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  1. Isabelle49

    I Must Be Missing Something

    It is that agency and those particular management personnel. Leave that agency. Find another one that respects you. Keep doing that until you find a happy medium. Remember, respect is number 1 priority for the nurse and compassionate patient care for the patients. If office can’t respect you, leave them flat!!!
  2. Isabelle49

    LPN and wound care in Louisiana

    Is it a new thing that an LPN cannot measure a wound/s after an RN has done the initial assessment? This in Home Health. Thanks
  3. Isabelle49

    Kicked out before even starting

    Geeze!!! Why not call the dean of your school or a counselor. I can't imagine why you got kicked out. You could have had the word done at a slow lab and that wouldn't have been your fault. Take this as a sign or things to come in school and throughout your career. Am retired after 32 years.
  4. Isabelle49

    NG Tube Salem Sump

    If the pigtail is left open to air, you would have this connected to continuous suction. If the pigtail is closed, should only be connected to intermittent suction to prevent damage to the gastric mucosa from continuous vacuum and no release. The pigtail (usually blue, at least it was when I was working) is not used for suction or to administer feedings or meds. The opening at the top of the main tube is used for feedings and suction or just left open vented. You may or may not have to use a Christmas tree connection to attach to suction. That will depend on the size of the connecting tubing. Anytime you face a challenge you are not 100% sure of, ask another experienced nurse or your instructor. Never guess, it can be very bad news. Thanks.
  5. Isabelle49

    Post-test review

    Lipoma, would you mind telling us what nursing school you attended? (BTW, I am a retired RN after 32 years of work and just doing some research on this subject because of changes at the nursing school I attended). Thanks.
  6. Isabelle49

    Post-test review

    When you were attending a nursing school, were you provided with Post-test reviews, where you were provided with rationales as to why one answer to a test question was correct and the others were not? Thanks so much for your input Isabelle
  7. Isabelle49

    Post-test reviews

    Do any students here attend a nursing program that does not provide a Post-Test review, where you are provided with a rationale as to why one answer to a question is correct and the others are not? Thanks for the input. Isabelle
  8. Isabelle49

    I Must Be Missing Something

    Start looking for another HH company to work for. You are working for a bullying tyrant. Don't put up with it!!!
  9. Isabelle49

    LSUHSC or Delgado Charity

    Wondering if you made the cut for Charity-Delgado. I have recently learned that the school no longer offers post test review to the 4th level students who are very close to graduating and taking the NCLEX. I expect this teaching process will be reflected in lower NCLEX pass rates. I wish you well.
  10. I'm a long ago graduate of Charity Hospital School of Nursing. We had a wonderful education at the time, and included test review with rationales for answers to questions. I understand students are no longer offered test reviews with rationales for answers to questions on the tests. This is an excellent teaching tool. I don't understand why this is no longer in practice. Oh, and students are given the number of the question they an answer wrong for, but they are not given the question (ex: you got question 3, 9, 21 wrong). Are students supposed to figure out what the question was??? I am beginning to feel that there is a certain degree of neglect with this teaching process. Does anyone else attend a nursing school that does not offer test review? I am really disappointed in Charity-Delgado Nursing School. I expect the education process will be reflected in lower numbers of NCLEX pass rates. Not a good thing. Thanks for reading. Would love some responses.
  11. Isabelle49

    syringe pumps and mechanical slack

    32 years ago in NICU, we manually primed tubing before connecting to stringe pump, but things may have changed as awareness of potential problems become evident. All I can say is, remember every machine is just a machine, keep an Eagle eye on all equipment used in the care of your neonate patient to make sure they are working with precision. Don't trust machines in the care of your neonate patient. Example: I had a neonate on a ventilator who was not responding well, O2 sats were staying low, lungs were clear, tube was in place. As we moved the neonate to the area to be placed on ECMO, we were manuallly bagging him, sats rose and he was well. The ventilator was not functioning properly!!! What an eye opener that was. I never fully trusted the machines again.
  12. Isabelle49

    Its 5 months and still no update on NCLEX Results

    That's crazy!!! I hope you post an update. In Louisiana results are in during the same week the NCLEX was taken. I think I would contact NCLEX too!!!
  13. Isabelle49

    new grad RN Ochsner NICU

    I see you posted your message on my birthday in 2017!!! 32 years ago I interviewed for a position in Ochsner's NICU as a new grad too. I got the job and the main campus on Jefferson Hwy (that was the only Ochsner then). I worked there for years and loved the work. They have a fantastic, first rate NICU. Wishing you well. I hope you come back and post again!!!
  14. Isabelle49

    January 2018 Nclex

    Imagine this: 32 years ago we sat for 2 days to take the board exam. It was a pencil and paper test where you colored in the dots to the correct answers!!! Just think what the outcome would be if one of the dots was skipped and all the rest of your answers could be wrong because of this. Don't stress, it's just a test like all the others you have taken to get this far. Relax, read the questions slowly and carefully. You can do it and you can pass!!!
  15. Isabelle49

    how does potassium affect blood pressure and heart rate?

    Considering the effect hypokalemia has on the heart muscle, causing a decreased output, initially a person may have hypotension. Remember, there is a feedback mechanism for just about every physiological event. Once the brain senses a decreased output, adrenal hormones are released resulting in vasoconstriction and increased heart rate. The increased vasoconstriction would result in hypertension, but remember this is an effect of the feedback mechanism and not a direct effect of hypokalemia. I've been out of school for 32 years, hoping I remembered this correctly.