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Multicollinearity has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Psych, DNP Student.

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  1. Multicollinearity

    Night shifters-when do you eat?

    I eat a light snack before going to work. I then eat a full meal at about 2200. I eat when I'm hungry. Lots of fruits and veggies and salads. I have lost weight while working night shift for over a year now, and I've gotten into better shape. I believe it's about maintaining discipline and not giving in to vending machine type of crap food.
  2. Multicollinearity

    Drug use and drug testing and Klonopin

    Good clarification. I was thinking in comparison to diazepam.
  3. Multicollinearity

    Drug use and drug testing and Klonopin

    Your facility should be sending out for gas chromatography confirmation testing. Urine tox screening is never considered definitive, only an initial screening. Benzo metabolites should show up on gas chromatogaphy testing if within half-life window periods. Klonopin does have a short half-life. When did he state he last used v. the urine tox test? The other thing to consider is the inmate may be lying, trying to get benzos, possibly to smooth the withdrawal from something else. Or he could be telling the truth.
  4. Multicollinearity

    Tucson Nursing Schools-HELP!/Experience with PMI?

    I would try to avoid a school like PMI if you can. It's expensive, and the reputation isn't that great. These are two bad things in a bad job market. I dropped out of college 3 times many, many years ago. I then returned to school and attended an AZ community college ADN program, and within 3 years of graduation, I'm in a highly-ranked DNP program. Don't let a sketchy history stop you!
  5. Multicollinearity

    Is Banner Health hiring ADN new grads?

    If you get an ADN you are probably going to have to go rural to get a job. Then you can earn your RN-BSN and get experience, and move back to an urban area if you like.
  6. Multicollinearity

    Anyone NOT work during NP program?

    My DNP adviser recommends quitting one's job when beginning the clinical portion during the last half of the program. He says it's almost impossible to work then. But most do work during the first half of the program (didactic).
  7. Multicollinearity

    ADN vs. BSN - patient mortality rates

    No, let's not. Let's keep discussing it until professional nurses realize and admit more education is better for the patients we care for. It may take 20 years - but eventually we will get there and get out of a vocational mindset.
  8. Multicollinearity

    ADN vs. BSN - patient mortality rates

    Individual nurses will vary regardless of educational level. Overall, more education is better. I started as an ADN-RN and finished the BSN later. I support BSN for entry to practice.
  9. Multicollinearity

    University of Arizona BSN-DNP

    Was anyone offered a scholarship of any kind when they were admitted to the DNP program?
  10. Multicollinearity

    Temporarily on night shift; too scared to do it

    Blood draws are no big deal and nothing to be afraid of. That will be routine for you soon. Nights are easier on most units. Less stress. I thought I could NEVER work nights, and here I am on nights, and I fight to stay on night shift. You find what works for you. I sleep 8 hours during the day, no problem. I was sure it would not be possible.
  11. Multicollinearity

    Do nurses usually work 3 12-hour shifts a week for full pay?

    Right out of my ADN program I earned $25 per hour and worked 40-44 hours per week. After earning my BSN and with two years of experience, I went to a hospital where we work seven 12 hour shifts per 2 weeks. I also increased my hourly rate significantly. If you work on a unit where you work seven 12 hour shifts per pay period, you automatically have 4 hours of overtime every 2 weeks. Believe me - you will have no trouble dealing with several days off in a row. I suggest you go to a website like salary.com and enter geographic information for registered nurses to find more local data.
  12. Multicollinearity

    The raw truth about what NPs really do

    I got a night-shift slacker job on an easy hospital unit while I do my DNP program. Nursing can be very sucky at times, but honestly I find my hospital job to be much easier than my previous non-acute care job. Point being - unit characteristics and shifts very greatly. I think staff nursing is hard because there is so much responsibility with so little power. I think it makes sense to become an NP if you strongly desire that knowledge base and role - while acknowledging you will be answering to a different pimp - keeping your billing numbers high and profitable for your practice.
  13. Multicollinearity

    would you work this rotating schedule?

    I would not do that consistently. It would make me feel like crap. Employers will use you as much as you let them.
  14. Multicollinearity

    Good News!

    This sounds good! I'm happy for you.
  15. Multicollinearity

    What helps you sleep after night shift?

    I take nothing but melatonin. I find a dark room with black out curtains and a consistent schedule means I can sleep 8 hours during the day without any trouble. The hard part is the consistent schedule.
  16. Multicollinearity

    Mental Health Awareness Month

    Stigma exists largely because people don't understand mental illness, and they fear it. Also, for example, one's osteoarthritis does not result in a person glaring at you or acting "bizarre" like mental illness can, forcing uncomfortable interaction. Just because someone has mental illness does not mean they aren't responsible for controlling their reaction to it as much as they are capable. Shades of gray is what I am talking about. Our culture isn't so good with complexity. I have seen some with mental illness reducing their responsibility to taking a pill and disregarding their responsibility for managing their reaction to their illness (behavior) within their capacity. And I've seen others nearly destroyed by their illness despite trying very hard. Hopefully we can increase respect and maintain complexity of thought regarding those who suffer, which is most of us at one point in our lives or another.