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tokmom has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff.

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  1. tokmom

    ADN vs BSN in the Tacoma area

    In the Tacoma area you can find jobs with ADN. Of course BSN is preferred but an ADN won't stop you. If you ventured North, starting in Renton, whom is magnet, it becomes more difficult. Seattle is primarily BSN because you have the U of W.
  2. We get a quick 30 minute break. Nobody takes the little 15 min breaks. In a 12 hour are required to take two 30 min break and 3 tens. We only get one 30 min break and it is constantly interrupted. As a charge nurse, getting a break at all that is uni...
  3. tokmom

    Thinking of switching from pcu to med/surg

    Depends on the ratio on med/surg versus pcu. Could you switch to med/ surg and transfer back to pcu when a day shift opens up?
  4. tokmom

    Moving to Duluth

    You posted this in WA nursing. BTW, hubby is from MN. We spent a few days in Duluth. Kinda a cool town. It's very pretty.
  5. tokmom

    RN to BSN programs

    Go to the WA state board of nursing website. All of the approved ones are there. Curious as to which one you were looking at originally?
  6. tokmom

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I'm in Washington state. I found out by looking at my BON website for something else and happened to stumble upon the link about approved online schools. I decided to see if mine was accepted, thinking it would be, and was shocked to see that my BSN...
  7. tokmom

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Former GCU grad here and I have a question after reading this thread. Does GCU now require mentors, or hospital affiliations? Do you have to do hours with a preceptor? I ask this, because my state no longer accepts the GCU BSN, but does accept the M...
  8. tokmom

    Does anyone us glucomander ?

    it isn't overly friendly. The docs still need to manage the overall dose of insulin. It has asked us to give double digit of aspart with a BG of 90
  9. tokmom

    Does anyone us glucomander ?

    it is a glucose program for anyone who is diabetic. It is supposed to be better than sliding scale. It attaches to our EPIC program. A nurse takes the accucheck the same time they deliver the meal tray. After 30 min, the carbs are counted and the pat...
  10. We launched glucomander last week. So far, I'm not a fan. Does it get better?
  11. tokmom

    being called off..

    I was told by the boss that I could use my PTO, because that's what it is for. I reminded her that PTO is actually for vacation. NOT to pay bills.
  12. tokmom

    being called off..

    Can I ask why hiring newbies is union busting? Curious on your thoughts.
  13. tokmom

    being called off..

    How did you win that in your contract? We have call offs and can't do squat about it.
  14. tokmom

    New Grad Nurse! Help!!

    Every department is its own specialty. That wasn't aimed at you, OP, but that comment drives me nuts. If you can stick it out for 6 months just to get the background. Even psych pts get sick suddenly. After your six months then leave. Having 7 pts...
  15. Why wasn't management physically in the department?