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  2. Tweety

    The Trump Thread

    Nice deflection and sarcasm. I imagine after the G7 conference and his fundraisers, they kept his schedule light. I have often wondered with as much time politicians spend on the campaign trail, how busy are their real full time jobs.
  3. The Trump Thread

    Since this is the Trump thread it would be appropriate to compare Biden's schedule with the schedule that his opponent kept while in office. https://www.axios.com/2019/02/03/donald-trump-private-schedules-leak-executive-time We learned th...
  4. President Biden thread

    Well, this may surprise you...LOL... I don't think he's the one actually in charge, and most things haven't gone well. If I'm right about other people actually doing the job, no doubt we'll hear about someday after he's out of office. Probably ...
  5. The Trump Thread

    I agree. Yes, it does come with the territory. As does being the POTUS. You hit the nail on the head in your last paragraph. Biden's busy, demanding schedule starts today with a DACA anniversary celebration at 230pm. He seldom gets his ...
  6. Tweety

    President Biden thread

    I remember having a conversation with a coworker, mind you I don't go deep into political discussions at work as it's not a good idea, but she brought it up and said she was voting for Trump because Biden is too old. I said "but Trump lies, especial...
  7. Tweety

    The Trump Thread

    I'll sometimes miss a post if I'm working, or if it needs moderators approval before it being posted and I've moved on past it. My apologies for bringing it up again. It's understandable and not surprising because it's Trump. Most candidates o...
  8. The Trump Thread

    I agree wholeheartedly. We saw how Trump handled pressure with the pandemic. Where previous leaders might have found a way to unite the country against a common foe in an election year, Trump could not. Joe Biden is not fickle or feckless.
  9. heron

    The Trump Thread

    On a related note, it's instructive to compare and contrast both men's ability to function under intense pressure. Rather an important consideration in selecting the leader of the most powerful country in the world, I think.
  10. The Trump Thread

    I dunno, Biden has been out and about recently and he has a pretty demanding day job to boot. Are you saying that you think that Trump's "weird ramblings" are only occasional? I listen to a good number of Trump's speeches. He regularly speaks...
  11. President Biden thread

    Yep two choices. One choice is Biden who just represented the USA well overseas. He's a wise elder who seems to be mindful that he has this one chance to leave a lasting legacy for his family. It feels like he has confidence in Harris, afte...
  12. President Biden thread

    His opponent late 70's man who has been traveling almost daily speaking to various groups of Americans. He did the same four years ago while Biden campaigned from home. Maybe he was weary from it all when he rambled on about sharks and batt...
  13. The Trump Thread

    Yeah, someone posted the video here. Unlike Biden, he's out speaking in front of audiences and cameras almost everyday. Not surprising we get one of these weird rambles now and then.
  14. The Trump Thread

    He was probably trying to discredit electric vehicles or something. I will admit that the shark thing is weird. Probably one of his dumb jokes. I would consider this as possible cognitive decline but the association with heavy batteries,...
  15. President Biden thread

    It's actually hard to watch. I can't hate him because I feel like he's one of my residents. He obviously isn't the one making his own decisions and he doesn't even know it. Clearly being taken advantage of. I guess borderline Senior abuse is perfectl...
  16. Tweety

    The Trump Thread

    Was having a conversation with a friend and he told me Trump ranting about sharks. So I dug deeper. Trump who has been praised for not using a teleprompter and being able to carry own a speech spontaneously said this the other day (when his telepro...
  17. President Biden thread

    He did the same thing at the Juneteenth celebration at the WH. You have to wonder who is actually running things. I have a hard time believing it's him.
  18. President Biden thread

    This is a relatively mild example of his cognitive decline. He does seem enthralled by the audience. However his gait when being led by Obama isn't reassuring. Or the blank stare.
  19. President Biden thread

    Maybe bias?
  20. The election 2024 Thread

    I actually agree with everything said here. Except the invitation part. I'm responsible for my own behavior not others.
  21. The election 2024 Thread

    No it makes as much logical sense as anyone who votes for Trump is complicated with Nazis, rapist extremist and are in a "cult" because some may have voted for him. While completely disregarding some people like this didn't vote for Biden. I d...
  22. President Biden thread

    I am supporting the number the WAPO, and Free Beacon, and many others reported. Per their reporting, as of then 7 chargers had been installed by way of the Infrastructure bill. Not sure what is so confusing? Here it is again: https://www.wash...
  23. subee

    The election 2024 Thread

    Yes. People who poop in the WH and attack, injure police and the people who invited them should have consequences. What's going in in Gaza is NOT genocide. Israel never had a public policy of annihilation of the Gazans, unlike the position of Ha...
  24. subee

    The election 2024 Thread

    This is pure gaslighting. There are many Jews (I am one of them) that believe Trump is the one who is anti-semitic, calling Allen Weisselberg his "little Jew" in public and supporting Christian nationalists. Trump is only interested in Jews if they ...
  25. The election 2024 Thread

    Let me repeat, repetition of facts is not the same as propaganda. For instance, when I repeat that Trump mismanaged a pandemic and was the largest source of covid misinformation in 2020; those are facts, not propaganda. When I say that Trump lied ab...
  26. The election 2024 Thread

    It seems important to you that Trump be specifically charged with insurrection. It's as if you believe that a lack of a specific charge means that its inappropriate to discuss the attempt to overthrow the elected government as something other than a...