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Orange Tree specializes in Medical Surgical Orthopedic.

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  1. I would lie and tell him I called and was waiting for a call back. I'd also tell him that the doctor was probably already asleep and that we probably wouldn't hear back until the morning.
  2. Orange Tree

    Did I just get thrown under the bus? Or I'm a bad nurse?

    I've held Lantus ...and I would be hesitant to believe that I should "never" hold a specific medication.
  3. Orange Tree

    Did anyone have to take a Freshman Comp Course?

    I was required to take English comp I and II for my ADN.
  4. Orange Tree

    Whats so Hard about Nursing School and the profession?

    The questions with three right answers drove me crazy!! They called it critical thinking, but I called it fluff.
  5. If I didn't "get" the order the first time, I would call back to clarify. Otherwise, I would write the order and carry it out....especially for hypoglycemia and a patient who was not responding to protocol. I'd probably want to hurry things along, too.
  6. Orange Tree

    "You look tired"

    Try skipping in and out of their rooms. No one looks tired when they're skipping.
  7. Orange Tree

    Would you do this?

    I would have written a verbal order and back-timed it. I never change orders or write new orders on my own, though ...even in painfully obvious situations.
  8. Orange Tree

    Loving orientation!

    I hope your "honeymoon" phase is a long one :)
  9. Orange Tree

    new grad RN reporting patient rights violation..

    There is some gray area. From what you say, the patient doesn't sound competent to make his own decisions...at least at some times in some cases. I would have re approached the patient after allowing him some time to cool down, but continued to attempt to scan him. Gentle restraint can be appropriate in some cases. What does his family think?
  10. Not every peer who finds texting rude/distracting is going to be confrontational about it.
  11. Orange Tree

    Starting Pay for New Nurses in Texas...need help!!!

    $22 sounds about right, although you can make that number go up a bit if you work nights. Austin is one of the more expensive texas cities to live in, but I love it there. It's kind of a quirky place and can be fun if you're young and/or adventurous. I don't know anything about Temple.
  12. Orange Tree

    Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

    Employers always prefer a BSN, but you will easily find work in San Antonio as a new grad with an ADN.
  13. Orange Tree

    Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    I LOVE RT! I've had some big emergencies lately, and am thankful for how quickly RT arrived. I wouldn't have wanted to wait a "little bit" longer while the RT was busy helping to clean up a different patient on another floor. I think they should be paid a zillion, trillion dollars an hour (and so should I). In case it's still not clear- I LOVE RT! Thank you RT! :redbeathe
  14. Orange Tree

    Letting Go: Releasing My Need to Control

    I haven't mastered serenity, so for now I just take Excedrin®.
  15. Orange Tree

    Time management with elderly patients

    I try to set expectations where they need to be before I get started by saying things like, " I have a few quick questions for you." and "Don't worry, we'll make this go by fast." I also rely heavily on closed questions. I wish I had more time to chat, but that's just not the case.
  16. Orange Tree

    Families that talk about my coworkers

    I always act like it's the strangest thing I've ever heard. "Hmm, I'm not sure what to think about that. Mary's patients usually say that she's wonderful. I think I'd even want her to be my nurse if I were in the hospital." They usual start back-pedaling at that point.

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