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  1. kcochrane

    Suicide Is Not Your Answer

    As someone who has suffered through depression for over three years, logic had no place in my decision to attempt suicide. All you think about is ending the suffering. The pain, the darkness, the fear of living, a future with no hope. I was just tired of living, of suffering. I looked at my knives more than once thinking if I just bleed to death, it would end. I think the only thing that stopped me on many occasions was my children and knowing at one time I was happy. But I totally understand now what drives others to end it all. I know I went through it for a reason, that I can understand others that are suffering. With help from medications and a great doctor that listened, I was able to work through issues and make it to the other side. I had several relapses, but eventually I found my way out. Others aren't as lucky. I have a great life and I thank god every day I did not go through with my thoughts.
  2. kcochrane

    Losing my religion

    Even though I am a Christian, I believe in all paths lead to God. I will not share my religion with a patient unless they ask. I believe that the way I live my life and treat others is the greatest testimony to my religion. I will to myself pray for patients and will pray with patients if they ask. I try as best I can to accomodate any religion or lack thereof. I agree with everyone else...it is not about me. No matter where you came from, what you have done in life (good or bad) or what/who you believe in, once you are on my unit I will give you the best possible care I can.
  3. Depends on the state and the facility. For example in NY state you can hold both a RN and LPN license. To the OP - sure if it meant I could pay the bills, I would work as either.
  4. kcochrane

    asking for meds?

    If you had asked me to bring it back again when it was due, I would. I see no issue with a patient asking that - especially one that is alert and oriented. Also it is good to stay on top of pain. You will find that nurses have differing opinions on pain meds and the administration of those pain meds. Some take PRN meaning as needed and that you need to ask for them every time. Some nurses will give them or at least assess at the intervals prescribed. They are both right. But I think as you noted from your experience, we do need to let the patient know what is available and what PRN means.
  5. kcochrane

    LPN and RN-What does this mean?

    In New York you can keep both your LPN and RN current. I did have both of mine for 9 months, but let the LPN expire. I considered keeping it but decided it wasn't worth it at this point. Two reasons I have heard people keep it: To apply for jobs they really want but will only hire an LPN If the economy is bad and a job decides to replace RNs with LPNs to save $$$. That happened at a LTC facility I worked with.
  6. kcochrane

    asking for meds?

    I'm with you on this one. I would keep it prn and give it as requested -when they can get it next. I would not in this case change it to an ATC order since as time goes by it is anticipated that the a new mother's pain will get better. For LTC I might consider an ATC order since that pain will probably continue and/or get worse.
  7. kcochrane

    Our new hire, new grad charge nurse

    it is the same thing in new york. a lpn cannot access or teach. the lpns i work with need me to access a patient if no rn has access them for 24 hours, i have to do their iv pushes, admission orders, telephone orders, etc. i can tell you that as a new rn i would have been up a creek if my charge nurse was a new grad with no experience. i relied on that charge nurse initially for a lot. even after a year i go to them for advice or support for an issue. it is just sad all around for the lpns and the bsn - not to mention the patients. i do agree that making sure your documentation is complete is a good thing. is there any other resource for the op if the bsn isn't able to handle it? we always have a off shift supervisor or enet nurse (from icu that comes around to access problems).
  8. kcochrane

    Would a hospital hire and RN for an LPN job?

    In NYS you can hold both a LPN and RN license. So each state can differ on that.
  9. kcochrane

    Only an ADN

    There is always going to be someone to debate which is better. In fact you can throw the LPN program into the mix and get the same arguments. Again, there is no reason why the poster should not ask her question here. Yes it would be useful to ask the local hospitals in the area, but it is also good to get some perspective on what others think of with regards to the future of both ADN and BSN hiring prospects. I agree that we should all respect each other no matter what.
  10. kcochrane

    Only an ADN

    Why is it considered negative to state that some hospitals prefer ADNs over BSNs? And yes it has also been stated that some hospitals prefer BSNs over ADNs. Facts are facts. Depending on the local economy, the reputation of schools, etc., some hospital prefer BSNs, some prefer ADNs. The person that started this post is curious to whether or not she would have a chance to work in a hospital with her ADN. I don't see how that is a negative either and why should she not post that question.
  11. kcochrane

    RN to BSN programs - how hard to get in?

    It really depends on where you are going. Some require higher grade point averages than others. You should have no issue finding a good RN-BSN program with your grade point. Are you looking online, traditional or accelerated?
  12. kcochrane

    I'm exhausted...it's ridiculous (and unsafe)

    Sounds about right to me too. I left that type of scenario when I got my RN. I worked on a LTC respiratory unit. I was lucky in that there was usually 2 LPNs for 36 patients. I say usually since they sometimes pulled one if other floors were short since they only had one LPN OR sometimes my fellow LPN would call in sick too late to get a replacement. It was an experience that left me able to handle more than one thing at once. And they wonder why I don't complain now even when I get 7 patients. CNAs in this area in LTC can only do vital signs and patient care. That seems to be enough given the level of care needed for these people coming in to nursing homes. BTW in our hospital, techs can no longer do glucose sticks due to billing issues. It should get easier as you get to know the patients. Then you get can some sort of routine and know who to see first. :)
  13. kcochrane

    *Vent* RN's make toast?!?!?!

    I'm thinking that burning the toast a few times and setting off the fire alarms might "cure" admin of this BS. It will only take one nurse trying to toast and find they get busy with a code or other urgent matter to "forget" the toast is on. How much do they pay these people to make up this hairbrained ideas?
  14. I'm just starting my RN-BSN and it appears to be much easier for me. It is a a lot of writing, but I enjoy that. I find it much easier than my ADN program.
  15. kcochrane

    IV starts in nursing school

    Another NY state here. Same thing - not taught in school, learned on the job. I had to have 10 sticks watched by another certified nurse before I was allowed on my own.