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Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry


This thread is for applicants applying to Johns Hopkins, for either the ABSN or the new Master's Entry program. I've searched a few times and haven't found a thread for this year's admissions cycle, so I decided to start one.

After lots of thinking, I decided to apply to the Master's Entry instead of the ABSN. Anyone else out there applying?

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I'm applying to the masters entry as well!

applying to the ABSN program!

Great, I'm glad there are others out there. Are you all almost done with your apps?

I wish the deadline for the master's entry was sooner. I wonder how soon we would find out about acceptances since the deadline is January 1st

since I'm applying to the ABSN program, the deadline is 11/1

Did anyone else have a difficult time deciding between applying to the ABSN or the Masters' Entry options? If so, I would greatly appreciate hearing why you chose what you did.

well I chose ABSN because it's faster and I can start working earlier. Plus i don't know whether i want to pursue CRNA/NP or not

Do these 2 fulfill the human development requirement?

Psychology 41: Life-span Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age

This course presents the psychological development of the person from the prenatal stage through old age and death. Emphasis is placed on theories and their application to the behavioral, cognitive, social, and interconnectedness of all stages of life.


Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: Psychology 1.

This course traces physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development throughout the lifespan from conception through aging and dying. The impact on the individual of the family, the culture, and socio-economic factors will be a special emphasis. Theoretical understanding of lifespan issues will provide a foundation for exploration of their practical implications at each stage of development. This course is designed for the Registered Nursing Program and is not appropriate for Child Development and Elementary Education transfer students.

Since the Master's Entry and ABSN are around the same cost, I couldn't really justify spending that much on another Bachelor's. But ending a whole year earlier was a big advantage to me re: the ABSN program.

Lagirl, I think your best bet is to email JHUSON and find out. Those two classes sound OK to me though, but JHUSON would have the final say.

YAY!! I'm so glad there's a thread for this!! I'm applying to the ABSN program because I DO want to be a CRNA and they don't have an Anesthesia program. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I was so good a couple months ago, but things got so crazy once my new full time job started along with part time school. All I need to finish the essays and hound my boss for my LORs!

about to submit my app. just curious, what are your stats? i'm just worried, finishing up anatomy this winter and human development in January.

@PinkEagle. There are no direct entry CRNA programs like NP programs. I always thought I wanted to go NP route but CRNA seems the way to go!

Thanks for sharing, everyone. It is SO nice to know that there are other people out there who are trying to make these same (exciting!) decisions as well.

PinkEagle- Do you know anything about whether or not the Masters level credits at Hopkins would count as transfer credits towards an AP degree elsewhere? I am not as certain as you are, but CRNA is definitely one of the possibilities I've been exploring.

oops i marked my recommendation as professional and its supposed to be academic... argh all these minor errors >_

@PinkEagle I also chose to apply to ABSN program because I want to get my foundation down. Plus if I get employment first, I can start paying off debt and my employer might pay for me to go back to school. Plus who knows what's gonna happen in a few yrs with obamacare. jhu is already expensive. sometimes i think an RN is an RN haha

but also know that CRNA requires at least 2 yrs of ICU experience.

I applied for the ABSN in mid September. All my documents are in. My undergrad GPA is 3.91 and my nursing prereqs GPA is 4.0. It will be lovely to hear their decision soon.

@spaceshuttleboy, i assume you are male applying. in many schools, males have a higher chance of getting in since some schools want a 50% male population.

that being said, a hopkins grad told me that some regret going there because of amount of student loans that they'll have to pay back. but however, it is one of my top choices.

Yep, I am male. I would hope, though, that my chances of getting in depend more on my grades than my sex. If I got in, I would likely anguish over whether they had accepted me for being a token male, or for my grades, which are good and are worth meriting.

You make a good point about the cost of studying at Johns Hopkins. Their own site shows that the cost of attention (tuition with housing, etc.) is over $103,000. That's, of course, an insane amount of money to spend for an entry-level nursing degree. If I were accepted, I'd only go to Hopkins if they also included some sort of funding in the acceptance package to mitigate the cost I'd incur to go. So, I am equally considering attending other schools with lower tuition rates. To be financially wise, a prospective nurse shouldn't attend a school on name alone, at the cost of accumulating a substantial debt to attend. Every nurse I have spoken with have repeatedly said that the sole important thing is to pass the board and get a job at a hospital, which is possible regardless of the school you went to.

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