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  1. rnhopeful82

    No graduation ceremony!?

    My school does the same. One big ceremony in June (I think) and I graduate in August. I can walk in June, but it seems dumb to me since I won't be done. I have already walked for my other degrees and I'm really just looking forward to pinning. I would possibly go to graduation if it was when we graduated, but oh well. I can understand how that's upsetting for you though. Can you do a pinning ceremony for your class? Each of our classes gets one when we finish (trimesters) then there's the one graduation. I also don't think it would be too crazy to walk next year. You will still have earned it and your daughter could still see it all happen.
  2. rnhopeful82

    Grades in ADN class

    In myy program you need a 77 to pass and those who barely pass one class usually do worse in the next. A 76.9 or lower you fail and repeat that class, do it again and you're out of the program. So no, Cs aren't usual at all in my program. Cs in pre-reqs would likely not even get you a spot to begin with.