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canesdukegirl has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma Surgery, Nursing Management.

OR nursing, Nurse management

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  1. canesdukegirl

    surgical count

    OP, are you working in the States? Can you give a little more info about not counting instruments, i.e., is this for every case, for particular cases; does EVERY tech refuse to count instruments, or just one?
  2. canesdukegirl

    Have you ever puked/fainted/etc at work?

    Before I went to nursing school, I was a unit secretary for L&D, ante/post partum, and gyn-onc. Once enrolled in nursing school, my experience as a unit secretary was very helpful during clinicals. Fast forward to my L&D rotation. I was exci...
  3. canesdukegirl

    Do "PTO" systems seem like a scam to you?

    I like the PTO system in general. However, when I have to take PTO for surgical mission trips, it wipes me out for a while. I wish that there was a system that allowed for community time, instead of taking PTO.
  4. canesdukegirl

    ~Likes & Dislikes~

    I love patient care, and all that in entails. I despise the fact that our hands are tied in so many ways.
  5. canesdukegirl

    Sterilize hair

    What do you mean by "outside"? Do you mean that the indicator is on top of the first tray? With trials, oftentimes the trays are multi-tiered. The scrub has to verify that EVERY indicator in EVERY level of the tray is good.
  6. canesdukegirl

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "No, Bob Marley Wanna Be, I do NOT think that every little thing will be all right. I'm here because my insurance got changed on account of Obamacare. Now, do you want me to Get Up Stand Up, or do you want to Keep on Movin'?"
  7. canesdukegirl

    Evaluate this situation. What did I miss?

  8. canesdukegirl

    Charge nurse

    I've been a permanent charge nurse for 5 years now. It still makes me laugh when one particular staff member argues with me (every. single. time.) about his evening assignment when he is required to stay on call. He says, "OK, sure. Whatever. You're...
  9. canesdukegirl

    Calling in sick on 4th shift

    I agree with Been There. Sounds like you might need to adjust your schedule. Do you work 12s? Was the last shift a 12 hour scheduled shift? I'm assuming it's not or it would put you into OT, depending on the days that you worked. It's really hard to...
  10. canesdukegirl

    Do you have 30 minutes for lunch?

    Pfft! I am lucky if I get to go to the bathroom!
  11. canesdukegirl

    Do Mean Girls make Mean Nurses

    OP, I admire you for your strength and resilience while deployed. My hubby was a medic in the 82nd, and I can understand (only peripherally) what you are describing. He jumped into some pretty heinous territory during his time in the Army. I think i...
  12. canesdukegirl

    Need some insight from experienced nurses...

    The key to success is organization. If you are organized, you spend less time searching for something and more time thinking about what you are doing.
  13. canesdukegirl

    How NOT To Be An Annoying Nursing Student

    I've not had any trouble with nursing students. Med students, on the other hand... Normally, I love having med students in the OR with me. They are SO EAGER to learn. But sometimes I get ones that aren't so eager. After 15 minutes of holding retrac...
  14. canesdukegirl

    Lunch breaks/assignments

    All, I need your a totally non I-am-a-zombie-and-I-am-starving kind of way! How does your facility assign lunches and breaks? How do you track who has had lunch and who still needs to be relieved for lunch? I work in a large L1 TC, and ha...
  15. canesdukegirl

    New grad starting in OR...shoe help!

    If my house was burning, I would save my Danskos first. When I first started in nursing, I wore running shoes. Big mistake. My feet were absolutely throbbing at the end of the day. I changed to Danskos once I saved enough money, and now that's ALL I...

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