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amarilla has 2 years experience as a RN and specializes in MS, ED.

Second career RN

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  1. If you were to move from ER...

    I am leaving nursing for another health profession and it is the ONLY reason I'd leave the ER, *laugh. I could never go back to floor nursing and have no desire to work for a doctor's fiefdom in ambulatory care. I've worked in same day surgery and pr...
  2. ESI Triage Question

    Hmm. While I may not be one of the more eloquent posters here, I'll try to be succinct: I triage people in danger of dying or nearly dead as '1', indicating immediate lifesaving intervention needed, i.e., arrests brought in in progress. Emergent trea...
  3. How to be an ED tech?

    I think the best thing to do may be to look up your local hospitals to take a look at the job descriptions posted for ED techs. It will tell you exactly what they want in terms of experience, certifications and the like. The few EDs I've worked for h...
  4. your irritation here!

    Oh, so many things here that irritate me on a regular basis (and now I've been reminded of them on my day off!). Here are mine: Cosign the many who have posted about the cutesy cartoons and cut-outs that are posted on the walls. Just no. This is not ...
  5. Buffalo ERs?

    Hi all, I'm relocating to Buffalo in a few months and would appreciate any insight into where to apply (or not apply) for a per diem ER job in the area. I am an ADN with nearly five years experience - several years of float, almost 2 years in ED. I h...
  6. I need help. =(

    Please take this gently, OP, but sometimes we aren't always doing as well as we think we are. A month on med-surg to work on your skills may just mean that you're lacking the assessment skills and time management of your more experienced ED peers at ...
  7. Subservience to the docs

    When you put it that way, definitely! I suppose it's just been surreal that none of the other nurses there seem to be bothered by the way things are there. I come home and feel bad about the care some of the patients have received because I couldn't ...
  8. Subservience to the docs

    ICURNmaggie, I feel like a number of my free text entries in the chart are 'pt ______. Vital signs now _____. MD ____ made aware. No further orders at this time.' You can actually see the situation deteriorate through my notes. Ugghhh
  9. Subservience to the docs

    Hi TLC, Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I should give a few examples to better illustrate the scenario? Let's say you go up to one of the docs with an update and as you open your mouth to speak, you get a finger held up to your face and then a 'WHA...
  10. Police Holds

    You might not always need consent to disclose to law enforcement though; know your state laws and hospital policy first. JME. Another link, this one specific to LE from HHS:
  11. Police Holds

    We get these - call them 'detainers'. For whatever reason, the police place the detainer and make us aware when we accept the patient into the ED. They leave and we treat the patient. When dispo approaches, we call and advise same and two officers ar...
  12. transportation issues

    I feel your pain, OP, and yes, I would LOVE to have a discharge specialist to coordinate rides home! My regular job does not give out vouchers or bus passes, (we're nearly bankrupt as is), but my pd job will do so if the patient isn't on the usual of...
  13. Subservience to the docs

    Hi all, I could really use some advice. I've been a nurse four years or so; a few years on the floors and about 18 months in the ED. I started a second job a few months ago for more hours and am contemplating whether to stay or to go - help me decide...
  14. What should I expect in ER nursing?

    Agree with the previous posters to ask yourself why you want off the floor and what you're looking for. I started in med-surg, went into float pool and pursued an ED position for about six months before one finally gave me a chance. Like you, OP, I '...
  15. RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. NJ 2. 3 3. ED 4. 34.00 5. 2.50 for nights 6. Non-union