How far do you drive for nursing school?

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Today I drove to one of my prospective nursing schools. I have applied to 5 for next year (I'm waiting to hear on all of them). I didn't realize how far away it is! I drove 2 hours. It would've only been 1 1/2 hours but there was an accident. There are accidents on that road all of the time though (hwy 285 in Ga) so I'll need to build in a cushion of 1/2 an hour every time just to be sure I make to class on time. I am really dismayed because this school is the one that I think I have the best chance of getting into. I am thinking it is just too far out of my way and if I get accepted I am not sure I can say yes to the school in return! How far do you drive?


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For my LPN school, I had to drive 60-70 minutes (assuming good weather). I taped my notes from school and listened to them on the way there. We couldn't tape our instructors, but I taped my notes I took. For RN school, it is 25 minutes away, but it is just down the road from where I work. Good luck whatever you decided. Remember it isn't forever and it may be worth it.

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My drive is about 30 minutes depending on traffic. Sometimes I do listen to my recorder lectures also. way would I drive that far....especially on a dangerous road. I drive about 15 mins to 1 campus and about 20 mins to their other one. Are you single? If so, I'd move closer. Easier said then done...but it's easier if you don't have kids. It's something I would definitely consider (if possible). Good luck!


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I actually commute 1 1/2 hours now but there is no traffic so I don't mind it. But driving for that long in horrendous traffic- on a dangerous road- I am not really interested in!

I am married with kids so moving wouldn't be easy. That being said though our house has been for sale since November! So it REALLY hasn't been easy ;)

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I live in Texas and drive 3 hours one-way across state lines to a school in Oklahoma. The commute is 225 miles one-way (450 miles round trip).

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Commuter - you've got me beat . .. but I drive 70 miles one way down the mountain. In the Winter, the roads can be pretty bad. That is why I have a 4-wheel drive Kia.


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I used to walk to school. Now I have to drive about 12 mins. I have tried for some years now to locate within 5-10 miles for work and school commutes for both the wife and myself. We have had longer but really try to keep it short. It seems like it starts eating into your life if you have to spend hours each day just getting to and fro. I know it is not possible in some places and circumstances. We have been lucky.


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I only drive about 5 minutes. If I had time I could probably walk but I'm lazy now that I'm in school.


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I feel very fortunate as I am only five miles from home to school and school to work is less than a mile. In fact you can see the hospital I work at across the field from the college campus.


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I do drive 20mins:up:

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My school is less than 3 miles from home. Clinical sites are another story - ranging from ten minutes away to well over an hour fifteen. :p

OP, not to butt in, but I think you're wise to rethink traveling so far for school. Think of all seasons, all situations affecting that long commute - what about bad weather, traffic, a day you're running late or sick? Maintaining that sort of schedule will be a task unto itself.



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