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  1. SummerGarden

    Theresa Brown: RN Media Star

    I love this article!!!! As a career changer myself, I feel a major connection! :) I volunteer within my community to support health care for those who have limited access. I use skills and experience gained as a clinically working nurse, but I also use my talents and skill set learned from my career in health care prior to nursing to make an even bigger impact! With that said, not only do I love to see that she continues to work as a nurse, but she is able to use her talents and skills learned away from bedside to translate and articulate our challenges to lay people. Therefore, I think she is modest and that her blog and column serves to elevate nursing in ways that not many of us could. So, I too encourage the nurses that have blogs to continue and those who can write well, to start a blog . It is possible on allnurses (plug)! :) Excuse all of my smilies; I am just so happy for her career success and hope that she continues to receive more of the same. :) OP thank you for the post. :)
  2. SummerGarden

    Position difference between RN vs. BSN

    off topic... yes, there are posters who are living the reality of graduating nursing school and passing the nclex but who are told by their bon that he/she is not eligible for licensure. unfortunately that is when you are told..... when you apply for licensure. check out the licensure with a criminal history forum for more information: https://allnurses.com/nursing-licensure-criminal/
  3. SummerGarden

    How do u explain a termination on an application?!?

    step 1: i highly suggest you learn your scope of practice. from what you have written, you know that it is a bad idea to allow others to sign your name, but you may not know that it is illegal so look it up. also, i do not get the sense that you understand that you may not be allowed to supervise the medication administration of others. within the states i have lived lpn/lvns are not allowed to supervise medication administrations from anyone to include nursing students, though this may not be the case in your state. if this is the case in your state, you not only made two medication errors, you made multiple errors when you supervised the mas and allowed them to sign your name just because your policy said it was “ok” and your co-workers did the same. please understand that many policy makers of health care facilities are not nurses and your nursing co-workers may be breaking the law too. if you do not know your own scope of practice, you will lose your license eventually. you worked hard for it, do not lose it because you followed the rules of an employer or followed the unwritten rules of co-workers rather than those set up by your state’s bon. step 2: now that you know your scope of practice, fill out applications with your positive attributes in mind. have others review your application and resume. in addition, i do not think you should explain terminations on applications unless asked to provide details.... otherwise i would wait until you have a chance to talk about your situation in the interview (again focusing on positives and reassuring employers that you know your scope of practice now). step 3: while applying for jobs, volunteer in your nursing community. also join organizations where you can network with hiring managers.
  4. SummerGarden

    Can my job be taken away from me?

    were you not pregnant when you interviewed??? if they offered you the job knowing that you were pregnant, i doubt that your employer will rescind the offer now unless you stated that you are unable to work. also, i agree with thecommuter. never mind being pregnant, an employer can terminate you for some other cause during your probationary period. thus, if you are unable to do the job for any reason there is no law that will protect you... this is why employers love the 90 probationary period!
  5. SummerGarden

    job application current employer

    yes, you can say "no" to contacting your current employer. this will not necessarily keep you from getting another job. i have done it for years and have gotten other jobs. i only had one employer ask me "why" during the interview and i informed them at that time. smart employers understand that the obvious reason people do not want a current employer contacted is because he/she can lose his/her job for applying to another facility. also, interviews are a great way to weed out potential trouble and so are probationary periods. gl!
  6. SummerGarden

    I found my dream job in Public Health :)

  7. SummerGarden

    Finally, I've reached the 'acceptance' stage

    good vent.... i understand that the market is tough so i thought your title was referring to being accepted to work or being accepted by co-workers. in any case, is it possible that the others got hired because of whom he/she knows? i noticed that young people in his/her 20s tend to think negatively of this route and so will shy away from admitting that this was the case even to friends and peers. if your peers are getting jobs because of who he/she knows then let him/her know that you have no problem with this (i.e. you know that the world works this way) and to drop your name to hiring managers as well. i helped a friend get a job she really wanted because of the connections i had made at the time. she was qualified and i knew of her work ethic so i was not concerned that she would make me look bad in the future. btw, say nothing crazy about yourself or being a new grad on fb. being 36 you probably already know how to behave in public, but i just wanted to add this as a reminder. gl!
  8. SummerGarden

    New Grad Sticky Situation

    take the job, you can do it now so only worry about now! you have no idea what the future holds... september is not tomorrow. gl!
  9. SummerGarden

    work home health, boss doesn't know doing a good job?

    sadly, many mangers do not know how to manage human beings. the bad ones only know how to get frustrated at putting out fires he/she could have prevented! this includes finding fault in subordinates rather then playing up strengths that can lead to many positive outcomes. if i were in your shoes, i would clarify with my boss the measures of performance to ensure that there are fair ways that i can prove that i am meeting expectations. in addition, i would act more like a sales person of customer service. when you are a private contractor or working alone a lot, customer service is a big deal. therefore, go back to that staff member and ask if he/she can act as a reference. also, see if you can use the contact information of the family as references for your boss too. gl!
  10. SummerGarden

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    true, in general there is no nursing shortage. however, there are a few places here and there that will hire due to a dire need. this is a recent thread about nd: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/lots-rn-jobs-561375.html this is a recently updated thread about texas: https://allnurses.com/texas-nurses/current-hiring-condition-521565.html plus, there are a lot more threads regarding these and other states on this forum like this one: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/states-real-nursing-564531.html good luck with your search.
  11. SummerGarden

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    this is off topic, but i will respond. at one hospital i worked the term for the l&d nurses by the other nurses was, the princesses-of-nursing. i highly disagree. there are some bad and good nurses in l&d just as it is the case in any other specialty. back on topic, i get the op's point, however the nurses are not giving you less information or bugging you to take a patient because he/she thinks that he/she is cooler then you. in fact, er nurses have very little say in actually caring for his/her patients prior to transfer. he/she is pressured to get his/her patients up no matter how it gets done and is penalized for not doing it fast (note: i left out efficiency because er nurses are not penalized for not covering all the bases... management emphasizes that this is the job of the floor nurses... icu, or, med surg, etc...) thus in my experience i have seen nurses who are not quick and who are not very experienced in the er tend to drop the ball in most areas during a transfer and think it is "ok". in fact the only time i have seen experienced nurses behave this way is when management insists that he/she behaves this way through penalizing them on his/her time management. therefore, the environment, organized chaos + lousy management combine to make it difficult for an er nurse to cover all the things one patient needs prior to admission.... this of course puts a strain on the med surg and other specialty nurses... however, those of us who are grown up (and/or worked other floors) know that there is nothing better about a rn that works one specialty over a rn that works another. we all work hard, for long hours, and many times for lousy pay and short-staffed!
  12. SummerGarden

    Advice on becoming a case manager

    i do not know of an official path per se. your best bet would be to look at entry level case management positions and read the job descriptions. i think what you are doing right now (obtaining a bsn and working as a nurse) is the right way to go. the only thing i would add is to talk to the hiring supervisor of case managers and let him/her know of your interest. maybe you can transfer sooner rather than later? as for the case management certifications, i do not think that an entry level position requires the certs right away. i am told that to earn a certification in this specialty, one must work for at least 1-2 years in case management to qualify to sit for exams. similar to other areas of nursing, there is a lot to learn and there is no way a newbie will be able to learn the information without proper training and/or exposure to the material. gl!!
  13. SummerGarden

    high turnover rates in health care.

    every facility i have ever worked has a high turnover rate by the bedside. in one department i literally counted 2-4 nurses a month who quit the job for every 1 nurse that began. i thought this was crazy so i talked to my department heads and asked why they were not hiring at least 3-4 nurses at a time. the comment i got was that there were trying but there is not enough qualified nurses to hire. well both statements were a lie. i knew of qualified nurses who wanted to work there and applied (they were trying to leave another *ahem*-hole and thought that the grass was greener when it was just as bad or worse where i worked). also there were not 3-4 positions open a month. maybe 1 or 2. so i tend to agree with the others.... facilities will post false positions or they do not post at all despite a need. in addition, i too know of nurses who quit nursing to do something else for a living. while others moved away from bedside nursing, but remained working as nurses.
  14. SummerGarden

    Should I take a part time position as a new grad??

    in general i would not recommend that a new grad land a part-time job unless he/she has no choice. however, you are returning to a unit that knows you and will more than likely support you greatly. as you have said, this can be your foot in the door so that you can move to into a full-time position. so, yes, i think you should take the job. keep in mind this does not prevent you from continuing to search for another position until you are offered a full-time position. in fact being part-time will allow you the flexibility to keep looking while you are being paid!!! besides, being employed may land you a lot more job interviews in the future then remaining unemployed as a new grad. gl!
  15. SummerGarden

    How to Submit my Two Week Notice???

    congrats!!! write no more than 1 or 2 sentences in your letter of resignation. seriously, you do not have to give an explanation. if you want to discuss it in-person to your nm or don then do so at that time. also, i agree with the others.... thank them for your employment and state your last day and that this is your two week notice. i print off several copies and drop them off to hr, my don, my nm, and the secretary of the don. this way there is no one person that can say that i did not give proper notice and be validated. if you prefer to send the letters to all of the above electronically, it is "ok". gl!