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ckh23 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ICU/STICU.

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  1. ckh23

    Marine Corps Reserve & Nursing School

    I took off a semester in the middle of nursing school to join the reserves. Once boot camp and SOI was done, I went right back to school. Just remember if you do this while in school you are rolling the dice when it comes to activations, drills, and AT. Your military obligation trumps and school obligation you may have. It may be better to finish school and start working and then join if you so desire. You can also look into an MOS that doesn't require a lot of time to train for, unless there is something specific you want to do.
  2. ckh23

    Questions about Army HPSP

    Yes, you will have to be accepted to grad school first. Then you apply for the scholarship. Once accepted they will pay tuition, fees, and books. You will also get a monthly stipend. Your pay back will depend on how long school is. Mine was a 1:1.5 for CRNA school. Also keep in mind that the money is not retroactive so it won't start until all the paperwork is signed, even if you have already started school.
  3. ckh23

    U.S. Army Comt Medic to Civilian World

    A trauma ICU may be a nice fit for you as well.
  4. ckh23

    Air Force & Army HPSP CRNA

    I went through the Army HPSP a couple years ago. I would ask to speak to someone above this person or contact another healthcare recruiter in a different area. I find it very hard to believe that they are not offering this for CRNAs anymore. Even if they don't, these things come and go. You can also inquire about the STRAP program if you are agreeable to that and it is available.
  5. ckh23

    Books that helped prep you prior to CRNA school?

    What I was not necessarily taught about anesthesia.
  6. ckh23

    Gift idea

    Pocket anesthesia
  7. ckh23

    Advice on military and graduate degree

    After you are accepted to grad school. If you choose CRNA, most likely there will be a waiting period from the time your are accepted and the time you start. If you decide to go the HPSP route, that would be the time to apply because the application process is lengthy.
  8. ckh23

    Advice on military and graduate degree

    Look into Health Professional Scholarship Program. (HPSP) when the time comes. The military will pay for you to go to a civilian school and give you a monthly stipend. You will be considered a part of the IRR but you will not be deployable until you are done school. That's the route I took and I owe them 3 years active duty.
  9. ckh23

    Sad Boards

    I didn't like memory master. I found more help in the sweat book and understanding concepts then memorizing random questions. Did you go to Valley? The lectures definitely help with the sweat book. You can wait as long as you want. I was just giving an example. Personally 6 weeks is a little long. I also wouldn't read M&M except for clarification and reinforcement of concepts. Keep taking the prodigy exams until you are acing them. Try focusing on areas you know you are not as strong in. If there are things that you know blind folded, such as respiratory, than focus more on things you are not so strong. There is no point in studying info you already know. You made it through Anesthesia school so we both know that you know the material. Stay positive and just cross that finish line.
  10. ckh23

    Sad Boards

    Don't wait too long to take them again. A person in my class failed the first time using the same plan as you. That person took the test again a week later and passed. I would recommend focusing on the sweat book and the practice exams in prodigy. I wouldn't waste too much time on memory master. Just my opinion.
  11. ckh23

    CRNA in AFR

    You do not need prior military experience for the HPSP. If you take it, you will be in the Instant Ready Reserve while in school and then transition to active duty after you pass boards.
  12. ckh23

    January BOLC

    Anyone heading to BOLC later this month?
  13. ckh23

    Civilian CRNA program into Military CRNA

    Yes, there are a couple of different programs. There is the HPSP (health professional scholarship program) which will pay tuition, fees, books, and a monthly stipend of $2100/month for two years in exchange for 3 years active duty. There is also the STRAP program which gives financial assistance in exchange for a payback in the Reserve. Both of these programs are subjected to availability and budget. I can tell you personally it will take over 6 months for the HPSP to apply and finally getting commissioned. I ended up getting just under $100k for the 2 years I was in the program.
  14. ckh23


    In short it has to do with vapor pressure and the fact it boils at room temperature. https://www.aana.com/newsandjournal/Documents/tec_6_vaporizer_1294_p527.pdf
  15. ckh23

    Intubation Tips

    I would also add that leaning back may help. Sometimes we get so focused on the view that we are so close to the mouth it limits our view. Sometimes leaning back will give you a greater viewing areas to see.