't get stressed about the timelines and comparing with other applicants. Having worked in the admissions office at JHUSON I can tell you first hand how lengthy of a process this is. She is 100% correct that it is also dependent on which MSN specialty you applied for, some specialties work faster than others in the interview process. Also they have had 4 snow closures since January and let me tell you this impacts the process greatly. Having been a student that has gone through this whole process I know how stressful it can be but please don't drive yourself crazy!!! Last year we had people interviewing well into March.

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