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  1. Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    Another RN that chooses to work in LTC. Working as a LPN in LTC gave me the organizations skills to be successful in the hospital when I did finally receive my RN. Although I am grateful for the experience of being in the hospital and getting the a...
  2. Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Although I'm not against unions, I have not found them to be beneficial in my area. The county nursing home belongs to the county union and the pay for RNs was dismal. At least $8-10/hour less than any other nursing home. $22/hr for staff nurse, $...
  3. Nursing management necessary?

    Wow, just wow. I've had managers as you describe throughout my years in different jobs and I've had managers quite the opposite. The problem is most good managers will burn out after awhile. Trying to make the upper management happy as well as adv...
  4. Nursing management necessary?

    Guess it depends on the charge nurse. When I was charge in acute care I took on a partial patient load along with my charge nurse duties. There was no way that the nurses I was in charge of could have done their assignment and taken care of what I...
  5. One more other thing. So let’s say we have alarms for this sort of issue. What happens when it malfunctions? Who is to blame then? Relying on technology to parent is a bad idea. And as much as I can understand it as an extra check you know as well...
  6. Me too. I raised five children while working two jobs and trying to go to school...and involved in a bad marriage. I'm sorry I just don't get it and never will. Now we need safeguards to help parent? Call me judgemental all day, I'm ok with that...
  7. smokers and coughing

    I guess I'm different. I don't want people to think I'm contagious when I cough. I always tell them its because I smoke.
  8. Understanding the Risk of Firearms: Suicide vs. Homicide

    Exactly. The deadliest school massacre was in Bath, MI. Andrew Kehoe, who was seeking revenge for losing an election set up bombs that he could set off himself at the school. This was in 1927. Michigan's Bath School massacre remains deadliest o...
  9. Nurse Imposters

    That appears to be part of the problem, the MD calling someone a nurse that isn't. Wonder how they would like the shoe on the other foot. I'll call myself a doctor.
  10. Hole in MARs

    These are in most cases LPNs. The admins before me thought that policing each other would work. It isn't. So as a nurse manager it's falling on me to decide on how to proceed. Checking the MARs every night before I leave is just one other audit I...
  11. Hole in MARs

    Yes it is an eternal battle with no end in sight. Every LTC facility I worked with seemd to have this issue. I was in the habit of double checking my MARs at the end of the night. But I realize sometimes it is just too busy to have time. The solu...
  12. Hole in MARs

    Lol. That relieved some stress for today. Thanks JKL33.
  13. Hole in MARs

    Hi, We have an ongoing problem with holes in our paper MARs. Anyone have any solution(s) they've used to help with this issue. We've tried making the nurses check each other MARs at the end of the shift, but it hasn't worked well. I know this issu...
  14. Break up during school

    It is going to hurt and I think we all understand that here. Overtime it will get better, but it doesn't feel like that to you now. A couple years ago I felt like you. Didn't want to get up out of bed. Nothing brought me joy, but I went to work ...
  15. As a nurse manager in LTC if there is a call in I have to be able to get on a cart. I also help out with patient care. I needed to have experience in order to answer clinical questions. Mind you the paperwork keeps me from helping as much as I wou...