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Developmental Disabilites,
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Flo. has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Developmental Disabilites,.

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  1. Flo.

    Nursing Medical Symbol: What is it about?

    I have a medical alert bracelet with the caduceus on it. People might think you have a medical condition if you wear it.
  2. Flo.

    I'm Freaking Out and Frantic! Please, Help Me!

    Wow. That was me to a T my first year of nursing. It is slowly getting better but I remember wanting to quit so bad even if that meant I worked at Starbucks the rest of my life. Life is so much more enjoyable when you are not freaked out all the time. This is such a great article. Thanks
  3. Flo.

    Out, Out, Damned Spot!

    I work in acute care and our whole floor had carpeting, event the pt rooms! It was so gross. The hospital finally decided that it was time to remodel the floor and asked staff for their opinions. The only thing everyone asked for was to get rid of the carpet. They wouldn't do it all the way. They took it out of the patient rooms and replaced it with the laminate wood but kept it in the hallways. Better than nothing.
  4. Flo.

    Question about flushing lines

    I was thinking the same thing. It reminds me of the old "you got to get every tiny air bubble out of the syringe" thinking.
  5. Flo.

    Patient abuse caught on film labelled 'torture'

    It looks like a bunch of bullies in all thier glory. So sad!
  6. Flo.

    how will i remember all of this..

    It will just take time. You will get it!
  7. Flo.

    Giving meds "on time"......

    I think it depends on your floor. I pass meds and asses my patients at the same time. This is because the MDs, PAs, NP, and charge RN round on he pts during shift change. So basically the whole floor gets seen as the RNs are getting report. If this didn't happen I would take a quick peek at my pts.
  8. I thought it was a good question. OP never be afraid to ask questions. You can't know everything.
  9. I went into nursing school thinking I wanted to work in peds or l&d. About 5 seconds into each of those clinicals I wanted to run the other way. I work ortho/neuro now, I don't really like it so it will be interesting to see where I end up.
  10. Flo.

    The introverted nurse

    We have a very introverted nurse on my floor and she was nurse of the year for the whole hospital! She is a great pt advocate. When she speaks up about a pt concern everyone listens. So you can be a great nurse and an introvert.
  11. That is so wrong. I would never work / volunteer for that company again.
  12. Denver is a horrible job market for new grads and even experienced nurses. The jobs may be posted but they are not hiring. From my experience the pay is pretty low too. I think it is well past time to close down programs.
  13. Flo.

    My PhD Journey - Part 1