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SummerGarden has 10 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ED and Acute Care.

Currently: An Assistant Department Manager in Med Surg/Med Tele/and Neuro Stroke units.  Nursing Background: Cardiac Step Down, Emergency/Trauma, ER-OBS/CDA, House Supervisor, Medical Surgical and Ortho, Medical Surgical and Telemetry, Neuro/Stroke Step Down, Acute Rehabilitation, RN Hospital Case Management, and Hospital Utilization and Review RN.

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  1. SummerGarden

    Writing help

    OP: Are you sure the online program you will attend does not have a writing center by another name? Did your counselor tell you that there are no tutors or student resources available through the University you plan to attend? If so, there may be free tutors available via your public library that assist high school and college students. Otherwise, advertise to seek a teacher looking for some part-time work to review drafts of your papers. They may not be too expensive if it is per paper rather than per hour... Good luck.
  2. Klone is correct that experience in leadership is key v. education. However, if you are seeking further schooling now that you are done, neither will hurt. In fact, I have seen nurses with the following combos within middle management and senior leadership: MSN, MBA; MSN, MPH; MSN, MHA. In addition, a DNP may be better than two Masters depending what you seek to do with your career. Good luck!
  3. SummerGarden

    Constant Complaining

    JKL33 makes some very good points so I won't repeat all of them. I want to say that I too am an experienced frontline manager and I know your pain, OP. Whining in mass occurs in environments that are fractured and disruptive. New leadership and/or a revolving door of employees contributes to this. On the other hand, a small clique of whiners just equates to a small group of people that are used to being in control and think they are speaking for their co-workers when they are speaking for their own comfort levels with change. In both situations you cannot make changes to the environment without frontline support and that cannot happen without trust. Therefore, you need to be realistic. The changes you want to make may not happen for another few months. In the meantime, make some changes in the environment that the staff perceive as supporting them and their work flow. Also, find a way for the clinical nurse educators to speak to the changes they are trying to teach as being supportive of the frontline staff and their work flow. Last but not least, recruit change agents. You might get a few to volunteer to become change agents after staff sees that their voice matters. Good Luck!
  4. SummerGarden

    MSN Leadership - Is it worth it?

    OP: It also depends on what you want to do with your career and where you want to work. If you want to be in nurse management, obtaining an MSN will be well worth your efforts and the investment. Due to changes in healthcare, most organizations are leaning towards an MSN for nurse managers, while requiring BSN minimum at bedside. My organization started hinting and "preferring" Masters preparation for entry level management positions some years back. Now they are throwing money at current managers to return to school. Soon, they will require us to have an MSN (period). This of course, is not necessarily the case of all organizations, but the tides are turning in this direction.
  5. SummerGarden

    Non nursing bachelors rn

    OP: If the position reads "BSN or equivalent" or "BSN or a health care related bachelors' degree" then a BA or BS non-nursing will suffice for hire. As others have wrote, if it reads "BSN" then a BSN or higher nursing degree is all that hospital will look at for hire.
  6. SummerGarden

    SNF DON with MSN Can't Land Hospital Position

    OP: I agree with those that state your resume needs to reflect only one position. Also ANMs of clinical units are clinical entry-level managers. We are not Staff RNs, but we work the floors and can be pulled into the count as well as cover breaks. And so, you may be considered under qualified clinically for an ANM position in the hospital setting on a clinical floor since you have not worked as a RN in the hospital setting. By the way, most department managers and directors within a hospital setting on the clinical side are typically those who grew up as RNs within the hospital setting. The politics (yep, it is a real thing) are not supportive of nurse managers without bedside acute care work experience in the hospital setting. However, breaking into management within the hospital setting is still possible. You may want to consider positions that are for nurse managers (or ANMs), who are not managing direct patient care departments. Specifically, departments such as QA, Case Management, Risk, Clinical Education, Staffing, etc.. I know of some former SNF directors and managers who received their break as managers within the hospital setting going this route. I know of one who is now an executive after being a director of Case Management for two facilities for several years. Good luck!
  7. Do you like working in acute Rehabilitation? Do you feel you are a pretty good nurse with room to grow? If so, I would not state you are stupid, but it was not a wise decision to quit. In fact, if your department is willing to take you back, then go back. If you rather work the NOC shift compared to other shifts, then try the NOC shift. The reason I write this is because as a relatively new RN you are feeling what all of us have felt at one point. The feeling can go away in one of two ways. You can learn that there are very few health care dollars to care for patients and that there is more than one creative way to care for patients without using the most expensive items (and this is not a bad thing) or you can choose to leave nursing. I worked in very rural hospitals and urban hospitals. Both gave me my fair share of poor patients. The hospitals are stretched thin on dollars. If I could use a cheap solution to care for my patients I did so because I learned it also benefitted my patients! For example, rather than use the expensive foam, give patients the dressing that still performs the same job and will not cost them as much upon discharge to continue to care for themselves. If the foam dressing is expensive to the hospital, I guarantee it is expensive to the patient too (insurance does not cover everything). Start to understand that you are advocating for patients when you think of them using what they can afford AND what performs the same amount of work to help them heal. As for the QA and FIM scores. Do not take their corrections personally. It is highly possible they are not articulating the reason for FIMs scores correctly to you and it is possible that they are wrong in correcting you. Either case, you should address with your management team to clear up any miscommunication or confusion. Good luck!
  8. SummerGarden

    feeling reprimanded unfairly

    Yes. Answer questions honestly and positively. In other words, if you are at fault in any way, be sure to take responsibility when answering questions. However, move on. Talk about what good qualities you have to bring to your new employer.
  9. SummerGarden

    RN Careers away from bedside

    Under this Specialties forum you can see a list of specialties, where some of them are broad areas that are away from bedside/direct patient care: Case Management, QA/QI, Informatics Nursing, Clinical Nurse Educator, Research etc.
  10. SummerGarden

    Alarmingly true article!

    Your opinion misses facts. There are plenty of conservative republican leaning helicopter parents. Being a helicopter parent has absolutely nothing to do with the parent's political viewpoints. Helicoptered children attend a variety of colleges to include conservative leaning ones. Again, this article has nothing to do with politics.
  11. SummerGarden

    Alarmingly true article!

    Your post has nothing to do with the article. Your post is a politically conservative anti-liberal college talking-point. Again, nothing to do with the article.
  12. SummerGarden

    feeling reprimanded unfairly

    Not my state. I am not interested in living in any other state.
  13. SummerGarden

    feeling reprimanded unfairly

    The laws in place don't say a person has to have something to hide or not. They just say that there has to be permission given.
  14. SummerGarden

    feeling reprimanded unfairly

    It is not legal to record people without their expressed permission in some states. If it were legal everywhere, patients and families would get away with recording you without your permission.
  15. SummerGarden

    Transition from insurance CM/UR to hospital CM/UR possible?

    I am no longer a CM, however I performed the role for many years. Yes, an insurance CM can transition successfully to a hospital CM role. The insurance part will be helpful to performing UR. If you need to be a discharge planner in the hospital setting, I foresee that to be your only learning curve. In any case, I know of RNs who worked for insurance companies that they liked and transitioned to the hospital setting. Most were not happy because they did not care for the number of UR cases they had to complete in a day. Those who were both a discharge planner and a UR nurse were not happy with the combined expectations. Good luck to you. Some of my favorite CMs were the ones who transitioned from insurance companies. Those that were happy I more than welcomed because they had a lot of regulatory knowledge that was extremely helpful.
  16. SummerGarden

    Project ideas

    OP: The project does not have to be unique, in my opinion. I think it needs to be impactful and thoughtful. I did not have to do a project to get my position, I had to speak to one I implemented in the past. However, it sounds like your hiring manager may want to know if you did your homework about their unit. So, the project is probably one that needs to be a problem on that unit. For example, nurse leader rounds are performed everywhere, but some hospitals may have gotten out of practice. If this is a problem on the unit, what can you contribute to nurse leader rounds that will be impactful? Good luck!