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StrwbryblndRN has 9 years experience and specializes in CMSRN.

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  1. StrwbryblndRN

    Transgender nurses?

    I know this does not really answer any of your questions but hope it gives some positive vibes your way. I work with an aide that transitioned while working with us. Changed name during that time too. (Old fashioned 80+ year olds, strong chrisitan faith clientele in a christian based facility). A few ended up refusing care, because he was a man not because of the transition to being a man. It took a bit to remember to say his preferred new name. For the most part it was a positive thing. Still works with the same people and residents.
  2. I have to admit I would rather hear all sides of a discussion, no matter how absurd. When it is too far out the box, it's just entertainment.
  3. StrwbryblndRN

    Pandemic Making Mild Dementia Worse

    The isolation will make things worse. I work LTC with no cases. But they have not seen family in months and their daily routine is limited. We have lost quite a few to FTT. Sad to see. For some the isolation is not worth it. But I understand why.
  4. My feelings exactly.
  5. StrwbryblndRN

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Wound Care. The more complicated and bigger the better. I love to see the progress too.
  6. Yes, ignore them. I am not even a fan of nurses week. Whatever nurses do get it is usually never good enough. Then when it is not celebrated, people complain. After awhile it is just annoying. sigh..... I'm tired. Can you tell?
  7. StrwbryblndRN

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    There are good facilities out there. We are gated with over 600 resident in independent, assisted and healthcare. We are lucky. No cases within our LTC. A few of our independent residents were + and they have already recovered. Sufficient staffing, good attitudes (for the most part). Only three staff were +. Also all recovered. Everyone taking appropriate precautions. Could not ask for better. (We are East Coast with plenty of infection around us.) However the healthcare residents are declining due to social isolation. Hard to see them sad and lonely.
  8. Due to Covid 19, many LTCF are placing their residents into social distancing with no visitors allowed. We are a wonderful large gated facility with great staffing and wonderful residents. We have no positive cases. We have independent living, assisted living and healthcare at our facility. In healthcare section, our resident's age average mid 90's with many over 100. We currently have no communal dining. Socializing is not doable at 6 feet apart since most are HOH. Masks are to be worn which causes communication to be even more difficult. Ultimately it is causing weight loss, anger, sadness etc. Plus the confused are getting more confused. Couples, living in separate areas, can't see each other on top of no family visitation. Many can't explain why but it is obvious the toll the quarantine is taking. Anyone else seeing this? Are we risking their health in other ways to keep them safe from the virus? Staff is very proactive at trying to keep everyone in good spirits but it does not replace their family visits and their socializing with each other. Thoughts?
  9. StrwbryblndRN

    Nasal cannulas behind the head

    No, not from my experience. Not intentionally at least.
  10. Overall I do think the general public appreciates nurses. I have had many thank me over the years. But this was giving quietly, randomly. No hoot and hollering. That will end with whatever media feels like doing next. People like to jump on the bandwagon, even nurses are guilty. We just happen to be the "It" thing right now.
  11. StrwbryblndRN

    Why did you choose your specialty?

    Started out med-surg and loved it. Since med-surg gets a large variety of patients, I discovered I love end of life/hospice care. Attempted Critical care but it was not me. So off to Hospice I go. I guess I needed to try cc to concrete what I already knew. We will all meet our end someday. I am honored that I will be a nurse to help make the transition as dignified and painless as possible.
  12. StrwbryblndRN

    To mask or not to mask

    Agree with Wuzzie. Whether it is tossed in the back seat or not. It keeps the droplet from spewing when worn. I have worn a cloth mask all shift. Unless you are drooling, it does not get extremely wet. (Where I work a mask, cloth or otherwise, is expected while in the building). By wearing any barrier, it helps to keep hands off your face too. It is not the perfect scenario but it is definitely something. Unless data is presented that wearing cloth masks has negative outcomes, I do not see an issue with having an extra layer, although imperfect.
  13. StrwbryblndRN

    Considering taking an assignment in NYC to help

    If you know your risks, I say go for it. And NO, I do not think you are abandoning your hospital. This is for the people, your hospital should understand. I would go but I have kids and a husband. I am not ICU either, which it the great need. Whatever you decide stay safe and Thank you!!
  14. StrwbryblndRN

    Forced Quarantine

    If I was asked, I would do it. My kids are older and I understand the need. But my personality tends to push back if it is forced. My life is my own. I accept ramifications of my choices. If it means I will loose my job, so be it. I will not be forced.
  15. StrwbryblndRN

    Rapid response

  16. StrwbryblndRN


    Tweety, I agree. I have regrets but nothing I would do differently.

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