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  1. Resignition Timeline?

    I've always had to give 4 weeks notice
  2. ICU vs Travel nursing

    It takes a while to fit in with new coworkers. Give them time and I'm sure you'll be considered part of the team. I don't think it's recommended that one goes into travel nursing with so little experience. What support to you perceive that you're lac...
  3. As seen on TV

    It actually stresses me out how long it takes them to get on the chest in a code situation. Instead of cpr, the just stand there talking

    Try other provinces? Under served communities?
  5. without a job until after new years

    Any local food banks or shelters
  6. Risk for Aspiration - Should a nurse go against physician orders to raise HOB?

    I'm curious as the clinical reasoning behind keeping the patient supine as this is not a drug I'm familiar with. Could you have turned the patient to their side? No longer an aspiration risk
  7. Your story raises red flags with me, and I don't think it confirms the point you were trying to make, but its partially it's because we don't know your background and experience. Were you icu/ Er trauma trained at this point? Had you cared for vents/...
  8. It was a horrible event and the nurse screwed up, but I can guarantee you that every error made is from not doing checks or having a momentary lapse of judgment. You will make errors, which may or may not have severe consequences. Your level of anger...
  9. Vandy patient dies after nurse gives lethal dose of wrong drug; puts Medicare at risk - NewsChannel 5 Nashville I'm curious why the hospital didn't report the error
  10. practice without specifically being hired?

    I wouldn't as its outside of the scope of the job youve been hired for
  11. Nurses 'Eat their Young?!'

    I personally like my young lightly roasted and sprinkled with salt before eating them personally
  12. I wouldn't say infection is a current priority based off the evidence offered. It sounds more like a " risk of" at best. Low hgb really has no bearing on infection, neither does liver cancer, unless he is being treated with chemo and has become immun...
  13. Mandatory Vaccination

    Many hospital policies leave me wondering why; however, the fact is either you accept their terms or not work for them. However, think of it from the organization's perspective. An employee gets sick with the flu, because they couldn't get the vaccin...
  14. Scared.....No Nursing?

    Before I call the doc, I've learned to have done an assessment for the pertinen details and I've written down what I think I'd important for them to know (I swear I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes) so I have my pertinent points. Some doc's wa...
  15. How abnormal potassium value to call a physician

    Depends how far out of normal and the patients condition and trends