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SummerGarden has 14 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr.

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  1. MBA after MSN

    OP: How are you doing? Did you return to school?
  2. No, you would not. You missed all of TRUMP's evil in the white house, on January 6, and you are still missing it.
  3. One theory is that donorship is WAY DOWN for the GOP because people who actually have money don't want to align themselves with Nazis and White Nationalist political clowns that are in lock-step with Trump. The other theory is that political Trump-s...
  4. Stephen K. Bannon Finally Indicted

    Anyone who thinks Trump won the 2020 election and thought for one moment that Trash was going to be reinstated clearly never ever read it.
  5. FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    Yet, you are allegedly not a Trump Supporter (any longer) and have moved away from Trump ..... Quoting trash opinions like the above is not moving away from Trump. Just so you know, it is what Dear Leader expects of his ardent followers. It is als...
  6. FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    Poor try on the gaslighting! When I posted this thread originally Fox Noise would not shut up about this topic as they attempted to find a spin. Now, Dear Leader won't stop talking about this topic and neither will his whacked political followers w...
  7. FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    Your posts sound very much like a major viewer of Fox Noise, which does nothing but spews lies to their viewers every day. Speaking of vile and disgusting (back on thread topic) Trump is the definition of VILE and DISGUSTING! Trump is the destroyer...
  8. Trump, the suspect of multiple federal investigations and investigations in multiple states, twice impeached and removed from office by the American voters in 2020, COMPLETE SORE LOSER (He is the definition of an entitled snowflake because he whines ...
  9. Why do you need to ask? Tucker Carlson has not given his audience a point of view to post on this forum in favor of those Trumpist Republicans?
  10. Anti-American White Nationalist Anti-Choice accused Child Predator and complete ugly trash, Matt Gaetz votes against sex trafficking bill with 19 other trashy Republicans: Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz — under investigation for potential sex crimes — ...
  11. 41 Republican senators who have government-run fully covered health care, voted against veterans today (no surprise) ... here is the list: These 41 Senate Republicans Voted Against Veterans' Healthcare—Full List (
  12. January 6 Select Committee

    California is not turning red no matter what Tucker Carlson and other brown-shirt white nationalist so-called news organizations are telling you about districts turning this year red or in two years blue. The majority of the populated areas in Calif...
  13. Cocaine and Orgies: The A MORAL Trump GOP

    Unfortunately, the GOP is still amoral and hypocritical. Madison is just one example and one loss of an extremist who was hypocritically conducting his own amoral activities while calling out the amoral activities of his peers. It will take voting t...
  14. Trump GOP Trash Stefanik spreads White Supremacist Lies!

    I have to agree with the other poster, your focus is not on the points I made, which is a clear gaslighting or distraction attempt on your part. The party you support is influenced by Trump and is spreading White supremacist ideology and QAnon consp...
  15. Cocaine and Orgies: The A MORAL Trump GOP

    Yes, white supremacy and the GOP are one and the same these days! However, I do not think it is a lost cause. Remember, white supremacists are not the majority of this country no matter how loud, hateful, and violent they are, they are still the s...