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Do any students here attend a nursing program that does not provide a Post-Test review, where you are provided with a rationale as to why one answer to a question is correct and the others are not? Thanks for the input.


We were allowed to review our tests, but generally we would approach the instructor after class hours to ask questions about a specific question and rationale

We have to make an appointment with the tutor or the teacher to even see our tests, then can ask why one answers is right and one is not. The tutor doesn't always know so we CAN but its not easy.

Demand it. If you can't at least meet privately with the teacher to go over the test, go above your teacher. You're paying a lot of money to be educated. At some point, colleges and students seem to have forgotten that. There's no excuse for a teacher refusing to go over anything related to the class with you. She needs to either do her job or find a new career, because teaching clearly isn't for her.

My friend goes to a nursing school that doesn't do test reviews. Their reason is that you don't get a review after the NCLEX. Completely ridiculous, IMO. She doesn't even know which ones she gets wrong, much less why she got them wrong.

Our school doesn't do this. If you fail a test, you remediate with the instructor and she goes over the objectives you missed. Then you are allowed to attempt the test again. For example, I just took a test on a unit that had 9 objectives or areas of focus and 23 questions. I got two questions wrong from objectives 2 and 3, and my results page shows me the number of the questions I missed and which objectives they are correlated to, but these were the objectives, so pretty broad:

Given a situation, the student will be able to identify and assess:

normal and abnormal lung sounds (objective 2)

cardiovascular signs and symptoms in the history and physical assessment of a diverse population (objective 3)

We take our tests in the testing center on a computer and get a results page emailed to us. We are welcome to talk to our instructors, but they will only address general objectives and they expect you to come with notes on the topic. You need to show them what you've put into learning.

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My program does not allow test review sessions. I have met with an instructor once to go over questions but she said even that is not allowed.

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