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Hi all,

I need advice. I am super excited to be granted a second interview for the homeless population at a shelter. I feel like this would be challenging as well as so rewarding. I want to make a good impression and land this gig. Any suggestions or advice as to questions to ask the interviewer.

Has anyone worked in this capacity? It is walk in hours without appointments and it would be similar as to working in a Primary care doctor's office without appointments.

Thank you and all advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I haven't worked in this particular capacity, it sounds like the work you will be doing is similar to what might be found in a regular primary care office from what you wrote - just with a special population vs average insurance card holding middle income patients. There is an ambulatory care forum and I bet you would get some helpful answers from there too.

Were I applying for that position, I would probably emphasize my knowledge of local resources the homeless could use, as I could see resource connection possibly being a role that a nurse might have in a clinic for homeless individuals. As far as the questions to ask the interviewers, I would want to know what their policies were for providing care while someone is intoxicated and what their policy/procedures are for behavioral health incidents where staff safety may be an issue. Where I work, I interact with indigent intravenous drug users regularly in a syringe exchange capacity, so having good policies for staff safety for the 1% of clients that are problematic is important.

Congratulations, and let us know how your second interview goes! Good luck!



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Thank you! Good advice and great questions! I will let you know how it goes.