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  1. tokmom

    Veteran's Day 2015 - Shout Out to All Vets!

    Not a Vet, but my dad served three tours in Vietnam. Sadly he didn't return from the last one. I was too young to remember him, but he's with me in spirit. One day I'm going to the Wall and make my peace. I do want to say, that if you have a picture of a fallen Vietnam vet, please pm me. The Wall is building a museum and they are seeking pictures of the vets. The goal is to get a name with a face. We would appreciate any help.
  2. tokmom

    Measles, Mumps, Rubella... Forgotten but NOT Gone

    As much as you can try to protect yourself at work from these diseases, many times you do not know you were exposed until after the fact. I never had chicken pox when I was a child in the 60's. Lucky me, right? Well, fast forward to the 80's and I was a mom. I went to work one day as a float nurse who cared for a person with active shingles. Just a small outbreak nobody new about, because he was a direct admit and didn't share the odd rash on his side. Of course being a lunch relief float, I tucked the guy in bed, did his vitals and left. I then went on throughout the hospital taking care of others relieving for breaks. Finally went home after my shift and held my 3 month old son, hugging and kissing him. As you can guess, we both came down with the chicken pox. My hospital was mad at ME because I spread the disease through the hospital. Thank GOD I didn't work OB that night. I escaped pretty well, only getting a few spots and feeling like crap. My poor son was so sick he was nearly hospitalized. I was so afraid. Here I am the queen of infection control, always using universal precautions, washing my hands, pay attention to the signs posted in a room. Yet it only took one accidental exposure. Shortly thereafter the chicken pox vaccine was on the market. You can guess that I get my kids vaxxed for chicken pox along with the other ones. These diseases terrify me. Not because I can catch it, but because of the possibility of bringing it home to my kids. Universal precautions are not infallible.
  3. tokmom

    What is a Medical-Surgical Nurse?

    Thank you for not calling med/surg a stepping stone for a 'real' nursing job and recognizing it as a specialty.
  4. tokmom

    Top 10 List of Patient Survey Ideas

    The over the top hiney kissing does get old. Back in the day, if an ortho patient came to the floor and they were diabetic, they received a diabetic meal and ACHS checks. Now we get diabetic ortho patients that raise the roof if they get a diabetic diet. How is this handled? We give them what they want and then get the joy of doing ACHS and somewhere in between accuchecks with absurd amounts if insulin to keep this person happy.
  5. tokmom

    Just Another Statistic

    (((hugs))) QUOTE=VivaLasViejas;6935861]It had been a good weekend, full of sunshine, relaxation, great food, and even better companionship, and I was still in a cheery mood when I walked through the door at work this morning. In fact, I was even whistling as I put my lunch in the refrigerator and nosed around the break room for stray notes with resident names or room numbers on them, which is a write-up for the offender if I find one. Satisfied that there were no potential HIPAA violations afoot, I proceeded to the med room, which is almost always my first stop of the day. Then I saw the stack of pill cards on the counter next to an empty chart and my heart plummeted into the depths of my stomach, for it could only mean one thing. Ellie* was gone. As I looked through the chart notes describing the manner and time of death, I wondered stupidly why I hadn't gotten a phone call when she passed. The staff ALWAYS calls me when a resident dies, no matter what the hour, because they know I want to know. Our night shift med aide is new, however, and I made a mental note to speak to her about it at our next staff meeting. I'd known things were going to go badly for Ellie the instant I laid eyes on her, as she was being settled into bed by the hospice nurse and aide. You can't be in this business as long as I have without knowing the "look".....unless, of course, you are related to the patient. And all it took was one glance at my friend and co-worker, Hanali*, to know that she had no idea whatsoever that her grandmother was literally at death's door. They say that love is blind, and never was it more true than of Hanali that morning. She's worked in assisted living for years and seen many residents off on their final journeys, but she didn't see the gray lips, the sunken eyes, the labored respirations. She didn't see the furrowed brow or hear the tremor in Ellie's weak voice as she tried to follow Hanali's animated chatter. All she saw was the grandmother she had loved all her life, the woman who had nurtured her when her own mother couldn't, the "Grammy" who treasured their weekly outings and visits from her large family more than anything. No, Hanali never saw how ill Ellie was until last Friday evening, when she took a sudden nosedive and began the active dying process. It was with a heavy heart that I noted the blueish cast to Ellie's nail beds......the cognac-colored urine in her Foley.....the obtundation. Hanali was officially on vacation, but when I called to update her on Ellie's declining condition, she was at the facility almost before we hung up the phone. That was when she finally saw the truth in Ellie's heavy-lidded eyes: death was on its way, and there was no bargaining with it or delaying it. The only question was when......and as Hanali wept, it was all I could do not to break down right beside her, for Ellie was one of my favorites and I knew when I walked out of that room that I'd never see her again. You know how you just know this stuff? This was one of those times I wish I didn't. Because in the end, Ellie will wind up as just another statistic: the one out of five women who die within a year of fracturing a hip. Who she was to the people who cared about her won't matter to the people who collect those numbers, let alone the state's medical assistance program that just paid out thousands upon thousands of dollars for her surgery, anesthesia, hospital and rehab stays, medications and so on. A pathetic end to a life that was so well lived. But I don't care about any of that right now. I'm too tired and too sad to allow my emotions to wander along paths better left unexplored. Maybe I'll be more rational about all of this tomorrow, or the next day. But tonight, a much-loved resident is gone and my dear friend is hurting.....and statistics be damned. *names changed to protect privacy
  6. tokmom

    Can a crappy waitress still be a good nurse?

    I work with a new nurse that used to be a waitress. Her downfall is time managment. Why? She nurses like she used to waitress. Instead of starting an assessment, she asks if they want water, juice, etc.. etc... and then goes and gets it herself. The problem? There is a CNA that can do that. HER job is her assessment and to get the accuchecks done because dinner is in 45 min. Also, you have 8 hrs plus with these people. How long do you have with a customer? Less than an hour or just over to get them their food, etc? As for the anxiety, I'm pretty sure I can speak for myself that when it gets to be insanely busy, that we all feel that anxiety and pressure to get it done. I know I do. I just have to remind myself that it's usually a brief wave of chaos that will usually pass in a few hours and I can get back on my feet again.
  7. tokmom

    experienced nurse with anxiety on the job

    Well, I have been a nurse for a lonnng time and I still pray before starting an IV and inserting a foley! Even foleys on men make my blood run cold when they don't thread. As a charge nurse, *I* feel as though I'm in the spotlight when it comes to insertions because of my years as a nurse and should be able to do it without problems. It's pressure I put on myself all the time. Do what another poster said. ASK to do others IV's and foleys. You will hone your skills quickly. Remember you do have strengths in other areas. Everyone does. I might not be the best at IV (75% success rate), but I rock at NG's. :)
  8. tokmom

    I just have to say this....

  9. tokmom

    Do Nurses Have to Make Their Home Addresses Public?

    My state does not publish addresses.
  10. Evening shift, the best of both worlds. Now I work 12 hr shifts, so I prefer days. I'm not a late night person, but more of an early riser. I like the busy day shift with the support. Just because there are dr's and such running around doesnt mean I don't use my critical thinking skills. Night or day, dr's hate to be bothered with stupid questions.
  11. tokmom

    Tell us about your Allnurses' experience/Journey

    How long were you on here including lurking time? I think I have been on here a year now. I can't remember how I found it. I'm a message board junkie anyway, so to find one with nurses was natural for me. What have you gained/got from this site? Knowledge of how things are done elsewhere and education. There are a lot of smart people here! Did you ever recognize a coworker? Did someone recognize you? Nope. I would be shocked. None of them seem like board junkies. I don't tell them about this site. I want it for myself. Have you met anyone live? Were they how you imagined them to be? Nope, but it would be cool to do so. Do you go on it while at work? No. Do you think my obsession with allnurses' is bodering on unhealthy? Care to diagnose my condition pysch nurses? Not if it isn't interfering with your home life.
  12. tokmom

    Silly question about pregnancy!

    Gosh, I worked up until a week/day/hours before having my kids. The only one I had issues with was child #3. She wanted to come at 22 weeks. I was on bedrest the remaineder of the pg. My other 6, I worked with no problems. Sure I was slow, waddled and was tired, but I made it through the last trimester just fine. As for bugs, I did as I always do. Washed my hands and made sure I wasn't around people with shingles or some contagious I hadn't been exposed too. Chemo was another no no I stayed away from. Heck, I think there are probably more bugs on a grocery cart handle than on your hands at work.
  13. tokmom

    flag outside room door so staff can be found

    We have a call system/locator that turns green for an RN on the light outside or orange for a CNA. We also have Vocera and like the other poster said can be a pain in the rear. How about small phones? The only problem with that is if a nurse is in a sterile procedure they couldn't answer the phone or it would ring endlessly.
  14. tokmom

    I just have to say this....

    If I could stand in the middle of the hall at work with a megaphone, I would, because I'm tired of the whining! Dear co-workers who hate your place of employment why are you so damned negative? 1) You have a brand new state of the art hospital, but you complain about the new building glitches that are slowly being taken care of. Ever move into a brand new house? Sometimes things need tweaking. 2)Staffing ratio is 4 patients max on a med/surg floor with stable no drip tele pt's thrown in and CNA's that kick some serious butt. You complain about receiving that 4th pt during a 12 hr shift with 2 more hours to go. You complain of being overworked. Many other hospitals operate at 5 PLUS! You also have a nurse that does your discharges, admits and education! All your charting and meds are computerized, cutting down med errors so you can have one less thing to worry about. You complain of being computerized and your pt load. 3)You work for a 'corporation' that values education and offers many classes during the year for FREE. You can take them anytime you want and get paid for going. 4)You have a floor manager that is always asking how things are going. She leaves a white board out for people to put complaints, suggestions on. There are commitees that staff members can be on. This way, WE can change or decide how things are done. But yet you complain about them micromanaging and not caring and refusing to be on the committees. It's easier to *itch than to help change things, eh? 5)Upper managment, CNO and CEO come around once a month with a cart with bagged chips, cookies, water, juice and offers it to YOU on the floor and ask how things are. They also serve an appreciation buffet covering all shifts every 4 months. It's great food and music and they thank us for working so hard. Nurses day was a huge cake for every shift, flowers for the floor and a thank you from upper managent to you personally with a hand shake. You say they are doing it to just look good. Here is a news message: How often did you see management doing this at any other facility? 6)Mangement knows everyone by their first name. 7) We received a raise this year during negotiations, with no change in insurance benefits, etc..We also won some extras that no other hospital in this corporation has. Yet you complain it wasn't enough. 8)Our corporation has a mission value that isn't money driven. Yeah, this facility does need to make money. If it doesn't, we don't work. However, they push the value in everything they do. I will not mention it here, but it's a good one and the facility attempts to live up to it. But...you complain that it's hokey and stupid. I have worked in worse places, believe me. Totally unsafe and overworked where you see upper managment only in hall way pictures if you happen to be walking by HR. So my dear co-workers. I love you all to death. You are my friends and nurses in arms. Yes, we have some bad days that are soo busy. But if you think you can find another place to work that is better, then leave. Your negativity is toxic and depressing to be around. You are so stuck in your negativity that you don't see the positive things happening around you and how many of us are very happy and appreciative of our employment!!! Thanks everyone for letting me vent. I read the other posts about new grads not getting a chance to work and I work with a handful of very unappreciative people. I wish those new grads could come and work with me.:)
  15. tokmom

    Where are all the jobs????

    These posts are so very scary to read. I wish all of you luck.