How do you like to be acknowledged at work for a good job done


I've seen several comments about management not acknowledging good work, and it's frustrating or just downright infuriating. How do you like to be acknowledged (seriously- not snarky)? :up:

I didn't like someone saying anything to me. I'd gotten several notes from co-workers and bosses, and those were more meaningful to me. For me, having someone stop me in the hall to say I'd done a good job wasn't comfortable- I'd live through it, but not my thing. :chair:

Some people like to be told verbally....others don't. What do you all prefer ? :)

ckh23, BSN, RN

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Verbal or written is fine. To me it is more about the acknowledgment of the hard work we do.


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From my patients, what I like best is when they have a genuine smile for me when they are discharged.

From my coworkers, what I like best is when they are smiling and relaxed when it's time to go home, and say, "Thanks for a good shift."

From my supervisor, what I like best is an accurate evaluation that shows they've actually been paying attention to my work, and compensation in keeping with that evaluation.

From management, what I like best is monetary bonuses or gift cards to gas stations. I have enough tote bags and water bottles!

Orange Tree

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I would feel acknowledged if management got rid of the people who sleep, smoke every 15 minutes in the park and take multiple, extended lunch breaks. I really don't care about awards or notes or pats on the back.


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With monetary incentives or positive written evaluations. I can buy my own candy, thankyouverymuch.

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A raise.


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No comments would be fine thank you.

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I think everyone likes positive words of affirmation for the work we do, or atleast I do. One of my co-workers wanted to acknowledge my hard work so she bought me a bottle of moscato. I really enjoyed that.

tokmom, BSN, RN

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Written notes from the bigger people are nice. The employee of the _____

would be nice, but those seem to go to the popular people and units.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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I find the most rewarding comments to be very subtle...a "thank god you are here" from my co-workers, a "wow, you really worked your butt off today. Thanks for turning this day around" from my manager. More formal acknowledgments come in the form of high review scores during evaluations. It would be nice if we got raises this year. It has been almost 4 years now.

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i like hearing it verbally from co-workers and management. i am also thankful when my patients and/or family members tell my co-workers and management. i do not care for the "stars" or fake money we can use in the gift shop. real money (like a bonus or an opportunity for promotion) is better!

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I'd like a raise. Nobody at my place of employment has had a raise in years due to budget problems. Instead, I keep getting employee of the quarter and pretty plaques. It's nice, and appreciated, but at this point I just want a raise!