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  1. I would lie and tell him I called and was waiting for a call back. I'd also tell him that the doctor was probably already asleep and that we probably wouldn't hear back until the morning.
  2. Orange Tree

    First Paycheck!

    My first few checks went to getting my head above the water, but today, I just got back from one mall and I'm about to go to another. Congratulations on your first paycheck! :) Keep living like you make $8 an hour and you will keep feeling "rich".
  3. Orange Tree

    4 Los Angeles hospitals closing.

    The patients have to go somewhere, and they will need nurses wherever they end up. I know our HR has hired some of them, but they haven't gone through orientation or made it to the floor yet, so I haven't met them.
  4. Orange Tree

    Dreaming About Work

    At least your dreams are exciting, I just dream about IVs beeping.
  5. Orange Tree

    Disappointed with my nurse last night

    It sounds like she found herself in a very awkward position and did her best to lighten the mood. Maybe she should have taped your husband's mouth shut, instead. The swabbing should have been done, of course, but the being "just kinda all over the place" complaint sounds like a reach.
  6. Orange Tree

    The island where people forget to die

    I didn't make it past the first page. "Nine doctors" confirmed a lung cancer diagnosis with only months to live, but moving to this island (with no medical intervention at all) cured him. Nonsense. I think there may be more dementia on that island than they think.
  7. Orange Tree

    Has this ever happened to you?

    I just laughed so much that my cat got scared.
  8. That sounds like a good role for the family to take on. Encouraging people to eat is not something I normally have the time to do. I'm lucky if I'm not close to passing out from skipping meals, myself.
  9. Orange Tree

    Unsanitary practice?

    We weren't allowed to wash our hands in patients' sinks on my last med/surg unit.
  10. Orange Tree

    Could someone of average IQ become an ADN nurse?

    "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it."
  11. Orange Tree

    I got my first job!!! But I am worried...

    That is way too low. What makes it even more horrible is that you have to sign a contract for years! The new grads I work with make $30 + OT after 8 hours (for a 12 hour shift). It's in acute care, but that's still a huge difference.
  12. Orange Tree

    cna caught in the middle

    The nurse's instructions should come first, but if there is a "charge" CNA, the nurse needs to notify that person of her plans, as well.
  13. Orange Tree

    Training a new RN

    I'm not convinced this is an LVN/RN problem, but there is definitely a problem. Aggressive and dangerous is a very bad combination.
  14. Orange Tree

    Ethical Dilemma

    If he wanted to get food himself or ask his family to bring it for him, I would document teaching, but not attempt to stop him. I wouldn't involve myself by hand-delivering a cheeseburger, though.
  15. Orange Tree

    New nurse, forgetting what I learned in school

    I have no problem opening a med/surg book right at work when I need to. And for some things, google works well too.
  16. Orange Tree

    Worst orientation luck ever!

    Sounds like you should be wearing a helmet. You're dangerous. Maybe your patients should be wearing helmets, too.
  17. Orange Tree

    New Onco RN struggling to adjust

    I was physically ill most of the time as a new grad in med/surg. What helped me was to make friends anywhere I could. Let the RTs, CNAs, senior nurses, etc. know how much you appreciate them. Always ask for help or clarification when you're unsure about anything...even if you're only a little bit unsure. You'll learn to organize and re-organize as time goes on. You'll also run into fewer things that are completely new to you and get better at navigating around those constant bumps in the road. You can do this. Your confidence just needs time to grow.
  18. Orange Tree

    Overbearing family members

    My strategy is to get on their side- and fast. After that, the rest is easy.
  19. Orange Tree

    Do you need a special certification to insert catheters ?

    I wish I could remember. An Australian doc told me once, but it's slipped my mind.
  20. Orange Tree

    Do you need a special certification to insert catheters ?

    I believe that's the case in Australia, for one. (MDs cathing males)
  21. Orange Tree

    Nurse Calling In Scripts to Pharmacy Illegally

    You're going to wake up with a kidney missing and find it in a ice chest in her house...and that's if you wake up at all. Ruuuuuun!
  22. Orange Tree

    RN in a Vet's office

    Oh calm down. I've done most of those things, too- and my training was strictly on the job. I was referred to as a technician, but I'm fine with being called an assistant too. The things I didn't do (from your post) are suture and pull teeth. I'm not sure those things were legal where I worked, but who knows ...maybe the docs just preferred to do those things themselves. Vet techs do work under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, though ...like medical assistants. The tasks themselves can be very different, but that's not what I was commenting about.
  23. Orange Tree

    Shocked by facial piercings at work

    I appreciate people who don't feel the need to look exactly like everyone else.
  24. Orange Tree

    Off the clock

    There are rare days when I have to stay one or even two hours late, and I never work off the clock. On the other hand, I've worked with nurses who stay really late every day despite the fact that they have 20+ years of experience. They just can't seem to pull it together- even on a good day. These nurses usually clock out before they're completely finished, although management doesn't ask them too. They do have a right to be paid for their time, but management has a right to replace them with people who work more efficiently, too. This nurse is more likely to get fired than showered with overtime. I would stay out of it.
  25. Orange Tree

    It finally happened...crying on the way home

    Five weeks is not very long at all! If you have only cried once, I don't think you're crying enough. Go chop an onion or something.