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SummerGarden ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr
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SummerGarden has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr.

Currently: An Assistant Department Manager in ICU, Pulmonary Stepdown, and Cardiac Cath units.  Nursing Background: Cardiac Step Down,  Emergency/Trauma, ER-OBS/CDA, House Supervisor, ICU, Medical Surgical Ortho, Medical Surgical Telemetry, Neuro/Stroke Step Down, Progressive Cardiac and Pulmonary Acute Care, RN ED & Hospital CM & UMR.

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  1. SummerGarden

    utilization review/case management recommendations

    There are several insurance companies with remote/home work. Look into the large ones that provide insurance coverage in your area. It is easier to get your foot into the door if you network with other CMs in your area or you pick up work through a nursing agency or as a traveler for the company. Good luck!
  2. SummerGarden

    Per Diem CM?

    Thank you for keeping us posted and letting us know that this was helpful. 🙂
  3. SummerGarden

    Typhon to find clinical sites?

    Typhon is also used for you and your preceptors to input and verify your hours.
  4. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    No, we are paying him to be in the WH.. for now.
  5. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    Where is your evidence that all politicians are narcists?
  6. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    I am not trying to offend you, but this is a very simplistic view of research. When you go higher in your education, you will get a better understanding on how to vet information. For example, newspapers in general are not .edus. Thus, vetting information requires more work than looking at .edu vs .com.
  7. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    https://www.politicususa.com/2020/04/14/trump-has-made-18000-false-or-misleading-since-coming-to-office-washington-post-says.html I was going to use the Washington Post, but readers would have to subscribe to the link. Plus, unlike this poor excuse for a president, I will correct myself (which is what I was trying to do the last time I edit my post), and state this instead:
  8. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    You are making an inference that this president is smart. He is not. By the way, some of the Republican critters in the Senate made millions off of the pandemic too. In general Republican Senators need a few thousand votes to get elected while Democrats need 100s of thousands of votes to get elected. This means Republican thoughts and opinions are in the minority in this country. This is another reason why this poor excuse of a president has to distract us. He has to hide in plane sight the things the majority of Americans are not OK with the Senate or him doing.
  9. SummerGarden

    Does Trump have Covid?

    18,000+ lies and counting for this ridiculous excuse for a president as of this post. No, I don't think he is taking any drugs that he is being advised will kill him. I heard even Fox Noise warned their veiwers not to take the drug! He is such a crazy narcissist. He does not even care if he kills off the very small group of people that support him. He only cares that the media was distracted by this announcement so we won't pay attention to the fact that he is a failure at the pandemic response, he fired another IG because that IG was again doing their job (unlike Barr who needs to be disbarred), he spends all day watching TV and tweeting to harass others or just spread another stupid conspiracy theory made up by either him, one of his crazy followers, or a dumb family member! Not to mention, he has stocks in this drug! He is the laziest and worse president of any country in world history!
  10. OP: Yes, you are fortunate to have a check to pay bills. Are you in a place that is flattening the curve too? If so, you are way more fortunate than most of your nursing counterparts will be soon! Here in America, in additon to telling people that you hope things get better for them soon, nurses who receive these remarks should tell people to push this Congress, this Senate (which is also lead by a person who represents political view points of a small hateful conspiracy theory following minority of this county), and this incompetent, illiterate, magical-thinking, LAZY President to give them their stimulus checks so they can stay-home, save their lives, save the lives of others, and get back to work when it is safe to do so. Reopening the country now while risking the lives of millions of working and middle class employees, their families, and the American public will not all of a sudden bring back jobs to our economy and help the virus to magically burn out. Losing millions of people to this virus all at once will grossly continue to impact our economy. Thus, staying home while getting paid to do so is the best option. Good luck to them and you because the impact COVID-19 will have on all of our lives is going on for a long time.
  11. Nah.. Russian trolls who support Putin and his oligarchs want to ensure that people in the US either vote for Trump or don't vote at all. So, not voting is not an option. I don't care how bad American politics will get! I will vote!
  12. SummerGarden

    ISTJ Nurse Specialty Recommendation

    Good for you for learning about your personality and seeking a career that might fit! My only advice to you is to look further into what ISTJ means and what careers (broadly) fit in order to find a nursing specialty that is something you feel will make you happy. You may end up choosing something away from bedside and patient care or you may not. Just a heads up, all nursing careers are stress related. However, not all require the same amount of patient/family interaction, which as an introvert may be a trigger of your stress (Introverts are drained by social interaction whereas extroverts are energized by social interactions). Good luck! 🙂
  13. SummerGarden

    Non-credit stats course?

    I am 10 years out from an advance stats course and a year out from a graduate level healthcare related stats utilization course. However, I will still take an advance healthcare related statistical course prior to applying to a doctoral program just for my own educational enhancement. Yes, I agree that they are all expensive. I am planning to save up and take the course from one of my alma maters, a university that is also on my short list of choices to earn my doctoral degree. By the way, does your employer reimbursement for education expenses related to your field of study? Do they provide educational grants or partner with educational institutions and receive employee discounts? My employer will cover a large percentage of the course I plan to take once I have passed it. Keep us posted on what you choose. It will help the rest of us. 🙂
  14. Due to many of the adjustments made to educational offerings because of COVID-19 by many institutions, is your university or college making permanent changes to the delivery of doctoral (PhD in nursing or DNP) curriculum? Prior to mandated state shelter-in-place orders many competitive traditional programs had little to no online components to their educational offerings. This meant that if you were an aspiring doctoral student not living at home with your parents or you were not independently wealthy and located in the geographic location of those universities, you could never consider attending that university to further your education. Now, some of those universities have moved 100% online in order to facilitate further learning for their current students. Recently, I met a professor of a traditional non-doctoral program who stated that his university is reviewing live online courses as a permanent solution because they simulate much of the value provided by traditional in-person course offerings. Therefore, I am just curious if your university is thinking and choosing to do the same with their doctoral program? By the way, this is actually a question for faculty, but those who are students and know the answer, please chime-in! 🙂
  15. SummerGarden

    Should nurses be getting involved in the Reopen America protests nationwide?

    First of all, minority rights is not the same as giving into the uneducated whims of 36% of the nation. This is a democracy and 36% should not be able to dictate what over 60% want. You would have a problem with it too if you were not apart of the 36%. Secondly, quarantine only works if we all do it. Science, and not wishes and unicorns, will bring the spread of the virus to a hault and will later allow us to reopen the economy. So you and a few of your friends paying to go to gyms will not bring the economy back any time soon. Most people, thankfully, believe in science and not the nonsense and opinions from the Daily Mail (I am pointing out your original reference).
  16. SummerGarden

    Should nurses be getting involved in the Reopen America protests nationwide?

    No, it does not. Those are the businesses being reopened first along with gyms no one is likely to use, barber shops no one can safely use, message parlors, tattoo parlors, and movie theaters ripe to spread COVID-19 like wild fire. People wanting to re-open the economy without following science and think that more people dying is OK are not thinking clearly. There is no evidence that reopening the economy now will stimulate the economy to be back to normal soon. It takes longer than that... In fact, many jobs that were lost are lost forever. So people who are hurting economically now will still be hurting economically long after this and will have the additional burden of being exposed to and spreading COVID-19. The real solution is to provide regular people with stimulus checks (in addition to their monthly unemployment checks) and small business with grants (not loans) to remain solvent as they stay home. Yes, we have the money. This administration gives it to big businesses and his rich cronies often, which the middle class and working class are made to pay. And now this inept administration is asking us to pay for the rich receiving a stimulus package as well as to pay with our lives by ending shelter-in-place. Thus, we nurses need to continue to protest the protesters. We have rights too. 36% of the country should not be dictating what over 60% of the country wants, which is to remain sheltered-in-place!

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