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  1. lainith

    What is the Law for Nurses taking breaks?

    Omg. You guys get lunches? And breaks? I can't remember the last time I got to sit down while on the clock (besides paperwork once the next shift came in) with the exception of kneeling on the floor in front of a resident for a dressing change. *sigh* That being said, I frequently see staff taking rest breaks (maybe sleeping, I don't know for sure) during their lunch on third shift. Doesn't bother me. Leave on time, come back on time, do your job, why should it matter? But I don't make the rules...
  2. lainith

    Tattoo's and School

    We are not supposed to have visible tattoos. I have one on my inner wrist and I cover it with two bandages. I have forgotten many times (I don't always remember I have it) and no one has ever said anything. I am the only person in my class who has a tattoo that is visible so I don't know what anyone else would have to do. Usually if you ask your clinical instructor they will tell you what they expect. Good luck!
  3. lainith

    Young RN?

    I hear this all the time and I'm 28!!! Good for you for knowing what you want and going for it, no matter what age.
  4. Just wanted to put feelers out to see who else is going to be in Florida for the National Student Nurse's Association National Conference in April?? AP
  5. lainith

    Nursing School Drama queens

    All I can say is that this is why when people ask me how I did on exams, whether I did well or not, my response is always, "Good!" It is no one's business how I score on exams. And if one person knows, the whole class knows. I learned that the hard way and got sick of people insisting that I did anything other than work hard to earn my grades. I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope that the situation will work out. I found that the girls I am in class with, we just don't all mesh. I've tried to turn over a new leaf and look at these people as my peers and know I don't have to associate with all or any of them. Keep up the hard work and good luck with the rest of school - you found your niche for test taking and I hope it continues to pay off!
  6. We got textbooks and videos and that was it. We had opportunities to go into the lab and ask our instructor to demonstrate skills or help us out and those who didn't take advantage of that were S.O.L.
  7. lainith

    Advice to Students: say "thank you"

    It's amazing how far a simple "thank you" can get you. I always thank the nurses when we leave the floor from a shift of clinical, thank my instructor each shift as well... and always thank my patients for allowing me to care for them because I realize they have the right to refuse a student and it really is appreciated that they let us work with them. The thank you's really do make people feel good and I have been so blessed to get some thank you's in return and that sure feels good. Politeness NEVER goes out of style.
  8. lainith

    Anyone with a medical background before NS?

    I worked as a home health care aid before entering nursing school. It has given me a very small advantage in being comfortable working with patients and having some basis of knowledge in different areas.
  9. lainith

    Medical Terminology?

    I am a second year student and I am taking it this semester in order to keep my full-time status for financial aid and scholarship money. Hoping it will be pretty easy now and have heard from lots of students that it was helpful.
  10. So I was speeding through my pharm calculations from my Peds course pack before school starts next week and I found a section that has me stumped. I can't find anything like it in my pharm or Math for Meds book so I can't find a formula or way of solving these. Anyone have some insight on how I am supposed to figure these out? It'd be mighty helpful! Ticarcillin is stable in solutions at room temperature for 1 hour. It can be give IV bolus over 10 minutes. If administered by burette, the flow rate for pediatric microdrip is: gtt/minute = mL/hour (60gtt = 1mL), Thus 60gtt/minute = 60mL/hour (or 60mL/60 minutes)" 6 - You're about to give the required dose using microdrip tubing. Considering the stability of ticarcillin and the volume to be infused, what's the minimum flow rate for safe administration? (From the previous problem I solved the volume is 12mL.) 7 - Given the time limit for the IV bolus method (10 minutes), what's the maximum flow rate you can use to deliver 12mL of ticarcillin with a concentration of 1Grams/5mL? Flow rate consideration: You'll determine the appropriate IV flow rate based on several considerations, including the minimum amount of solution needed to infuse the drug, the patient's fluid restrictions, and how quickly the drug must be infused. You'll also take into account the patient's activity, any discomfort at the IV site, and other drug orders. 8 - You must administer 600mg of ticarcillin. What's the range for the IV flow rate? 9 - What's the time restriction on administering 600mg of ticarcillin to this child? 10 - How long would it take to infuse 600mg of ticarcillin in 12mL at a flow rate of 40gtt/minute? 11 - How long would it take to infuse 600mg in 15mL at a flow rate of 40gtt/minute? 12 - If you decide to give 600mg in 12mL over 20minutes, which flow rate would you use? And they go on and on. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to be able to look up the IV flow rate range and stuff somewhere? There's lots more questions and this is NOTHING we went over in Pharm so I'm lost. Any direction would be helpful and thank you so much in advance!!!
  11. lainith

    How do you wear your hair for clinicals?

    I noticed SO many people wearing their hair down but it gets in my face and seems unprofessional. I wear my hair in a ponytail every time with my bangs bobby-pinned back in some fashion. I actually get compliments on how it looks quite often. Won't be like that for long because I am cutting it short again soon and then it will just be styled away from my face.
  12. lainith

    Who else is having fun with school supplies?

    I got very excited about buying my supplies my first year and this year I have decided that I am more interested in saving myself some money and getting a better pair of shoes for clinicals. I have lots of folders, binders, pens, etc. and will only be stocking up on note cards because I use them like crazy. I'm going to be spending the bulk of my school supply money on NCLEX books again. :) Enjoy it, girls and boys!
  13. Oh man how could I FORGET?? My own step-brother... first name Jon middle name Wayne. And my mom and step dad each have the first name of someone on Roseanne and the last name Conner. *blinks*
  14. At different times in my life I went to school with the following: Crystal and Shanda Leer, Mercedes Rolling, Tekkila (Pronounced like "Tequila"), and a Shevi (Like "Chevy"). My younger brother had a Mercedes Carr. My best friend's aunt works for the DMV here and had to call the other day to let us know that she did the license for a freshly-16-years-of-age "Tooth Fairy"... Have seen young kiddos in friends' kids' classrooms with names like Precious, Lovely, Beautiful, Lacy, Silkk, Sateen, Cadillac, etc. And a friend at work named her twin girls Grace Hope and Faith Love.
  15. lainith

    Oy, the kvetching!

    I love the willingness and eagerness to learn! Even when I think someone asked a really "duh" question, I figure at least they asked! I love the extra curiosity that the really young students have and I enjoy that I can ask some of the older students just about ANY life question and they have helpful advice. I sincerely enjoy my classmates for the most part. There are a few "bad apples" but basically a bushel of good gals. :)
  16. lainith

    Are you a competitive Nursing Student?

    The only person I am out to please is myself. I shoot as high as I can. I WANT that A but I am happy with what I earn as long as I pass my classes. My grades a direct reflection of how hard I work. I am one who is happy for those who work hard and do well but will be the first to admit that it burns me when slackers and cheaters do better than I do! My classmates are not my competition, though many see it that way. They are my friends, practically my family. I spend more time with some of them than I do my own family and my boyfriend. I want to see them do well, too.