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  1. Hi all, I have been out of hospital nursing for three years and would like to get back into it. I miss the learning and the patient care. What are my chances do you think? I have 5 years of medical surgical experience on an ortho/neuro floor. Thanks, Heather
  2. sistasoul

    interview help

    Hi all, I am interviewing this coming Tuesday for a Prior Auth nurse position. I really hope to get this job as I am burned out on floor nursing. Has anyone interviewed for a prior authorization nurse position and if so do you have any tips or any good questions that I could ask the interviewer at the end of the interview? Thank you, Heather
  3. sistasoul

    What do you like most about your specialty?

    I love old people too!
  4. sistasoul

    How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

    Hi, Is it steady work? I am looking into other avenues in nursing due to burnout. Thank you
  5. sistasoul

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    What insurance company? I have been trying to find a job in insurance for a while now?
  6. sistasoul

    Are new grads prepared for the bedside?

    I was not prepared at all. In clinical rotations you had at most two patients and you did not have to deal with doctors, family members, PT, dietary, respiratory, MRI, cat scan, admissions, discharges, phone calls, etc. In no way are new grads prepared.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone studied for a certificate in medical billing and coding and stayed employed in the field? I have heard those jobs are being outsourced. And if so was it hard to find a job and how is the pay? How about health information management bachelor degrees? Worth it to get one and is their employment in that field? Looking to change careers away from direct patient care. Or how about prior authorizations as a nurse? Or working for an insurance company? Thanks Heather
  8. I have an interview for a public health nurse for a non profit in my town on Tuesday. I will be rotating between adults and pediatrics and possibly maternity. I was wondering what would be some good questions to ask at the interview? I always get tongue tied and nervous at this part of the interview and any suggestions would be helpful. I have no experience with pediatrics or maternity so I am not sure they will even consider me but I had a small phone interview and it did not seem to bother the person I only had experience with adults. I usually prepare for an interview days in advance with questions but any additional tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance
  9. What is the name of the company that checks for references? I would be interested in this myself. Thanks
  10. sistasoul

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    That is terrible to do to float nurses. No wonder people hate to float. If a person is a float nurse they should probably have an easier assignment as they are not as familiar with the floor and have less of a comfort level.
  11. sistasoul

    Driving resident while I am off duty

    I work in an assisted living facility and there is a resident there who would like to go to services at the local synagogue but does not have a car. I was told I could not drive him because of liability but if I am driving him while I am off duty and doing it as a friend why would there be liability? I can see if I was on the clock but this would definitely not be the case. Thanks
  12. sistasoul

    Assisted living

    Hi Viva, I will not bet be the director but be the charge nurse for the assisted living on second shift. I do not feel comfortable with have medication aides administering medications and I really do not want the responsibility of having to fill in and find coverage for staff. Too much stress and life is too short. I told them I had second thoughts on the position would be happy to discuss working PRN or per diem in another position in the facility in either their short term stay unit of their memory care. I will see what happens. I have not been on this all-.nurses in at least a year and I remember I always enjoyed your posts. I hope you are well
  13. sistasoul

    Assisted living

    Hi all, Has anyone worked for an assisted living as the charge nurse? This position consists of 60 some odd residents and there would be two LNAs (Med techs)administering oral meds. The LNAs are also trained to administer medications. I would be responsible for administering all injections including insulins and treatments. I would also be responsible if one of the med techs called out and I could not get coverage. And of course if anything should go wrong with one of the residents I would be responsible to assess and send to the hospital. I am sure there is more to the position than that. I only spoke with Human resources and not anyone involved in clinical care.
  14. Hi all, I have a second interview for working with the homeless population at a shelter. I really want this job and was wondering about good questions to ask at the interview. It sounds like it is the same kind of nursing as primary care office nursing with out appointment times and a different population of folks. I plan to do a lot of research about community resources in the area for these people among other things. Many have addiction and mental health issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. sistasoul

    Second interview

    Thank you! Good advice and great questions! I will let you know how it goes.
  16. sistasoul

    Second interview

    Hi all, I need advice. I am super excited to be granted a second interview for the homeless population at a shelter. I feel like this would be challenging as well as so rewarding. I want to make a good impression and land this gig. Any suggestions or advice as to questions to ask the interviewer. Has anyone worked in this capacity? It is walk in hours without appointments and it would be similar as to working in a Primary care doctor's office without appointments. Thank you and all advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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