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  1. Poi Dog

    How To Spot a Workplace Bully, Part Three

    The sentence that struck me is this: Part of the difficulty with making a bullying complaint stick is that the pieces of the puzzle seem innocuous or even petty when looked at individually.
  2. This pales in comparison to many stories in this thread. A patient pulled off her poop soaked brief, took it to the sink, and washed it. She thought she was doing us a favor by cleaning it up.
  3. stat! you are cracking me up today...vomicking
  4. Green babies of the alien variety???? :nuke:
  5. The only plus to working days is getting out of there early. With that said, I prefer evening shift. My coworkers are savvy to teamwork and we have fun...yes, I said the F word.
  6. Poi Dog

    I just have to say this....

    Where do I sign up?
  7. Poi Dog

    one sided weakness

    if the person has a weak or paralyzed side, remove the clothing from the strong or unaffected side first. if the person has a weak or paralyzed side. dress the affected side first. here's how i remember it: strong off, weak on. sometimes i get confused about which is which best wishes!
  8. Poi Dog

    Awesomeness at work

    apparently there is a rumor going around that i am a lesbian. a coworker mentioned this to me last night. it stems from the *fact* that i whenever i am asked about my personal life that i say, "i prefer not to talk about it." so some geniuses have concluded that i am a lesbian because of that. why can't my coworkers just respect the fact that i do not like to share my life with them? i am disgusted but at the same time, i am considering the person who told me this. what was her reason to tell me this? is she trying to start something or see how i would react by sharing this with me. i probably disappointed her because i did not become histrionic. i just shrugged and said, "pssh, whatever." i am not even to entertain these further. yes, i do not talk about my personal life because i work with like this who like to assume things. and whether or not i am a lesbian, which i am not, is malevolence and slanderous. if you haven't already gathered, i dislike my work place aka the high school cafeteria.
  9. Poi Dog

    What do you guys do to wake up in the morning?

    I have a 5lb Chihuahua that licks my ears **ewww** and then proceeds to lick my face without fail at 0530. I have no choice but to get up.
  10. Poi Dog

    Butter, ice cream, and baseball

    That is too cute! Thanks for sharing :)
  11. Poi Dog

    Feel pressured to do 2 people transfer alone

    Say you were to drop the patient, your butt would be grass. Seriously. My facility came out with a list of how patients are to be transferred (assist/bears weight/ non-weight bearing) and that has helped a good deal. Continue asking for help. Sure some patients can assist but sometimes the patient is feeling weak that day and cannot help. Use your judgment and like I said, if you were to drop someone, the ax would fall on you. Sorry that your coworkers are being butt heads. Maybe they need a good slap- lol.
  12. Poi Dog

    Are nurses "above" menial pt tasks?

    No disrespect for your mom but I pictured her saying "uneducated and lowly CNAs" while holding a cup of tea and sipping it. I am a CNA and I work with some(read 4) nurses who will jump in, clean patients up, and shower them *gasp*. They do it without being asked. I have so much respect for them and because of that, I jump through hoops for them. It is all about teamwork and the good of the patient.
  13. Poi Dog

    Staff Appreciation

    I :redbeathe BBW hand sanitizers. They smell so purty.
  14. My instructor was straight up about how little pay CNA's get.
  15. Poi Dog

    Just for fun; Quotes you use for encourgement

    do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you'll be criticized anyway. you'll be "damned if you do, and damned if you don't. ^^^^ i put this quote on the back of my badge to let me know that it is ok to go against the grain. the shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.