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Dazglue has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN.

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  1. Dazglue

    Are you a nursing manager? I have a question for you.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I really appreciate it.
  2. Dazglue

    Are you a nursing manager? I have a question for you.

    I've never been contacted by anyone concerning my application so I don't know what my weaknesses are.
  3. So I've been at my facility for about 8 years. For a while now I've been trying to get into a particular department. In 8 years, I've applied for a position about once or twice a year. As a matter of I fact, I stopped applying this year because I came to the realization it's just not meant to be. Anyways, I got called in for an interview on this unit this week. Immediately after sitting down the first thing the manager said was "I've received several of your applications over the years." She sounded really annoyed and let out a big sigh. So my questions for managers, Is it really a bad thing to continuously apply to a job? Do you guys ever get annoyed from the same person applying?
  4. Dazglue

    I am looking for a preceptor in Alabama

    I guess I should add that I've been looking for months and have not had any luck. Of course the first facility I contacted was the one I work at currently, but no luck there. I've contacted another facility and spoke with the CNIO and after talking for a while and submitting my info I thought I found someone. I haven't heard back from her. I've left voicemails and sent e-mails. I guess I'll have to go out of state because I've search everywhere within a 200 mile radius in Alabama.
  5. I am looking for a preceptor in Alabama for my MSN Program. Anyone willing to help? Thanks in advance!
  6. Dazglue

    Many of my colleagues are raising their grandkids

    The youngest grandmother I met was 26. She had her daughter at 13 and her daughter had a son at age 13. The grandmother bought the baby into the ER for fever, while the mom was at an after school program. When she said "grandmother", I stuttered a little bit due to shock! I'm 29, and I can't even see myself with my own kids yet...most definitely not a grandchild!!!
  7. Me: "Hi, my name is Dazglue and I'll be your nurse tonight. Can I get you anything right now?" Patient: "I don't associate with black people." After that she promptly pressed the call light requesting a new nurse.
  8. Dazglue

    What's your go to outfit after work?

  9. Dazglue

    Are handguns allowed at work?

    Oh my goodness! What is your problem? I commented my personal opinion on a thread and I NEVER referred to you and you just came for me! You are free to state your opinion (just like I did) but don't get smart with me. Just make your comment and carry on....
  10. Dazglue

    Are handguns allowed at work?

    Excuse me? I was just referring to the policy at my facility and the consequences. And if you can't read that sign then yes, you will get fired. No need for a smart mouth response. Jeez.
  11. Dazglue

    Are handguns allowed at work?

    Someone did this at my job...they were promptly fired the next day. We even have a sign that says "No firearms or any type of weapon allowed inside facility" on every entrance.
  12. Dazglue

    You know you're tired when...

    I'm awake now because while I was sleeping I heard a bed alarm go off. I jumped up off the couch to catch the patient before they fell. My stumped toe did not appreciated that. Earlier today, my mom called and I answered, "skilled nursing, this is dazglue. How may I help you?"
  13. Dazglue

    Instructor won't allow us to use our own calculator for math test?

    We weren't allowed to use our own calculators during ANY type of exam in nursing school. We could only use the calculator on the computer. They were preparing us for taking the NCLEX, where you cannot use any calculator but the one on the computer.
  14. Honestly? A patient told me "Thank you." I was having an awful shift and was FUMING. The simple fact that someone was actually appreciative of what I was doing for them was overwhelming. I am SO not a touchy-feely person but I just had to stop and give her a hug!
  15. Dazglue

    darn bed alarms

    I understand your frustration. We usually have 26 acute care patients and all are high fall risks. Almost all have dementia or tend to sundown. It's RARE that we have a self-care patient. I've been on this unit for 3 years and I've probably only had 2 patients that were NOT high-fall risks and didn't require a bed alarm. Combine that with 3 nurses and 1-2 PCT's....it's awful! I wish we had more staff because we've been averaging about 5 falls a month. Last year we had MAJOR life changing injuries with two falls. Scary. We've informed management of the issues. Their response? "Nothing we can do, we wrote in our policy that the most people we can have staffed on the unit at night is 5." (3 nurses, 2 techs....and if more than that is scheduled some gets called off.)