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ckh23 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ICU/STICU.

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  1. ckh23

    How long did it take you to become a CRNA

    12 years
  2. ckh23

    Air Force & Army HPSP CRNA

    I went through the Army HPSP a couple years ago. I would ask to speak to someone above this person or contact another healthcare recruiter in a different area. I find it very hard to believe that they are not offering this for CRNAs anymore. Even if they don't, these things come and go. You can also inquire about the STRAP program if you are agreeable to that and it is available.
  3. ckh23

    Books that helped prep you prior to CRNA school?

    What I was not necessarily taught about anesthesia.
  4. ckh23

    Gift idea

    Pocket anesthesia
  5. ckh23

    Sad Boards

    I didn't like memory master. I found more help in the sweat book and understanding concepts then memorizing random questions. Did you go to Valley? The lectures definitely help with the sweat book. You can wait as long as you want. I was just giving an example. Personally 6 weeks is a little long. I also wouldn't read M&M except for clarification and reinforcement of concepts. Keep taking the prodigy exams until you are acing them. Try focusing on areas you know you are not as strong in. If there are things that you know blind folded, such as respiratory, than focus more on things you are not so strong. There is no point in studying info you already know. You made it through Anesthesia school so we both know that you know the material. Stay positive and just cross that finish line.
  6. ckh23

    Sad Boards

    Don't wait too long to take them again. A person in my class failed the first time using the same plan as you. That person took the test again a week later and passed. I would recommend focusing on the sweat book and the practice exams in prodigy. I wouldn't waste too much time on memory master. Just my opinion.
  7. ckh23

    January BOLC

    Anyone heading to BOLC later this month?
  8. ckh23

    Civilian CRNA program into Military CRNA

    Yes, there are a couple of different programs. There is the HPSP (health professional scholarship program) which will pay tuition, fees, books, and a monthly stipend of $2100/month for two years in exchange for 3 years active duty. There is also the STRAP program which gives financial assistance in exchange for a payback in the Reserve. Both of these programs are subjected to availability and budget. I can tell you personally it will take over 6 months for the HPSP to apply and finally getting commissioned. I ended up getting just under $100k for the 2 years I was in the program.
  9. ckh23


    In short it has to do with vapor pressure and the fact it boils at room temperature. https://www.aana.com/newsandjournal/Documents/tec_6_vaporizer_1294_p527.pdf
  10. If military CRNA is your end game, you might be better off with a direct accession with the Army or the USAF.
  11. ckh23

    Why Lactated Ringers?

    There also other electrolytes in LR and you run the risk of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis with NS.
  12. ckh23

    Shadowed a CRNA? How did it go?

    Each program is different as far as the GRE. Have you tried looking at the hospital where you are doing your clinical?
  13. ckh23

    Getting "points back" on a test

    You might suggest statistical analysis to your teacher. I'm in grad school now and that is how they determine if extra points will be awarded or if certain questions will be thrown out. However, that usually involves half of the class getting a question incorrect which leads the professor that either the question is worded poorly or there may have been more than one correct answer. You should also bring up these concerns to your professor in private and see what he/she says.
  14. ckh23

    Endocrine case study r/t Cushing's syndrome

    Look up the the half life of each med and the glucocorticoid activity of each and that will give the answer.
  15. ckh23

    HPSP for NP

  16. ckh23

    Getting ready for my 1st drill

    "I want to hear it snap!" will not earn you any respect and you will be worse off doing that kind of crap. Comments like that show lack of leadership and maturity a