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Flo. has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Developmental Disabilites,.

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  1. Flo.

    Nursing Medical Symbol: What is it about?

    I have a medical alert bracelet with the caduceus on it. People might think you have a medical condition if you wear it.
  2. I used to be an ortho nurse. We had elderly patients s/p hip fx that would refuse to be cleaned often. Most times it was due to pain or anxiety. I would premedicate and we would go in as a team 3 or 4 of us and clean up the patient as fast as we could. One person held the patient's hand and talked the patient through the whole thing while the rest did the work. Our floor never involved power of attorneys when patients refused to be cleaned. We just medicated and did it. I have never met one person that would prefer thier loved one sit in thier own stool rather than have us clean them up. And usually once it is done and the patient realizes that it was not as horrible as they anticipated, they are grateful. The big key here though is medicating the patient properly.
  3. Flo.


    Sometimes we have to hold the hope for our patients when they can't see it themselves. ECT works micracles and he can declare bankruptcy, move to another area and restart his life.
  4. Generally, the state hospital handles more treatment-resistant conditions. In my state, only the state hospital is allowed to give medication against a person's will. So if someone is refusing meds and clearly needs it, they have to be transferred to the state hospital. As you can imagine, it has a long wait list.
  5. Flo.

    Best refused transfer ever!!!

    A psych floor is a dangerous place for a patient that is not medically stable and far too often in my hospital, the physicans want to transfer patients to psych before it it clinically appropriate because they don't want to deal with the patient. There is such a stigma about mental illness and it really affects patient care.
  6. Flo.

    PMHNP-low stress?

    I have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition. The doctors are recommending that I change my job to a low-stress position. I currently work inpatient psych and I am thinking of becoming a psych np. Would you consider outpatient PMHNP work less stressful than floor nursing? Thanks for any insights!
  7. Holy cow! I wish my manager was like that. I never see her and I work day shift. She is always in meetings or off the floor. Never helps out, even when we are in a critical need.
  8. Flo.

    Staff appreciation ideas?

    Our unit used to have a coffee and tea machine. It broke and was never replaced. It would mean alot to me if management bought a new one and supplied the tea and coffee.
  9. I work in psych, so I give very vague answers or try to change the topic. However, I will say that I have been in the ER as a patient. I was scared out of my mind and I made small talk with my nurses. I think I would have cried if one told me I was being inapporiate. I was desperatly seeking a human conncection in one of the scariest times of my life. Please have a little compassion as long as someone isn't being creepy.
  10. Flo.

    HCA Staffing incentives

    On my unit we are critically short staffed. We are a 30 bed unit and have reduced census to 24 due to staffing. Even with that, we are still having trouble staffing shifts. We have a shift coming up this weekend with only 1 RN scheduled. All the RN's are into overtime now and management says there are no extra monetary incentives they can give us. They only offer incentive pay of $15 an hour when you are not in overtime. You can't have both. My question is, are they for real? Is this really an HCA thing or is my management team just trying to guilt us into working for less? It would seem like our unit would qualify for some extra money. I mean I am doing the work of at least 2 RN's, I should be paid accordingly. We are a psych unit so the float pool can't help us out.
  11. Flo.

    are you guys exhausted after your shift?

    I'm mentally and physically exhausted after 12 hours.
  12. Flo.

    Advice on comfortable shoes

    Crocs. Lightweight and oh so comfy
  13. Flo.

    I miss floor nursing...I think?

    I went back to floor nursing after having a desk job. For me, I was bored and lonely in the office. Now I am very happy being surrounded by other nurses, staff, and interesting patients.
  14. Flo.

    Using phones as a sitter-thoughts?

    I just had to do a shift as a sitter. It was brutally boring as the patient was sound asleep the whole time. I started off doing required education and once I finished that, yup the cell phone came out. I think I would have lost my mind, siting for hours looking at a sleeping person if it were not for the distractions. Obviosuly, if the patient is awake and active you need to be attentive. But when they are sound asleep there is room for some leeway.
  15. Flo.

    Mental health advocate

    I really want to get into mental health advocacy. I struggled with mental health issues for years but I am now stable and in a great place mentally. I work in a smallish town on a psych floor. I want to get involved with the local NAMI and share my story but I am concerned about sharing my story and then seeing people as patients on my floor. There is just so much stigma around mental illness. There is so much wrong in the treatment of mental health and I really feel like I need to become an advocate but I'm concerned doing so will negatively impact my career. Does anybody have any experience with this?
  16. Flo.

    Help, did I get hired onto a sinking ship?

    Try a different specialty. I worked in developmental disabilities and I had my own office. It was snack time whenever I felt like it. It was an easy job too.