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    Hate Home health job

    I have been working at home health for 6 weeks and hate it. I feel that that all of the documentation I have to do at home is like having homework and that it is hanging over my head. The documentation is ridiculous and the wear and tear on the car is horrendous as well as the computer problems I have been having since day one. I actually think hospital nursing is better than this in a lot of ways. Home health seems more chaotic and unorganized. I do not think I am cut out for this and am seriously contemplating quitting. Maybe I should give it some more time. Does it get better?
  2. sistasoul

    What do you like most about your specialty?

    I love old people too!
  3. sistasoul

    How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

    Hi, Is it steady work? I am looking into other avenues in nursing due to burnout. Thank you
  4. sistasoul

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    What insurance company? I have been trying to find a job in insurance for a while now?
  5. sistasoul

    Are new grads prepared for the bedside?

    I was not prepared at all. In clinical rotations you had at most two patients and you did not have to deal with doctors, family members, PT, dietary, respiratory, MRI, cat scan, admissions, discharges, phone calls, etc. In no way are new grads prepared.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone studied for a certificate in medical billing and coding and stayed employed in the field? I have heard those jobs are being outsourced. And if so was it hard to find a job and how is the pay? How about health information management bachelor degrees? Worth it to get one and is their employment in that field? Looking to change careers away from direct patient care. Or how about prior authorizations as a nurse? Or working for an insurance company? Thanks Heather
  7. sistasoul

    Assisted living

    Hi all, Has anyone worked for an assisted living as the charge nurse? This position consists of 60 some odd residents and there would be two LNAs (Med techs)administering oral meds. The LNAs are also trained to administer medications. I would be responsible for administering all injections including insulins and treatments. I would also be responsible if one of the med techs called out and I could not get coverage. And of course if anything should go wrong with one of the residents I would be responsible to assess and send to the hospital. I am sure there is more to the position than that. I only spoke with Human resources and not anyone involved in clinical care.
  8. sistasoul

    Assisted living

    Hi Viva, I will not bet be the director but be the charge nurse for the assisted living on second shift. I do not feel comfortable with have medication aides administering medications and I really do not want the responsibility of having to fill in and find coverage for staff. Too much stress and life is too short. I told them I had second thoughts on the position would be happy to discuss working PRN or per diem in another position in the facility in either their short term stay unit of their memory care. I will see what happens. I have not been on this all-.nurses in at least a year and I remember I always enjoyed your posts. I hope you are well
  9. Hi all, I have a second interview for working with the homeless population at a shelter. I really want this job and was wondering about good questions to ask at the interview. It sounds like it is the same kind of nursing as primary care office nursing with out appointment times and a different population of folks. I plan to do a lot of research about community resources in the area for these people among other things. Many have addiction and mental health issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. sistasoul

    Second interview

    Thank you! Good advice and great questions! I will let you know how it goes.
  11. sistasoul

    Second interview

    Hi all, I need advice. I am super excited to be granted a second interview for the homeless population at a shelter. I feel like this would be challenging as well as so rewarding. I want to make a good impression and land this gig. Any suggestions or advice as to questions to ask the interviewer. Has anyone worked in this capacity? It is walk in hours without appointments and it would be similar as to working in a Primary care doctor's office without appointments. Thank you and all advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. sistasoul

    Horizontal violence

    I know this is not a new topic and one that has been talked about frequently and it has been done to death but I need to vent. I have been a nurse for 8 years. I have worked in a hospital, doctor's office and home health and I can remember maybe three times tops that I have worked with nasty nurses. I have recently taken a job at a LTC/SNF and last night I had two nurses and an LNA be incredibly nasty to me. I stuck up for myself and only time will tell how they will treat me in the future. I am still orienting and I am a little slow as to be expected and I was more or less on my own last evening. The one that was suppose to be precepting me last evening on 7-11 did not want to do a damn thing to help and when i asked her if she could pass meds on a couple of patients so I could get to charting on my six patients out of the 12 I had she was not happy and huffed and puffed. And the nasty comments from these nurses and the LNA were uncalled for but I am proud I stood my ground with them. Nursing is hard enough without attitude and nastiness. And they wonder why the place is short staffed all of the time. Are all LTC places like this? I am all about making new people feel welcome but I will not tolerate being treated like this and I will go elsewhere. Life is too short to work in a toxic environment. What they do not understand they are only making their situation worse by driving nurses away.
  13. sistasoul

    LTC's are a joke

    Can not even take care of 20 LTC residents properly
  14. sistasoul

    New laws requiring LPNs and RNs to become BSN by 2016

    My hospital is pushing really hard to get all the ADN's to get their BSN and only hiring BSNs. I had to get my BSN. I can truthfully say the knowledge I received has very minimally helped me as a nurse and has not helped me at all at the bedside. All good information but not essential. Just my humble opinion.
  15. sistasoul

    perdiem and hounded everyday to work

    Hi all, I am a perdiem nurse and work three shifts a week because this is all I can do because of the stress of the bedside. I am hounded everyday by emails and phone calls asking me to work. I do feel bad that the hospital is short staffed right now but my sanity needs to come first. Has this happened to anyone else and has there been any "repercussions" for not working more than what you signed up for? This is really stressing me out. thanks, Heather
  16. sistasoul

    perdiem and hounded everyday to work

    Yes, life is short. thank you for the reminder.
  17. sistasoul

    perdiem and hounded everyday to work

    Thanks for all the encouragement and wise words.
  18. sistasoul

    Those Kind of Tears That Make Your Throat Burn

    Beautiful story. I always cry when I read these stories. It helps to remember why we do what we do.
  19. sistasoul

    Any office nurses that have been MAs first?

    I find that in my job that the MAs and the nurses do essentially the same job. We do not really triage but gather facts and present the information to the physicians, NPs or PA's. There is really no assessment but more of a fact gathering. It is so boring. There is no listening to the lungs for crackles, feeling for pedal pulses, etc. I do not feel like a nurse at all anymore.
  20. sistasoul

    Have we lost the "art" of nursing?

    Exactly. I really enjoy my patients (most of them) and have precious little time to spend with them because of the exact statement above. I feel very sad over this.
  21. sistasoul

    Have we lost the "art" of nursing?

    I love this!!!!!! Compassion is not efficient....
  22. sistasoul

    Transplant Thanksgiving

    Beautiful Canes! Your stories always make me cry!
  23. sistasoul

    So done...

    That is great but my assistant nurse managers all have their own patient assignments as well as charge nurse duties. And besides that, who is going to doing the work that needs to be done during the meal break? There is always some form of patient care/need or charting that needs to be done. The person overseeing your assignment has their own patients. This break usually puts us 30 minutes behind. Yes, all managers encourage breaks but it is not realistic- especially if you want to get out without incurring OT.
  24. sistasoul

    So done...

    That is why I would never go into management. As a nurse you know the demands placed are ridiculous.
  25. sistasoul

    We Don't Need Your Kind Here

    Patient satisfaction scores are a way for Medicare to get out of paying. First off- the score needs to be a 100 percent positive. Not 90 or even 99 percent- it must be 100. Last I heard 90 Percent was a pretty good grade in school. The method has unrealistic expectations but so doesn't all of nursing. The demands on nurses and Drs are unrealistic also so this should come as no surprise. This makes me so upset because Medicare knows it is a ridiculous standard. I don't know how they got this implemented in the first place. Oh right- probably from some one who does not work in health care and has no idea of what they are talking about.

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