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  1. SiwanRN

    Anyone gotten a non-nursing masters?

    I am finishing my MPH this month!
  2. SiwanRN

    horrible immunization compliance rate

    As a nurse who works at a local health department and often sees these kiddos with letters from their school nurses for immunization compliance... THANK YOU for all the amazing work you do to help keep your school populations safe from vaccine preventable diseases. You rock!
  3. SiwanRN

    Climate Change Nursing?

    As an active member of a national public health nursing professional organization, I can tell you there is plenty being done by nurses in all areas of healthcare about climate change and healthy environments! More education in terms of a DNP/PhD is certainly something you'll have to make your own decisions on to see if it works for your life, but in the meantime, I would encourage you to think about joining the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments! It's free to join and you get access to regular conference calls, work groups around various topics (climate change, food, safer chemicals, research, practice, policy, etc), ideas for taking actions in your own community with regards to health policy/environmental policy, and they have a free peer-reviewed textbook in electronic format on environmental health in nursing. I really can't say enough good things about ANHE. Did I mention they have free CEs too? Feel free to poke around their website here: ANHE - Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
  4. SiwanRN

    Biostatistics Resources

    I am just finishing my MPH and I found this website to be a great primer since the stats class for my BSN was 10 years ago when I started graduate school. Introduction to Biostatistics : Schedule Good luck!
  5. SiwanRN

    MSF/DWB application, interview experiences.

    I am an aspiring MSF applicant as well, so I am hoping some others will jump in to provide us with answers to your questions.
  6. Agree with above - as a suggestion, you might try calling your local public health department and let the receptionist know you are a nursing student with an assignment who would like to speak with a public health nurse. I work at a public health department and we get at least three calls like this a semester. We're happy to do it, and that would be more in line with the spirit of your assignment.
  7. SiwanRN

    Flu shot advice

    If you are working with children, it can help to give them some choice in the matter. They are getting the vaccine regardless, but letting them decide if they want to sit on their parent's lap or up on the exam table and which shoulder you use helps ease their anxiety some, I have found. It also helps to ask them to demonstrate how they blow out birthday candles, then practice together on the count of three, then when you give the shot to count to 3 and to poke on 3 as they are blowing out the pretend candles. I have also found that pinching the deltoid just a little (not to raise the muscle, but to provide a different sensation) helps them to feel my grip more than the needle going in. Using these techniques helps decrease discomfort for the children I immunize quite a bit. They also work with needlephobic teens and adults.
  8. SiwanRN

    PHN in corrections?

    I think it would probably just be like a regular corrections nursing job then, but not having worked at such a place, I couldn't say. I'd encourage you to also reach out to the corrections nursing forum too.
  9. SiwanRN

    PHN in corrections?

    Are you referring to a US Public Health Services Commissioned Corps posting in a correctional facility, or a job description via a county/local jurisdiction that is for a nurse in a corrections facility and has 'public health nurse' in the job title? I can't imagine that either of the above scenarios would be terribly different except the Commissioned Corps position would have the additional hoops to jump through that any federal employment might have.
  10. SiwanRN

    Functional Medicine/Trigger point injections

    I don't have much to add to the NP side of things since I am not one, but this recent case out of California where RNs were doing laser hair removal under the chirpractor's supervision rather than a physician supervision would sure make me leery of wanting to work with one in a professional capacity. San Francisco Bay Area Couple Charged with Practicing Medicine Without a License | The DOI Page
  11. SiwanRN

    ANCC and the APHN-BC

    From what I understand in my participation in a national public health nursing professional organization, when they switched it to portfolio review back in .. 2016? The ANCC had less than 200 applicants per year and thus decided to retire it since there wasn't high enough demand. To which I read between the lines: they did not get enough money. It's very frustrating because I am in graduate school now because I wanted the credential. The graduate school degree will still be worth having but not having an option for professional board certification in my specialty anymore limits my ability to get better pay in some places that I want to work after graduate school. I know other nurses who wanted the APHN-BC credential have instead sat for the CPH (certified in public health) exam that is open to anyone who completed an MPH, but it is not nursing specific and thus not the same.
  12. SiwanRN

    Older kids and shots

    CoolKidsRN has great advice. In addition to above, sometimes it may help to have the 11 year old sitting up on the exam table, and then the parent standing in front of them to corral their legs (I dislike being kicked) and either bear hug or otherwise hold their arms or hands to keep the arms from jerking around or a sudden hand swiping up where I am about to inject a vaccine. Meanwhile, I stand to the side of the exam table on the side I am giving the shot in and do my thing as quickly as it is safe to do. Having the exam table with the back of the table raised so it is more like a chair is very useful if you do it this way. As another distraction technique, you can also ask them to exhale like they are blowing out birthday candles as you give the shot. Or engage them in conversation about other topics. Each kid is different, you have to suss out what will work best in each individual scenario. However, ultimately, some 11 year olds still hulk out and go absolutely bonkers and if their parents will not/cannot safely restrain them for you to give the injection (note - where I work has a policy against nurses doing any restraining, parents must do it) then you may just have to have them reschedule for another day. Safety first, and also I don't really want to end up in court being asked how it is I stuck a kid in the hand instead of their deltoid.
  13. SiwanRN

    New Grads - having difficulty getting hired?

    That's what I hear from senior nursing students that I precept.
  14. SiwanRN

    Interview for Emergency Preparedness

    Good luck in your interview! What kind of writing sample are they looking for? The nurses in my health department whose roles touch on emergency preparedness often have to do technical writing around things like the health department's protocols for emergencies or standing orders (epinephrine administration post- anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine allergy, for example). They also are sometimes involved in writing for the public, such as brochures that describe what to pack in an emergency kit. Once in awhile these nurses will also have to do a policy analysis to look at national guidelines/requirements and see how our health department protocols stack up and write recommendations for changes. Once you figure out what kind of writing they are looking for, that will help you determine what you should send. Let us know how your interview goes!
  15. I wanted to get the Advanced Public Health Nurse - Board Certified (APHN-BC) certification, but they retired it before I could finish graduate school and be eligible. So I have nothing. I'll look at other public health certifications (CPH, CHES) in time, but now there are no nursing-specific ones that exist to get anymore, which is sad.