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  1. kcochrane

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Although I'm not against unions, I have not found them to be beneficial in my area. The county nursing home belongs to the county union and the pay for RNs was dismal. At least $8-10/hour less than any other nursing home. $22/hr for staff nurse, $25.75/hr for supervisors. I loved working there but it just wasn't financially feasible. The only plus I found was that you have some protection from being fired without fair representation. My current facility pays well, good benefits and the vice president must review all terminations to make sure they were fair. The union here is only for CNAs and LPNs.
  2. kcochrane

    Nursing management necessary?

    Wow, just wow. I've had managers as you describe throughout my years in different jobs and I've had managers quite the opposite. The problem is most good managers will burn out after awhile. Trying to make the upper management happy as well as advocate for your staff is a stressful. I've put my neck on the line more than once for my staff. I have to be careful how far I push because getting fired will not help my staff in the long run. Trying to explain to higher ups something logical that is known from working in the trenches is like banging your head on the wall at times. And I was just on a cart last Friday passing medications.
  3. kcochrane

    Nursing management necessary?

    Guess it depends on the charge nurse. When I was charge in acute care I took on a partial patient load along with my charge nurse duties. There was no way that the nurses I was in charge of could have done their assignment and taken care of what I needed to do as charge. Some charge nurses will not and prefer to just do the minimum. This exists everywhere at all levels. It is hard at times for others to see what charge, supervisors and managers in general do. Until I became a nurse manager I had no idea. I would love to help out more on my floor, but I have my own tasks and someone I answer to when I don't get my work done. Like Klone pointed out, doctors do answer to the CMO.
  4. One more other thing. So let’s say we have alarms for this sort of issue. What happens when it malfunctions? Who is to blame then? Relying on technology to parent is a bad idea. And as much as I can understand it as an extra check you know as well as I do that many will use it as the only check.
  5. Me too. I raised five children while working two jobs and trying to go to school...and involved in a bad marriage. I'm sorry I just don't get it and never will. Now we need safeguards to help parent? Call me judgemental all day, I'm ok with that.
  6. kcochrane

    Hole in MARs

    These are in most cases LPNs. The admins before me thought that policing each other would work. It isn't. So as a nurse manager it's falling on me to decide on how to proceed. Checking the MARs every night before I leave is just one other audit I don't need, but will probably have to do. "Holes" or failure to chart won't go away with eMARs, but the nurse will be made aware of the omissions at the end of the shift that need to be fixed. I'm sure reports can be run in minutes that I can use to discipline as opposed to hours combing through paper charts.
  7. kcochrane

    Hole in MARs

    Yes it is an eternal battle with no end in sight. Every LTC facility I worked with seemd to have this issue. I was in the habit of double checking my MARs at the end of the night. But I realize sometimes it is just too busy to have time. The solution here is to make the next shift check for "holes". That is a problem when the next shift comes in late, the previous shift is still passing meds or any other staffing issue. Just not a good solution. As a nurse manager I could check the MARs myself and probably will have too.
  8. kcochrane

    Hole in MARs

    Lol. That relieved some stress for today. Thanks JKL33.
  9. kcochrane

    Hole in MARs

    Hi, We have an ongoing problem with holes in our paper MARs. Anyone have any solution(s) they've used to help with this issue. We've tried making the nurses check each other MARs at the end of the shift, but it hasn't worked well. I know this issue will go away once we get electronic MARs, but that may not be for another year. Thanks!
  10. kcochrane

    Break up during school

    It is going to hurt and I think we all understand that here. Overtime it will get better, but it doesn't feel like that to you now. A couple years ago I felt like you. Didn't want to get up out of bed. Nothing brought me joy, but I went to work everyday and that kept my mind off of it for a few minutes at a time. I know if the midst of it I realized someone better was out there. And he was. I am now married to the love of my life. Go to school, get your nursing license so that no matter what happens you can take care of yourself. This will allow you to find someone you want, not someone you need. Believe me we all know that pain you are feeling, like your heart will break in two. One day at a time right now. Hugs to you.
  11. In my area, if the schools were closed for the children, we were closed. Your best bet is to save any absences you are allowed for that time of year. That way if they don't cancel and you don't feel its safe, you can call in. Like others have stated, you could have an accident on a nice day. The school is not liable for you and your driving no matter what type of day it is.
  12. Yeah I was wondering that too. I don't feel just because someone holds ideals different than me that they are dumb. I find that very intolerant, the very accusation blasted at conservatives. There are very intelligent people on both sides of congress.
  13. I always like to wait a few days to see how things shake out before I react. I've seen too many times how what is reported is not necessarily what is true. CDC director says there are ‘no banned words’ at the agency | PBS NewsHour "CDC director says there are ‘no banned words' at the agency" "But in follow-up reporting, The New York Times cited "a few" CDC officials who suggested the move was not meant as an outright ban, but rather, a technique to help secure Republican approval of the 2019 budget by eliminating certain words and phrases. " Sad though that games have to be played in order to do the right thing.
  14. kcochrane

    Repealing ACA

    I would actually like to hear how it really works. I've heard of issues over the years. Of course no system is perfect. This issue is very complicated. For example the 40% includes those that don't want to pay that premium for insurance. They have other priorities excluding your basics. I'll be honest in not knowing what the answer is, but I don't trust the government to fix it.
  15. kcochrane

    Living Will Tattoo

    As you stated it does happen even though it shouldn't. We did have resident that had his wishes drawn up by a lawyer. I saw the completed paperwork in his chart..no feeding tube, trach, etc. His POA did not follow his wishes which were clear as day. He ended up with everything he didn't want. It was sad. He could not communicate anymore but it was apparent he was in pain. He went to the hospital a year later, was coded 5 times and FINALLY a MD convinced the POA that this was cruel. As a nurse most of us are well aware that patient's wishes shouldn't be overridden by a POAs wish. But even as you search out the answers online, there are different opinions to whether or not a competent order for a DNR can be cancelled. Its not that clear cut. And as a nurse we can advocate, but we all know the power is not with us.
  16. kcochrane

    Well on My WAY!!!!

    That's the way it is here too. At least at the college I attended.

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