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SummerGarden ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr
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SummerGarden has 13 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr.

Currently: An Assistant Department Manager in ICU, Pulmonary Stepdown, and Cardiac Cath units.  Nursing Background: Cardiac Step Down,  Emergency/Trauma, ER-OBS/CDA, House Supervisor, ICU, Medical Surgical Ortho, Medical Surgical Telemetry, Neuro/Stroke Step Down, Progressive Cardiac and Pulmonary Acute Care, ED & Hospital CM/UMR.

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  1. SummerGarden

    4th of July Gardening!

    I have a lot to do the rest of this week at work. However, I get this weekend off and under NO circumstances is anyone convincing me to go into work (I worked the last 4th... ). This weekend I am in my garden! I will take breaks when I have to run to the store for whatever to continue my farming operations, watch the fire works, eat BBQ, and maybe see a parade, but that is all! 🙂 Anyone else combing gardening with the 4th of July weekend?
  2. SummerGarden

    Fall planting

    Good for you! This is the best time. Nontraditional gardeners and new gardeners don't think to stock up early, but it is essential for Fall and Winter planting.
  3. SummerGarden

    President Biden thread

    I knew William Barr was a poor excuse for an Attorney General of the Department of Justice and corrupt as hell! I knew he was not going to be successful at balancing being the strong-arm of a totalitarian dictator and pull off pretending to be the People's attorney for very long! No one is capable of doing the bidding of both a madman and his terrorist administration while supporting a democracy at the same time! Yes, former AG Barr needs to be disbarred! Fundamentally, Barr acted against the Constitution of the United States of America, which he swore to protect and uphold. Barr also deserves to be prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for abuse of power!
  4. I can't wait! 🙂
  5. SummerGarden

    Guliani's Law License suspended

    Crazy Rudy Guliani's law license is finally being suspended due to his being a liar and endangering our democracy and our right to vote! What's next? He needs to be disbarred! Narcissist and sycophants like him won't be stopped unless it hits their ability to make money and wield power. Thus, every state bar needs to go after every lawyer that lied on behalf of Trump and his crooked cronies regarding the election in 2020 in an attempt to keep that madman, Trump, in the White House!: Giuliani's law license suspended over false Trump election claims (Jonathan Stempel). https://www.reuters.com/world/us/rudolph-giuliani-is-suspended-law-practice-new-york-state-2021-06-24/
  6. SummerGarden

    Topical News

    Of course you would wonder that, you are a Trump supporter. You have no idea what is going on from your daily dose of Nut News! A smart woman sitting at the desk prepping for something? I know Trump supporters, it is confusing because you never saw anything like that looking at the Trump administration for 4 years! By the way, Trump supporters, the President of the United States is at the G7. He is not illiterate and he is not friends with our enemies, like Trump. Thus, our president did not just show up to the G7 unprepared to give a speech the dolt Trump gave years ago! Our president actually prepared himself and is rebuilding relationships with those who support democracies. In other words, President Biden works for a living, unlike traitor and twice impeached former president, Trump.
  7. SummerGarden

    Topical News

    Right! Funny, Trump supporters want people to believe that they understand the constitution of the United States, but we would have to ignore the fact that they think 1.) Former twice impeached traitor Trump is still president OR that the clown-show in progress within Arizona performed by unqualified volunteer and private company non-auditors will reinstate Trump to office when it will not. 2.) Trump's freedom of speech is being compromised because of the 2 year ban on facebook when AGAIN nothing in the US Constitution gives white nationalist autocrats like Trump the right to force private companies in our country the use of their forums!
  8. SummerGarden

    Authoring CEUs

    It may depend on your state. In many states you have to become a CEU provider through the BON first to offer CEUs.
  9. SummerGarden

    How do you know when to let a new employee go?

    All the highlighted black-bold are the answers to your question. 1.) He/she/they are in the probationary period, so either you or the employee can part ways for any given reason. 2.) He/she/they are not meeting expectations despite being provided the expectations and resources needed to be supported.
  10. SummerGarden

    Kremlin Cruz Retweets Russian Propaganda

    Kremlin Cruz, who is a known traitor to this country (note his support of the Trump Terrorist on January 6), is now spreading Russian propaganda of our US military. Ironic given he is the most emasculated person within the Trump GQP by the twice impeached former president, Trump: Ted Cruz roundly criticized after sharing Russian propaganda (Yahoo.com). https://news.Yahoo.com/ted-cruz-roundly-criticized-sharing-045606604.html Kremlin Cruz is also no stranger to spreading Russian propaganda so this is of no surprise: https://www.MSN.com/en-us/news/politics/one-of-the-first-successful-russian-backed-misinformation-efforts-of-the-2020-election-tricked-donald-trump-jr-and-ted-cruz-into-helping-spread-false-claims-about-portland-protesters/ar-BB17Teu6
  11. SummerGarden

    Topical News

    Not unless it is Trump country!
  12. SummerGarden

    Caitlyn Jenner announces bid for California governor

    You just answered Tweety's question! Both Pelosi and Newsome are qualified politicians for elected office, despite what the right-wing lie machine has told you. Unqualified is and always will be the twice impeached Trump and EVERY judge and candidate Trump backed for elected and unelected offices.
  13. SummerGarden

    President Biden thread

    A Vietnam War vet died in his car trying to keep warm in Texas due to the power outage and some kids in low income neighborhoods died in their sleep! They, unlike Fled Cruz, were unable to afford to leave the state during the crisis. That tragedy was caused by Republican policies in Trump country, not Democrats! However, I do not recall one post from you or other Trump supporting posters about that except to defend Fled Cruz and spread fear about Democrats, which is of no surprise to me. Also, I get the confusion of many Trump supporters. At this time, right-wing media is trying to pull a Putin and make it seem like California is actually Trump country, but it is not (I am referring to Putin's "annexing" parts of the Ukraine and spreading propaganda that he was invited to do so by the Russians who lived there). California is not Trump country and it never will be no matter how many recalls are attempted. The majority of the State of California voters want nothing to do with Trump! Literally 30% of CA voted for Trump. 60-70% voted against Trump and his Nazi candidates. And so, a Republican authoritarian governor is not getting control of California! And yes, we know that is on the Trumpian GOP wish list. However, it would be a nightmare for a glorious state like California and Californians are aware! Californians are not confused that Trump's agenda = that of white supremacy/Nazi authoritarian policies, which is anti-American. So, voting down whomever the GOP puts up for a recall attempt is another nail in the coffins of the agenda of white supremacist/Trump supporters and the twice impeached Trump! Further, I understand how taxes seem evil to a Trump supporter if Trump is not in charge. Especially since Trump supporters were OK with Trump transferring wealth from middle and working class Americans to Trump's very wealthy friends as any oligarch would choose to do. However, taxation with representation is the American way since 1776! Thus, how Californians choose to vote (for or against propositions Trump's GOP does not like) and what Californians choose to pay in taxes is their American right to do. There are no Trumpian supporting posters or white supremacist leaning media outlets or Trumpian GOP politicians that are also apologist for white supremacy who will change that. All politics are local, which is also the American way.
  14. SummerGarden

    President Biden thread

    It is clear Trump supporters don't know what inept is or is not because Trump supporters continue to support Trump despite his multiple failures and his traitorous Anti-American actions. Just so Trump supporters understand, those of us who are not in worship of your idol god are not in fear of Democrats. The losers that talk to you guys in fearful tones of Democrats, such as the racist right-wing hateful media are doing so because they want to make lots and lots of money off of you and want to destroy this country. That is all. They are not in the business of telling the truth, especially Fox News.
  15. SummerGarden

    President Biden thread

    So says Dear Leader, Trump and Trump supporters/worshipers, but none of that is reality. People don't wish to risk not having a scientifically based vaccine and their lives to make a dictator look bad. Trump looks bad, because he is bad, on his own!
  16. SummerGarden

    President Biden thread

    Tweety, the concerns from Democrats stemmed from Trump being untrustworthy rather than equivalent to Trump supporter's anti-vaccination (the-government-is-trying-to-track-you-through-the-vaccine or the-virus-is-a-hoax or the-virus-is-like-the-flu-so-let-nature-take-its-course) crazy opinions. For example, Trump and many Trump supporters are anti-vaxers and Q-crazies. Trump spewed lies that displayed his anti-science egocentric beliefs. In fact, Governor Cuomo was pointing out that the Federal "opinion" at the time was nonsense because it was anti-science. Which is not the same as Democrats not wanting a vaccine. Democrats wanted a vaccine on day one so long as scientist and not Trump's crazy and unqualified picks as the head of the CDC and the head of the Federal non-response to the pandemic, were free to speak and do their jobs in order to save lives in our country.