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  1. May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    When Fluids Push Back
  2. Nurse Rounding

    Thanks for the explanation, Rehabme. I'm starting my first rehab night shift tonight (just shadowing tonight), and I was curious. I don't know if the four Ps are part of our program, but I'll find out soon!
  3. Nurse Rounding

    Pain, personal needs, and position are self-evident, but what does the hourly "possessions" check entail?
  4. Laser tattoo removal = ink via IV ?

    Commenting on my own post, in case other nurses are interested... I researched the topic at my nursing school's library and found many interesting articles. Here is the info about one particularly comprehensive article, for those who want to look it...
  5. Laser tattoo removal = ink via IV ?

    Hi everyone, I am a new nurse looking for a job, and one prospect is to be a laser operator at a laser tattoo removal salon. I'll be interviewing soon and have been reading what I can find about this procedure online. There doesn't seem to be any re...
  6. New nurses in LTC

    My first job is in LTC, too. In case I ever want to leave and apply at a hospital, I am keeping track of acute problems I've had the opportunity to deal with, so I can talk about them in an interview. Lots of interesting things have happened and I've...
  7. Too soon to feel burnt out of LTC?

    That does sound discouraging. Where I work, when an admission is expected, they put an extra nurse or med tech on the floor to help for that shift. What happens when you ask your nursing supervisor for support?
  8. Can a nurse report a doctor for negligence?

    If there is already a thread on this, please tell me. I didn't see one. I'm a new RN at a large LTC and am learning the ins and outs of communicating with doctors on second shift. We have one doctor who is excellent and we have a phone tree in place ...
  9. Company not paying for mandatory inservices

    I understand how it could be illegal to not pay an employee for a mandatory inservice. However, at my facility it turns into a patient safety issue to have staff called off the floor while on duty, for a "half hour" mandatory inservice (especially wh...
  10. Want to work in a hospital but no one will give me a chance!

    Maybe your resume needs some tweaking? Does it reflect the level of acuity of the patients you cared for? Maybe you need to specifically say if there was higher level equipment you used at your facility (maybe they are assuming you are not familiar ...
  11. Lost my job after 7 shifts...do not feel it was my fault

    That place sounds poorly managed. Not all LTCs are like that; try another one. Best wishes with your little one.
  12. Do all LTC's chart the meals on the MAR's?

    In my facility (in NH) the LNAs chart meal intake and BMs electronically. They are the ones that pick up meal trays and toilet people, after all. Sorry to hear you have redundant tasks at your place.
  13. Change of Shift Report in LTC

    In addition to what others have mentioned, we mention whether the resident is skilled, on hospice care, or on 15-minute checks. We also mention if they haven't had a BM in 3 days, what we did about it and whether there were any results. It's always p...
  14. POLL LTC Nurses... please answer

    Is there a deadline for responses to your poll? High on the list should be better compensation for nursing assistants.
  15. Family members applying topical ointments

    WittySarcasm, good idea about an order for patient/family teaching. I didn't know that was an option.

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