Fake News Hosts Knowingly Lied About the 2020 Election


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First and most importantly, Trump LOST the 2020 election!  By Trump's own definition of a loser, Trump is a LOSER

Additionally, and sadly, fake news hosts at Fox Noise knew that they were lying about the election being stolen from Traitor Trump.  The fake news hosts destroyed lives and almost tore down our democracy with lies!  Why?  Tucker Carlson and his ilk thought it was OK to lie about the 2020 election in order to prevent a drop or crash in the stock prices of Fox.  I always knew Tucker Carlson, white nationalist trash, is a self-serving self-absorbed prevaricator similar to Hannity and others!  Thank you, Dominion lawsuit for further exposing these snakes for who they really are! 

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What were primetime Fox News hosts thinking about while their network was baselessly questioning the 2020 election results? The business model.





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Misleading American conservatives to the point that they are prepared to overthrow the government is just a business model for FOX.

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Fox News executives refused to let Trump on-air when he called in during January 6 attack, Dominion says



The House select committee that investigated the January 6 attack did not know that Trump had made this call, according to a source familiar with the panel's work.

The panel sought to piece together a near minute-by-minute account of Trump's movements, actions and phone calls on that day. His newly revealed call to Fox News shows some of the gaps in the record that still exist, due to roadblocks the committee faced.

"The afternoon of January 6, after the Capitol came under attack, then-President Trump dialed into Lou Dobbs' show attempting to get on air,” Dominion lawyers wrote in their legal brief.

"But Fox executives vetoed that decision,” Dominion's filing continued. "Why? Not because of a lack of newsworthiness. January 6 was an important event by any measure. President Trump not only was the sitting President, he was the key figure that day.”

The network rebuffed Trump because "it would be irresponsible to put him on the air" and "could impact a lot of people in a negative way,” according to Fox Business Network President Lauren Petterson, whose testimony was cited by Dominion in the new filing...



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