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StrwbryblndRN has 9 years experience and specializes in CMSRN.

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  1. StrwbryblndRN

    Racism in Nursing: Is It Real?

    As a nurse I've seen little racism amongst coworkers at the hospital. Some patients have been awful though. We had a good mix of staff at the hospital. Many white. black (of many nationalities), indian etc. My DON and nurse manager and assistant manger were black. No issue there. Probably the only thing I noticed was there was a comradery between them and other black nurses. I did not take offense. People of similar cultures tend to flock together. I get it. It did not affect how we worked together though. Same with other nurses of similar backgrounds. I currently work with majority black staff on night shift. There is one nurse and I that are white. Opposite shift there is one staffer. Total night staff for one shift is about 25 people. I tend to be left out of conversation that really does not pertain to me. Like hair styles and skin care and certain trends. Sometimes I chime in with questions. Sometimes I get asked questions. No negativity but we are different. I am OK with that. There might be talk behind closed doors but for the most part it's good. I accept the differences. For a little background: I grew up in a small white neighborhood surrounded by black neighborhoods. All upper middle class. I was integrated into a school with majority white along with fellow black students in elementary school. School bus bypassed 3 different elementary schools to get to the "white" school. The 3 elementary schools were good schools too. Not sure why integration took place except to "mix us up". To top it off my family was racist. I was taught that. Took me many years to realize I had a tendency for racism but nothing blatant. Parental teachings have a lasting affect. So I am always working on it. Luckily living in a predominantly black area taught me a lot. Everyone is different, even amongst people of similar traits. Whether it be race, religion or just anything. Lucky for me my kids benefited from my experience and appreciate everyone and what they bring to the table. Many muslim, black, gay and transgender friends. And they are all welcome in my home. There is hope for our future if my kids are an example.
  2. StrwbryblndRN

    Where Do I Belong?

    Maybe consider looking into in-house Hospice. Some hospitals have it or lease an area in the Hospital to a hospice group. Not very common though. You have less meds, except frequent end of life and a lot of education for family. This is what I want long term but it is highly coveted and hard to find openings. I am 100% night shift and prefer 12 hour shifts too.
  3. StrwbryblndRN

    COVID Faces

    I have noticed. Some coworkers were hired during pandemic, so I am not completely sure what they look like otherwise. But many looked warped to me. Like I am remembering them wrong or something.
  4. StrwbryblndRN

    Allergies? Nope! Covid

    Also, could be allergies and your positive. A large portion of our staff were asymptomatic when they came up positive. Some just thought it was there allergies too.
  5. I will get it. Not due to fear but because I want to. But it should absolutely not be mandatory. I completely support anyone who refuses.
  6. StrwbryblndRN

    How often should healthcare workers be tested for COVID?

    Our staff are tested weekly with or without covid positive residents. If even one staff is positive, all residents that were in contact with staff are tested and quarantined for 14 days.
  7. I can't imagine being able to successfully restrict travel state to state. I can see employers not allowing employees to work or inability to seek certain services until after quarantine but that is about it . How would states be able to enforce it?
  8. StrwbryblndRN

    What's your opinion on nurses dating doctors?

    Meh. I've seen the benefits. My favorite cardiologist, who probably should be retired now, has been married to his nurse wife for over 50 years. He has a soft spot for nurses (not the creepy old man soft spot). He understands our plight and never raises his voice. Another nurse just recently married a surgeon, after meeting in SICU about 8 years ago. He was such an a**. When they started dating, he lightened up big time. If it is just a hook up, well good for them. Sometimes that's all you need. I disagree with facilities disallowing it. As long as it does not interfere with the job, who cares.
  9. StrwbryblndRN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Being that I work nights I have always heard/seen things happen. Very minor. However, things have started happening at home in past 2 weeks. While trying to fall asleep around midnight, my phone fell off the night stand. I was laying still and not close to night stand when it fell. Well it fell face up and started playing a song on Pandora. In order for this to happen, I would need to tap screen, swipe up, open app and tap play. (I have not used Pandora in months) Freaked me out somewhat, only because it made me worry that someone needed me. I checked the kids, checked my puppies, the doors, you name it. I even checked the song to see if it was significant to someone I knew. Nope. When I went to lay back down, my sister text me. She was in the ER with a tib-fib compound fx. While sitting with my 18 yo daughter on the couch, we kept seeing a shadow on the back door glass. I could not tell if it was outside or inside but it just flicked away after a few minutes. I know bugs will fly around the light but this was much bigger without any definitive shape. We sit in direct line of site with this door and have never seen anything like it before. Could probably be easily explained but who knows. Then today, as I was trying to nap, the door to the room opened. It opened 1/3 of the way and just stopped. I called one of my dogs who is notorious for coming to disturb me while sleeping. Nope, not him. No one was home. I just layed there, waiting to see if anyone would text. No one did. But I could not sleep after that. Every once in a while for the last year, I swear I hear our side door shut like someone has come into the house. It is an older door that can be heard easily when closed. I happen to mention it to my daughter and she hears it sometimes too. I always say Hello! (like Mrs. Doubtfire) because I am not sure if anyone is coming in or not. I've gotten so used to it, it does not phase me. Well maybe a little. I should put a small bell on the door and see if it rings when no one is there.
  10. StrwbryblndRN

    Transgender nurses?

    I know this does not really answer any of your questions but hope it gives some positive vibes your way. I work with an aide that transitioned while working with us. Changed name during that time too. (Old fashioned 80+ year olds, strong chrisitan faith clientele in a christian based facility). A few ended up refusing care, because he was a man not because of the transition to being a man. It took a bit to remember to say his preferred new name. For the most part it was a positive thing. Still works with the same people and residents.
  11. I have to admit I would rather hear all sides of a discussion, no matter how absurd. When it is too far out the box, it's just entertainment.
  12. StrwbryblndRN

    Pandemic Making Mild Dementia Worse

    The isolation will make things worse. I work LTC with no cases. But they have not seen family in months and their daily routine is limited. We have lost quite a few to FTT. Sad to see. For some the isolation is not worth it. But I understand why.
  13. My feelings exactly.
  14. StrwbryblndRN

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Wound Care. The more complicated and bigger the better. I love to see the progress too.
  15. Yes, ignore them. I am not even a fan of nurses week. Whatever nurses do get it is usually never good enough. Then when it is not celebrated, people complain. After awhile it is just annoying. sigh..... I'm tired. Can you tell?
  16. StrwbryblndRN

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    There are good facilities out there. We are gated with over 600 resident in independent, assisted and healthcare. We are lucky. No cases within our LTC. A few of our independent residents were + and they have already recovered. Sufficient staffing, good attitudes (for the most part). Only three staff were +. Also all recovered. Everyone taking appropriate precautions. Could not ask for better. (We are East Coast with plenty of infection around us.) However the healthcare residents are declining due to social isolation. Hard to see them sad and lonely.