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Retired ENP, 35+ years of experience. From Scotland.

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GrumpyRN has 39 years experience as a NP and specializes in Emergency Department.

Retired and loving it. From Scotland.

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  1. WHAT!!! That is possibly the most complete obfuscation I have seen. What do house-fires and garden hoses have to do with masks and viruses? Yes I did read the comments but c'mon... Tenuous and stretching for a metaphor at best.
  2. GrumpyRN

    Messaging an ex patient

    Talk to your Charge nurse, let them know that you have been contacted. DO NOT reply to this person. You have no reason to and you can get caught up in any problems/drama they have ongoing, they may also try to guilt trip you. Also remember that facebook is not private and your friends will get to know that person and their health issues. In the ward this person is a patient not a friend. Remain professional. Also have a look at the NMC Code of Conduct, I'm sure there is a bit in that about contact with patients.
  3. GrumpyRN

    Advice please

    Do you think that only US nurses work 12 hour shifts? Are you really that parochial? I spent years working 12 hour shifts but NEVER did a 16 hour shift. Kind of proves my point. Oh and by the way; averages = constituting the result obtained by adding together several amounts and then dividing this total by the number of amounts. Which is why I asked the question and then realised my error but you are continuing with the condescension. See my point about averages above. Also you seem to accept that a supposed first world country that is meant to be modern and forward looking is fine with overworking its people.
  4. GrumpyRN

    Personal Deathbed Vision Stories?

    Thank you for the, I want to say complement, but I'm not sure if that's the right word.😂😂 We would tend to use pass in the past tense. For example, you could say that someone has "passed away" (although a simple "has died" would be more common) but you would not say that someone was about to "pass". It would definitely be that someone was about to/going to die.
  5. GrumpyRN

    Advice please

    Are you sure? I hear plenty of stories on this site of nurses working 12 - 16 hour days plus other sites complain about long working hours in the US. "U.S. Workers Put in Staggeringly More Hours Than Europeans Do." https://fortune.com/2016/10/18/americans-work-hours-europeans/ Seriously? You think I need that reminder? Just a bit condescending don't you think? Yes, I did not notice the 2 weeks at first but immediately apologised when I did. And again with the condescension, or are you just trying to make me feel silly?
  6. GrumpyRN

    Personal Deathbed Vision Stories?

    Don't change your views, at worst it is hypoxia at best it could be used as proof of life after death. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, to do with a "superior" being or "god like" figure. Certainly nothing to do with so called "heaven" or religion. It would be nice to think that the inner part, the "me" survives after physical death. So don't let this freak you out, you will see similar in the future. I was told this story by a nurse who witnessed it and swore it was true - no reason to lie. She was working in a Cardio-thoracic unit in UK. Lots of sick patients. One lady was expected to die very shortly. Another patient asked what was happening and was told about the imminent death. She replied, "Oh no, she isn't going to die tonight, but she is," pointing at another patient. When told that there was no way that lady was going to die as she was well and recovering fine the patient replied, "No, I can see all her family around her waiting for her. The sick lady does not have anyone there." I should add that there was no family visible to nursing staff. Very shortly the well patient did die and the sick patient survived. So take from that what you will but do not go all religious or get worried because of one strange episode.
  7. GrumpyRN

    Advice please

    Oooops!! Sorry, I did miss the 2 weeks. Ignore me and carry on. To OP, I hope it works out for you and you get the advice you need.
  8. GrumpyRN

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    We have not politicised the vaccine (or masking) here but still some people will not take it for "reasons" none of which make sense to me. These people are not vilified or ostracized but the information is there for them. No religious leader in the UK has come out against the vaccine and in fact churches, and mosques are being used as vaccine centers. As far as I am aware almost every health care worker has taken the vaccine - they were first in line to get it before christmas. It is really not a "thing" here for health workers to refuse the vaccine. The assumption is that all health care workers are vaccinated. An anti-vaxx nurse or doctor runs the risk of having their registration revoked for giving out false information to patients. As a point of interest, the Scottish government are looking at introducing vaccine passports in the next 2-3 weeks. This will mean that you can only get into concerts, football matches etc. by showing your vaccine status. As you would imagine there is a bit of discussion around this - I am in favour because it may push the reluctant ones to get the vaccine. Hope this is useful, please ask if you want more information but remember, I am retired and my information is coming from friends and family who are still employed.
  9. GrumpyRN

    Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    Except it is not an ER problem. So send them back to their own doctor. Oh dear, no doctor? Then too bad. Take responsibility for YOUR decisions for YOUR child. Remember I am not in US so any nonsense regulations you have do not apply.
  10. GrumpyRN

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    As opposed to the world taking the mRNA vaccines? Your tinfoil helmet is showing.
  11. GrumpyRN

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    YES!!! Can I make it any plainer. I'm fed up stating this and providing links.
  12. GrumpyRN

    COVID vaccine passport

    Seriously, there is not one part of that that is funny and under no stretch should it be included in "Nursing Humour." Do you care about anyone's health records at any other time - no of course you don't. But, in the middle of the largest pandemic the world has seen since 1918 you have decided to, try to "prove" a point. OK, will you take YOUR medical records to the restaurant with you?
  13. Oh dear, will you be going the same way India did? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-56940595 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-57911638
  14. GrumpyRN

    Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    And my work here is done. ETA, I know you will still get notifications that I have posted and I just know that it will drive you up the wall enough that you will have to look. 😜😜😛😛
  15. GrumpyRN

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    But the rest of the world does this already. It is only in America with your concentration on money that this has become a problem. That is called a Shaman. I would rather have someone of science looking after me.
  16. GrumpyRN

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Done the work for you. Some sources that say it is better to get vaccinated even if you have had the covid. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/people-whove-had-covid-19-should-still-get-vaccinated-heres-why https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/immune-response-vaccination-after-covid-19 https://www.CDC.gov/media/releases/2021/s0806-vaccination-protection.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56538983