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  1. APRN in scrubs?

    My primary is an APRN, she just wears scrubs to her office.
  2. I feel responsible for a patients death

    We're not in the business of curing patients and saving lives. That's not what most nurses do. We manage symptoms and comfort, and nurse the patient. You did what nurses do, you responded to the symptoms and reacted help address them. Sometimes p...
  3. Anyone removed from Orientation early?

    And in a completely opposing perspective: When $#%$# hits the fan, it's your license and nobody else's on the unit. If you've only been given 2 days of orientation as a new nurse, there's nothing wrong with speaking up. Could it burn bridges on tha...
  4. If Nurses are "Essential", Why Can't We Be Treated Like It?

    Because we're weak and allow ourselves to be treated the way we are. We'll whine and whine but never stand up to management together out of fear of being fired from a job that we can replace with just a single phone call.
  5. Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    I'm scheduled to get my vaccine in 3 weeks, but apparently decided at the last minute to build my immunity the old fashioned way. However the vaccine makes you feel, it can't be any worse than what this last week has been for me.
  6. How can I be a better nursing professor?

    The thing that always makes the biggest difference for me in school is the attitude of the teacher. Don't be one of the ones that your students are expected to pretty much self-teach while you just do a general review. Make sure your lectures are p...
  7. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    True, that's why almost every nursing student's first semester of clinical is in a nursing home learning at a CNA level. 4 semesters in, all you're accomplishing by making the student change linens is wasting their time that should be spent learning...
  8. Nurses are Pushed to the Brink

    They should try the incentive my company gives: If you work the assignment assigned to you, even if it's the COVID patients, you won't be fired for refusing your assignment.
  9. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    My argument that the nurse shouldn't have to do the aides job, being supported by the fact that when I was an aide, I did my job, actually IS a consistent argument.
  10. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    Then, by law, they're owed a paycheck. They are not there to work, they're there to learn. After the first time you change sheets or do denture care, it's not exactly rocket surgery. People get hired off the street and trained to do it. Also,...
  11. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    After a potentially career ending incident a few years ago in another type of work, I've been learning to be more like them. Right now, I work in a nursing home. A new job is as simple as a phone call. Being an RN, they're willing to throw jobs at...
  12. Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    Nobody in legislature cared that black people had to be segregated in this country. But they were persistent about demanding equal rights until they gained enough support behind them that changes had to be made. If we wait until a senator wants to ...
  13. Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    It's been done once. Maybe make it happen a few hundred more times until something actually gets changed. You're a college educated PROFESSIONAL. Stop being OK with this.
  14. Do EHRs Push Nurses to Lie?

    Basically, EHR's don't push nurses to lie, management's obsession with productivity > patient care push nurses to lie.
  15. The Staff RN’s Role in Nursing Homes

    Usually not, because in most cases where LPNs are allowed to be in supervisor roles, they're still working under the supervision of a manager / director either in the building or on-call who is an RN. Because of that, in a lot, probably most states,...