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KAYBDT6 is a BSN, RN and specializes in L & D, Med-Surge, Dialysis.

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    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

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    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    what are the impending warning sign to look for in a pt @ risk for pressure ulcer when applying pressure to the skin 1- whitish color 2- bluish color 3- reddish color 4- pinkish color when is the best time to schedule mestinon medication for a pt dx with myasthenia gravis 1- 2hrs before meal 2- 30mins before meal 3- 2hrs after meal 4- 30mins after meal a pt develop septic shock from a wound leg. what action will the nurse take. sata 1- administer abt 2- monitor v/s 3- place pt in isolation 4- report blood culture to the hcp 5- report hg result to the hcp 6- remove dressing from the wound
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    36lb/2.2 give you 16.36 approximate give 16.4 16.36kg x 10 = 163.6 163.6/160 x 5= 5.11 which give you 5ml OR 16.4 x 10 = 164.0 164/160 x 5 = 5.12 which give you 5ml Hope am right........:)
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    I passed Nclex with 90-110 questions

  5. Wish you all the best!!
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    A million of these.....

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    Needs Advice....Taking NCLEX for the 3rd time...HELP

    NCLEX ABCDZ STRATEGY A. Spend 1/3 of your time reviewing content you don't understand B. Spend 2/3 of your time answering test question C. Used most comfortable NCLEX review book for content. D. Begin with the area that is most difficult for you or area that are least familiar E. Use a good nursing reference manual or internet to find information F. Define the disease in terms of pathophysiological process and understand the disease process. G. Identify the early and late symptoms of disease H. Identify most important or life-threatening complication associated with the disease. I. Define the medical treatment. J. Identify nursing intervention associate with early and late symptom of disease process K. Identify what to teach patient and family to prevent in other to adapt to disease process. L. list the area you need to review. M. Answering question in a test mode will improve your test taking skills N. Each time you answer question, check the number of question you answered correctly that will motivate you to read and study more next time. O. Keep track of your score to see how you're improving in all area of your content. P. If you answer less than 65% correctly, these is a WARNING SIGNAL!! Spend lots of time reviewing content and stop doing question on the weakest area Q. If you answer 65-75% correctly your performance is improving and success is certain. Continue working with the content until your score is above 75% R. Every wrong answer, identify why you answered it wrongly. S. Practice 75- 85 question to known how you'll be prepared for NCLEX Exam and see how many you answered correctly T. Do understand the question first, formulate your answer of hand and compare with the option given to see how close your answer!! U. Anticipate Test question will increase in difficulty when you get the first question right!! V. Do not panic if someone finishes before you!! W. Do not CRAM CRAM!! X. Remember that you have learned a great amount of nursing knowledge and the exam is only designed to determine whether you're able to practice safely @ entry level Y. Keep a positive attitude and Pray!! Z. Wish you best of LUCK!!
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    painful moment !!

    Never give up! Focus on your weak area and understand your content. Also preparing for this exam needs 100% concentration. This forum is an interesting and informative site but you might as well take time off from the forum or better still limit time spent on it. Wish you all the best!
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    Finally passed on my 8th time.

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    Yes, but the policy make them not to tell you if you pass or fail.
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    Failed again.............my heart is broken!!!!

    hmmm.....All i have to say, never give up on yourself. I can send you some stuff if you can pm me. I have a website that can help you progress in NCLEX. wish you all the best!
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    Physical Asessment of New Born, for My NCLEX Friends

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    NCLEX-PN 85 questions and passed!

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    Ohio boards and past DUI

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    focus on you content and stay calm on your test day. All the best!