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  1. I was thinking about you a bit ago! Thanks for the update. Yes and thank you.
  2. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes as well!
  3. That does sound scary. Thanks for the details. Your mild case of flu is most likely due to getting the flu shot as it can lessen the severity or keep you from getting the flu. I'm glad you will be observed and hopefully this was simply a fluke.
  4. I'm not torn. 38% chance of effectiveness is better than zero. Plus, if you do end up with the flu, you will most likely have a milder flu. As I'm nearing retirement age, I'm working with hospice patients, mostly in their homes. Their health is fragile and I'm going to do everything I can to not hasten it by bringing flu into their home. Also, I have a family member in remission from cancer whose immune system was blasted by chemo prior to a stem cell transplant. I protected him as well. Not to mention, a new baby coming in a month and other grandkids. I'm going to protect those around me. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/season/faq-flu-season-2019-2020.htm?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fflu%2Fseason%2Fflu-season-2019-2020.htm
  5. I'm curious about what your reaction was . . . ?
  6. Spidey's mom

    The Base Tan Myth on "Don't Fry Day"

    I heard a dermatology presentation a week ago that talked about the ramifications of how we older (ahem) folks worshiped the sun using baby oil. And yes, got that "base tan" and hated white legs. Really fascinating look at skin cancer, increasing rates, and how to protect yourself. They did talk extensively as well about the unsubstantiated fears about the ingredients in sunscreen, the scientific research into safety of sunscreens, and I have no qualms about using them. I've also seen some rather extensive surgeries related to removal of cancer on the face. Including a family member who had about 1/3 of her nose removed due to melanoma. She had a skin graft that look a bit like Frankenstein's monster for awhile with a vein snaked down from her hairline to her nose to feed the graft. She was lucky in that it hadn't spread but melanoma is pretty famous for spreading to other parts of the body before you realize something is wrong. Put on sunscreen, wear a hat, long sleeves on a hike, etc. Way better than having part of your face removed.
  7. Spidey's mom

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Just saw this. I'm soo jealous! Best wishes and don't stay away forever! steph
  8. Spidey's mom

    Happy yet sad about mother’s day tomorrow.

    The comments about your infertility issues from others I agree with. I do have to comment specifically about your husband though because I have experience with abused women and men. You should really consider whether you want to stay with a man who treats you so disrespectfully. Do you want to raise a child with a man like that? If he is verbally abusive to you, the child will grow up hearing that. And he might also be verbally abusive to the child. I'd advise you to think hard about this. Is this really the way you want to live between now and when you die?
  9. Spidey's mom

    Should I divorce my husband

    YES, keeping a sense of humor keeps a marriage going! And yes, strip poker would be fun. If I didn't have a kid in the house still.
  10. Spidey's mom

    Being bullied at work

    Agreed Ruby . . . and I hesitated due to the subject of this thread. We've been around awhile and seen a lot of threads about bullying and come to find out, it wasn't really bullying. (I laughed when I saw the footnote to your posts. COB's indeed!)
  11. Spidey's mom

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    Good question . . . all in jest of course! That sounds good. I don't mind a pat on the shoulder or arm but massages make me really uncomfortable. Speak up. Unless we communicate, no one can tell what we are thinking. (Good marital advice too).
  12. Spidey's mom

    Should I divorce my husband

    I'm with Davey and Old Dude . . . this was funny. And no, don't divorce your husband for having a sense of humor.
  13. Spidey's mom

    "Heating Pads"

    Interesting timing . . . I'm laying on a heating pad tonight. Lower back pain all day so Ibuprofen and heating pad. As to using them at school, when I was a school nurse, nope.
  14. Spidey's mom

    Parent wants to stay all day

    Same kind of thing happened here. Kindergarten, newly diagnosed male. Mom came to school every day for a couple of years but we put her to work as a teacher's aide. First in her son's classroom and then as she became more confident in our ability to care for the child, she worked in another teacher's room as an aide but would come back to care for her child's insulin needs, his carb counting at lunch, his insulin then, etc. Finally, she stopped coming to school at all. It took some time for her to feel confident as it was a scary time for her and her husband when their son was diagnosed. I kinda liked having her around.
  15. Spidey's mom

    CBD administration in your schools

    I attended a training on the use of Marijuana while breastfeeding called "Breastfeeding and Bongs" last week. I've also attended many trainings related to use in hospice. Marijuana (Cannabis) use, whether it is THC or CBD, has not been studied well in children regarding potential positive uses. The issues for kids and babies in utero is the brain. There are some links between marijuana use of pregnant moms and babies who don't meet developmental milestones at the appropriate times and an increase in behaviorial problems. THC can affect parts of the brain having to do with ability to remember, multitask, and pay attention. I just don't think we have enough scientific information at this time to say it is safe for kids to use medications made from cannabis. Our local policy is no, we don't allow use of products made from cannabis (CBD or THC) on campus.
  16. Spidey's mom


    Hello! Welcome back. I come and go as I retired from school nursing a few years back. Still work hospice though. I'll gladly accept the title COB or dinosaur!