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    Countdown until graduation! I still can't believe I'm writing that. One more month and I'll graduate with my BSN. I remember walking into my first class, health assessment with disbelief and shock at the fast-paced accelerated program. When I started nursing school, I never thought this day would come so fast or that this day would even come. The first month of nursing school went by so slowly and I couldn't see the end of the tunnel. I didn't have hope. When my fundamentals instructor would say "During the pinning ceremony", I did not think that it would actually happen. Every day, I went home crying telling myself that nursing school would be over, the pain that I felt was temporary and for the better future. I said to myself, "It's only 1 month and there are 14 more months to go!" These days, I shed joyful tears, not tears of sadness, and I feel a little more hopeful. Graduation day will be one of the happiest moments in my life. Nursing school is both an angel and a devil. Nursing school took away 15 months of my life and it took a huge toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel exhausted, that I have aged ten years, but I think positively that post-graduation is the start of a wonderful time in my life. Recently, I looked at pictures from the first semester of clinical and to pictures of me now, I was more energetic when I first started nursing school. Without nursing school, I wouldn't have experienced the camaraderie with my study group. Little did I imagine how diverse my nursing school friends would be. We went through nursing school together and that is what makes our bond stronger. We understand each other. We will still connect and keep in touch after we graduate. We spent so much time together, my study group is like a second family to me. Thinking back to the first injection I gave, the first amputation I saw, and the name of the patient who passed away, I've realized how much I have grown. The most grisly wounds and amputations don't scare me anymore and I've come to an understanding that I can feel that sadness of death, but seeing it as a natural aspect of life. Through the stress of nursing school, I lost a relationship I knew that never could be, but it was a luck in disguise. I found a man who went through one of the toughest periods of my life with me. When I pass my NCLEX, I will have a fulfilling job that makes a difference for patients, whether it is helping patients heal emotionally or physically, or achieving their wishes in the last few months of their lives. This is what makes nursing school worth it and gives me strength as I move forward in my nursing career and life. I'm glad I read what nursing school was like, or else it would have been a bigger shock to me. My biggest advice as a fourth semester nursing student. Enjoy life and have fun for a bit before you let nursing school take over your life. You will love and hate nursing school. Because of nursing school, I have matured throughout these 15 months, but there is so much more to learn as a new graduate nurse. In the future, I will look back at nursing school with both feelings of sadness and joy- what I lost that couldn't come back and a more mature person I have become. I never want to go through nursing school again, but I am tougher, stronger, and more compassionate because I went through nursing school.
  2. dcwang

    Northridge Hospital RN residency fall 2016

    Acute rehab and med surg
  3. dcwang

    Northridge Hospital RN residency fall 2016

    I just received an email saying My application has been forwarded to hiring manager today
  4. dcwang

    Transition to Peds OR

    We call them Something similar to PSA. I will not post my facility's name in public for the position
  5. dcwang

    Transition to Peds OR

    We can't pull meds, still techs can't practicd within RN scope of practice, or do anything that requires nursing judgement. We do not go to preop to get the pt or make sure the informed consent is signed. I love the OR and hope to get in as a new grad. I don't enjoy pt interaction and their families
  6. dcwang

    How should I describe the OR on my resume

    What do you not like about the OR and made you want to transition to another specialty?
  7. dcwang

    Northridge Hospital RN residency fall 2016

    I submitted on the second day it opened and edited my document uploads a few times
  8. dcwang

    Northridge Hospital RN residency fall 2016

    Nope nothing yet
  9. dcwang

    Transition to Peds OR

    As an OR tech i do turnovers, pick up and drop off specimens, pick up meds from OR control desk to nurses, help position pts, get supplies and materials that circulators ask for during surgery, and i pull supplies on intraoperative pick list
  10. dcwang

    Transition to Peds OR

    I'm an OR tech, not surgical tech, at a major teaching peds hospital. The RNs start IVs sometimes, and IVs are started after general anesthesia is induced
  11. dcwang

    New Grad hired to OR but I hate it! Help!!

    Lucky you, with a job in the OR. My facility where I'm a tech isnt hiring internally unfortunately. I hated med surg and floor nursing in general during my clinical Whether the docs are mean depends on the work environment. Where I work at, the environment is very encouraging. My heart was in the OR before i started nursing school and it still remains my passion
  12. I would feel like it's a luxury to be a SAHM or work as much as I want. I prefer that than being married and having to make ends meet or be the primary breadwinner.
  13. dcwang

    What's so great about OR?

    @lelms, I'm in my last semester of nursing school and before I started nursing school, I volunteered at an outpatient surgery center so I saw what preop, PACU, and OR nurses did, and I just fell in love with OR nursing. No, I don't like patients who talk. I started working as a PCA in the OR and it's much different than being on the floor, and I don't think every nursing student will want to go into the OR... some of my classmates don't like OR nursing and can't imagine being an OR nurse. To this day, I would love to go into OR right after graduating, and I especially enjoyed watching what the circulator does, but in this economy we take what we can..... especially in my area, which is saturated with new grads.
  14. dcwang

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - March 2015

    questions I want to get everything ready before the job is posted: resume format, were there specific things such as clinical hours? how many LORs? Cover letter, were there any questions that had to be answered
  15. dcwang

    Cedars- Sinai New Grad RN Feb 2016

    questions I want to get everything ready before the job is posted: resume format, were there specific things such as clinical hours? how many LORs? Cover letter, were there any questions that had to be answered
  16. I wanted to started this thread for those who have already submitted the application for NHMC new grad program. Let's keep each other updated here.