How do you like to be acknowledged at work for a good job done


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I do not need anything really. I take that back. I find that an exceptional job does warrant a kudos but only then. Also more feedback should be given for just the opposite.

Because I work nights I usually receive very little feedback for anything I do. (management not around) Suits me fine.

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I like written acknowledgments. When I'm having a bad day I like to pull out the cards and read them.


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I would feel acknowledged if management got rid of the people who sleep, smoke every 15 minutes in the park and take multiple, extended lunch breaks. I really don't care about awards or notes or pats on the back.

How does anyone have time for sleeing, smoking never mind a lunch break? Are they not medicating their patients or assessing them? I have only had a proper lunch break twice in over 2 years. There is always way too much to be done including the horrendous charting.


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I am satisfied with not being backstabbed. Horrible to be told one day how great you are when receiving your job evaluation, then weeks later getting called in to be told you are being laid off. And they keep the worthless employee. Or, out of the blue, you are told the lie that a client has told the office to get rid of you, when all they want is a nurse that fits their ethnic requirements or they don't like that you do your job the right way or you won't participate in their acts of insurance fraud. Just leave me alone and send me my paycheck. That's all I need.


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I once was rewarded for a job well done with a bonus in the form of a small pay increase. Nice, until I found out that a new hire was being paid $4 an hour more for the same job. Took the wind out of the sails that $0.25 an hour was carrying me.


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I know when I've done a good job or not, so I can pat myself on the back.

From a patient: Thank you - You're welcome. Next.

Co-worker: Thank you - You're welcome. Next.

As far as the company is concerned: I'm there to earn a living, if I'm doing a good job, show me the money. A chicken sandwich and a bag of chips on employee recognition day doesn't cut it.


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When I've gotten letters from patients, I make a copy and keep it in my locker. When I'm having a bad shift and want to run screaming from the place, I go pull them out and look at them and tell myself that on that day, in that minute, I made a difference to someone. I like it when management forwards them to me. I had a patient come by (visiting someone else this time) and ask if I'd gotten the letter they sent my boss, talking about how good I was. Never got the letter, but got a "oh, this came for you a while back" 4 months later, I'd gotten a unit award they "forgot" to tell me about....

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Anything but a cheesy star would please me. Those star stickers are a joke at my facility. One nurse bought a bunch of star stickers and decorated her badge with them just because...

The stars seem so 2nd gradeish to be given to "adults".


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More hours are always nice.

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A simple "Thank you", or "job well done" or a smile. Would be AWESOME if the higher up's just came up to talk to you and say thanks or that we appreciate you. Not that hard.

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For the "you suck at your job" emails to stop. And then at the end of the email, after all the things we are terrible at, say keep up the good work. Yeah sure lets go with that. That is condescending at best.

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I like to know how I'm doing. I like when my Charge Nurse tells me I've done a good job.