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  1. Triddin

    I can't do it all (mom rant)

    I understand you want to give your son the best education, but what if what he needs is to have you at home more and not stressed to the max. Would you consider a public school, where you don't have to work as much it to afford the private and are able to spend that time to support him instead? Even just to give yourself a break from working so much OT
  2. Triddin

    Should I or Should I not?

    Why not? Go for it
  3. Triddin

    Powerful prayer that will help you pass your exam!

    Wouldn't studying guarantee a better result? I have nothing against spirituality but I have difficulties attributing successes like passing the nclex to a prayer rather than your hard work and knowledge from passing nursing school. I also though your post was meant as joke? Sorry
  4. Triddin

    Powerful prayer that will help you pass your exam!

    I though you were to rub a Buddha statue on the tummy three times then drink 5 pumpkin spice lattes in order to guarantee a pass?
  5. Triddin

    RN to LPN?

    Check with your board of nursing?
  6. Triddin

    How do you feel about B's?

    Bs get degrees
  7. Triddin

    So confused about IVPB

    Our orders almost never have rates included... we are expected to refer to the facility's electronic parenteral drug manual and get the rates from it.
  8. Triddin

    Worried sick that I may have caught MRSA?

    Well. If I'm caring for a known tb patient, I'm going to garb up too and wear my n95.
  9. Triddin

    Second needlestick in 2 weeks

    Don't your facilities needles have safety locks you can engage once you've given a medication via needle to prevent incidences like this? Also, your health is much more important than a job
  10. You could always do a late entry
  11. Triddin

    Worried sick that I may have caught MRSA?

    Our ID team follows cases of exposure and they've stated you would need ~24hours of constant exposure to be at risk.
  12. Triddin

    Worried sick that I may have caught MRSA?

    Many times, with vented patients. Still TB free. Tb is pretty hard to catch though, you need to be breathing their air for many hours
  13. Triddin

    Giving insulin late patient request

    I'd be curious why the patient wants the insulin later and would adjust my glucomter check times to closer when the patient wants to have insulin. I'd hazard you shouldn't get in trouble as long as you document conversations with the patient as to why you gave late, but it does seem that people get in trouble for everything these days so who knows?
  14. Triddin

    Help with the Strength & Weakness interview question.

    @guyinbabeland. I would disagree. It's definitely a weakness and would be seen as such, not a strength
  15. Triddin


    How to Become a Neonatologist
  16. Triddin

    New grad bedside nursing disappointment

    It might be that ICU isn't for you. I wouldn't give up in bedside. ICU is exhausting and a huge learning curve with experience. I can't even imagine going in as a brand new grad