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  1. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    White Pants That Pass a Tattoo Test?

    What is the obsession with nursing schools and wearing white, and expecting them to always be white and looking new? I think it's time to trash that incredibly stupid tradition in exchange for colors that actually hide all the stuff you're inevitably going to get all over you.
  2. He's not a nurse. I dealt with people like him A LOT in another profession I had, they politicize an idea, and they think they're being some kind of hero by going to a source of it posing as one of them. I'm willing to bet that describes him perfectly. Except for maybe 5 posts saying he's in "NP school" or saying he worked in an ICU then ended up in psych, every single post is a political post about this virus. A nurse came to a nursing forum to talk politics about covid19, specifically to just relentlessly attack the liberals? No, this MO SCREAMS trucker. There's actually one in particular, from Houston TX, who posts EXACTLY like he does. I'd be willing to bet every dollar that I have right now that this guy never actually worked 1 day in healthcare. I've seen this exact behavior enough times to know to seriously doubt who he says he is.
  3. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    People in other countries stayed home. If we're going to insist on being idiots, anything covering our faces is better than nothing, to at least do something to help stop it from spreading. And if masks with designs on them so that you can match them with the rest of your outfit gets people to actually wear them, we desperately need it.
  4. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    WOW!! are you talking about? I'm saying to teach relevant information. Put the blunt down.
  5. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    I don't know how anybody is surprised. We know Trump doesn't exist in the same universe as the rest of us when it comes to medicine. He believes that exercise uses up your heartbeats and kills you young. My disappointment is that our doctors weren't reaching out to the public in January and drilling it in that if this virus comes to our country, this is the stuff we have to do to beat it. We've known for 4 years that Trump is incompetent. We've also known that some of his followers are the stupidest, most easily manipulated people alive. We knew that as soon as there was any political involvement that it was going to instantly turn into a left vs right, doctors are being paid by big pharma conspiracy. This needs to be a major lesson for us. We got lucky that as bad as this virus is, the serious complications and death are at a low enough rate that most of us and most people we know will get sick and then be back to normal. Imagine if this virus was killing 25-50% of the people it infected. Next time, as soon as an outbreak starts, our country needs to get on top of educating. This is also our sign that we need SERIOUS changes in education. People need to learn how to research. Basic viral infection control and transmission needs to be a part of health classes in high school. Painting a face on an egg and carrying it around isn't stopping teen pregnancy, so lets go with some knowledge that our country is seriously lacking. And our sites like facebook and Twitter really need to crack down on this. We've taken freedom of speech to the extreme that we believe that there shouldn't be consequences for what we do. To the point that when facebook blocks a post that's a blatant dangerous lie, the pretend freedom fighters come out to accuse them of fascism. facebook needs to commit, they start it, but then always cave when the same group of people start complaining. Social media needs to be forced to take responsibility for what knowingly allow to stay on their sites. All the anti-mask posts are literally killing people
  6. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    I passed my NCLEX! Advice and encouragement.

    I'm not going to argue with you about if there is or isn't a god, but I'm going to address this for the people who don't believe in one. Even if there isn't a god, there are psychological benefits to prayer or something similar to it. Regardless of what the ultimate outcome is, pay attention next time you see any Christian praying. Pay attention to how much more confident they are towards their problem. The same thing can work for an atheist. Find something bigger than you and nursing that you can look to for motivation. While it might not directly help you pass a test, it's something that can keep you focused on what matters and keep you in that mindset that even if you fail, you'll pass when you retake it. There's a reason that this is one of the steps in AA. Even if you don't believe in god, try going to church and meet the people there, having a community behind you is just as good for an atheist as a christian having god behind them. Most churches will welcome someone just looking for that connection, and while they'd like you to start to share their belief, will usually completely overlook the fact that you don't. There's always that one random guy that's going to work really hard to convert you, but once you know who he is, you'll learn to avoid him. Me personally, I don't believe Christianity, and probably never will, but I go to church every couple weeks to be a part of my local community. Nobody forces their belief on me, but I have a ton of support whenever I need it. And I'm learning a lot about what they believe, which does help when you have a career that deals with people dying.
  7. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    When to do Pearson VUE Trick?

    "The trick" is purely anecdotal stories of it working. The error you get is just based on a flag in a database that can be based on any number of different things. But regardless, if you passed, you can't do anything until you get your license. If you failed, you can't retest for about a month. Stop worrying so much about the results. You can't change them at this point. Just relax and wait until you get your official results.
  8. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    I think the only reason he really changed his mind was because we were doing so bad with the recommendation of not throwing house parties and avoiding large crowds. If people could have just binged some shows in Netflix for 2 weeks this virus would have been gone long ago and we would have never got to the point that the public was wearing masks everywhere they go. But because Fauci is in a political position, we have a very stupid group of people who had to rebel just because of his position. They grew up with star wars, learning about how noble our revolution was. And they still love the rebel flag, which is a big symbol of the southern states seceding. Any chance to be a rebel is almost heroic to them. Probably the best thing Fauci could do right now is tell us not to wear masks and let's crowd up and build immunities. Then they'll wear masks and stay home, finally, beacuse it goes against what the liberal doctor working with the white house said.
  9. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    Are you really a nurse? Because your post history is 100% political and arguing against extremely basic things that everyone in healthcare knows. You don't have to be a nurse to understand face masks, we teach the secretary at the front desk about this stuff. I don't buy it. There's no way you went through 4 years of college for your BSN to come out knowing less about this than an un-certified aide who isn't even out of orientation yet.
  10. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    Then be consistent. Go up to an old lady on the street and tell her that she has to be OK with the increased risk of getting this virus whenever she goes to buy food because "nobody should be telling people to wear a mask." Better yet, go tell your mother that. If that's going to be the attitude, then all of you need to own up to it. You need to all tell your families that you're OK with their health being risked over a piece of clothing. Until any of you can say that to your parents, you don't have a place to say that people shouldn't be forcing other people to wear masks, especially when you're all forcing other people to take extra risk over the most minor inconvenience possible. Honestly, at this point, any argument against masks is comparable to a kid throwing a tantrum because he has to wear pants. Seriously, what's the big deal? Why can't people just wear the stupid mask?
  11. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    Paid minimum wage for quitting

    And then with nothing reported and no paper trail she sues them and wins. But anyway, about the pay, if you already worked the hours, it's illegal to only pay you minimum wage in most states. And state law takes priority over any agreement that you made. So if it was illegal to lower your pay after you worked the hours, they'll be mailing you a check after you report them. Just make sure to call your department of labor tomorrow and ask about if they were allowed to do that. Make sure you specifically say that your pay was cut for hours you already worked. You cannot agree to something illegal. Even if you sign a contract. State law takes priority. Don't listen to the people saying not to stand up for yourself. If you need a lawyer, get one. They're not going to tell a job that calls them that you took them to court. If you can't stand up for yourself being accused of letting drugs go missing, or you can't stand up for yourself not being paid what you agreed to, you're going to get walked all over for your entire career. And for applying for jobs, leave all of that out. You quit voluntarily and leave it at that. Don't say anything else. If they ask you about it, listen to the advice TriciaJ gave you. Don't bring up the narcotics. The ONLY time you should talk about what happened is if they somehow already know about it and ask you. If there's nothing filed with your state board, or police, it never happened. If it's true that you had nothing to do with it, they know that reporting it to the state is going to end up leading to them getting counter-sued by you and getting in a ton of trouble and easily getting some negative press. Most jobs, even if they fire you, they don't confirm how your employment ended. If you just quit, odds are all they're going to do is say that yes, you worked there during those dates. HR departments are VERY careful when they confirm employment, because if what you were fired for wasn't true, they just opened themselves up to be paying you a good amount of money in court. Until it's reported, you never stole those narcotics. And knowingly reporting you when you didn't steal them is libel and it's illegal. Relax. They need to be able to build a case that you were the one who did it.
  12. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    How Does This End?

    Literally the same exact time a video of a dog chasing his tail became political. That's the sad reality of our country. Most of us are smarter, but there's a completely moronic minority that can't have anything exist without it being about politics. When the next person finds a cure for a rare disease, I can promise that when you read the comments on facebook, you'll see someone post something bashing the liberals, because in their heads, that's all connected.
  13. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    Concept base Approach

    The concepts are less fluff than it seems like. Like what you're reading about campaign zero, don't look at it as learning about ending police violence, look at it as applying the principles you're learning about safety and using campaign zero as a modern example. You learn a lot of concrete information, but it's all going to center around certain key concepts. And it's going to be A LOT of repetition, that's the point. You're not there to cure a disease, you're there to help manage the symptoms. And how to manage the symptoms of any disease that effects your lungs is going to be teaching you the same things over and over, because you're going to do the same basic things almost every time. Getting annoyed at repetition is good, that means that you're understanding the basic principle that it's trying to teach you.
  14. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    Work as CNA through nursing school? possible?

    I know it's too late now, but a great trick for dealing with stuff like that is just work every weekend. The reason everyone rotates is because nobody wants to work those days so it's the only fair way to force people to do it. And eventually, you get to a point where you'd rather go out on a Wednesday because nobody else is. No matter what you do in the working world, if you're willing to work weekends, or work nights (even better if it's both), your job will do so much for you. There's a rule that you only get christmas eve or christmas day off and you wanted to travel and need both off? Your boss might be more willing to "forget" to put you on the schedule for that day you usually don't work. Or might give you both new years eve and day instead. My experience, if the holiday was during the week, most of the bosses I've had just forgot to schedule me for any of them because scheduling me every weekend is just automatically already done and they forget to go back and edit it. Which is fair, I'm working 26 more weekends than I have to. Somebody else can work a holiday for me. The tradeoff, you're working every easter, and some years you're getting both christmas eve and day, and new years eve and day, which is usually a premium everywhere, even McDonalds, so you deal with it that one year to make a ridiculous amount of extra money...
  15. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    Student Loans and managing expenses

    You can't borrow that much on federal loans, so you'd be depending on private loans. MAYBE your bank will let you borrow that much extra. You'd have to look around. But it might be really hard to find someone willing to loan that much extra as a student loan. It's not necessarily a bad idea if you go into it understanding the costs to pay it back. You decide if it's worth it to you. You just have to be able to find those loans. Personally, I'd look into other childcare options, because $1,500 / month is kind of insane. In a couple years, you have public school bringing that cost to almost nothing.
  16. TheDudeWithTheBigDog

    UWorld, Hurst, or Kaplan?

    Kaplan's explanations of: "This is right because you would do this first" weren't descriptive enough about why you'd do it first? I got UWorld for free, and owe any chance of passing that test to that. Kaplan is great for benchmarking, but horrible for learning.

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