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I know nursing school has cliques and stuff but in my class, I just hate some of these students. I know it is a competitive atmosphere and you dont trust anyone. Some of my classmates are very stuck... Read More

  1. by   scaredofshots
    We have the same stuff going on in our class too. Its called PLAYING HIGH SCHOOL and these girls need to grow up. Life is going to slap them in the face when they get into the real world. It would be funny to watch them get an attitude with some of my patients!! lol
  2. by   StudentNurseSteph
    yeah i especially hate the loud obnoxious girls that act like they're still in highschool..i think to myself wow i'd just LOVE for them to be MY nurses lol..:smiley_ab
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Yup until you start your first job and there are different morons just like them! :uhoh21:

  4. by   lilmama007
    These people that you speak of..........Do they pay your bills? Do they take the tests for you? Do they help you write those careplans late nights? Do you honestly think they care about you? NO????? Then forget about it!! Who cares? You must remember, you are not there to make friends and if you are, just know that they cannot pass nursing school for you. Also, know that they cannot fail you. You can only do that yourself!! Damn them!!
  5. by   GadgetRN71
    I'll be honest- I do hate some of my former co-workers and one person in my family! LOL, that sounds awful but you have to be a really nasty piece of work to get me to hate you. I don't do anything about this hate, just so no one thinks I'm a danger to society or anything.
    To the OP, it's OK to "hate" some of your classmates. Just take the classy way out and ignore them. Focus on your own studies and do well. You know what they say: Living well is the best revenge.
  6. by   diapason05
    Quote from smurfy
    Thank you! I am in a two year program (second semester) and have the same problem with classmates. Not doing the work, always whining that test questions are unfair because they missed it, changing test schedules to accomidate their lives. How do these people function in the real world, since they are so clueless in the classroom? Not only did these people not know about the NCLEX, but they expected it to be free (no testing fees). They always want to be spoon fed information and can never except that the answers to their questions are not always simple and straight forward. They always ask the same questions over and over (some are from the first semester!).

    I can sympathise with you and feel your frustration. Just hang on and soon these morons will be long behind you.

    I'm a bit scared now. My husband is older than me (29) and has been in the navy for almost 7 years- he's always telling me I'm going to have to learn some patience because there are a lot of morons out there. I tend to get frustrated with stupidity. I've been known to tear up in class (college!!) because the other students were slow to pick up easy concepts. I went to my guidance counselor out of frustration and asked him if he thought classes would become more difficult once I hit the university level. He said, no, the classes are pretty much the same. I became really depressed. I know that it is not nice (or gracious) to get frustrated with people who don't catch on as quickly as I usually do (since I am sure there are going to be times where *I* am the slow one), but I can't help it. Nowadays, EVERYONE goes to college. Many of these people should not be there. Thats just the way it is. I believe that our colleges have lowered academic standards to accomodate the average person who is not smart enough to be there. It brings all of the people who should be there DOWN!
  7. by   jla623
    Yeah, but you will encounter that everywhere you go. I get annoyed with lots of people as well, but over the years I have learned not to care as much. Most importantly, I have learned to be careful what you say to people...there are some scandalous people out there. It just seems like sometimes no matter how nice you are, there are some people that are so unhappy that they will find a reason to dislike you anyway. I usually just steer clear of people like that and try to make another friend in the class that is "normal" like I am. Try talking to the quiet people in the class because you will probably find that they feel exactly the same way that you do about the annoying ones in the class.

    I don't understand why some people are so mean and hateful!! It irritates the hell out of me too!
  8. by   LMRN10
    I know this is an old post, but thought I would respond anyway.

    There are people, believe it or not, in this world that I DO hate (strong word, yes, but true...dislike is not a strong enough word in these cases). None of them have been my classmates though. Have not started clinicals, but I am expecting to in the Spring. I will be taking night classes. In my experience, those who have taken all of my pre-req night classes with me are people basically in the same situation as me. Married, working, kids, etc... Not all of them, but most of them. I just feel like those that go at night (at least to my school) seem to be more mature...whether they are older or younger. Yes, there are a select few (old or young) who didn't seem to make it far past high school, but some people are just like that.

    I tend to tune that sort of stuff out as much as I can. I agree with many of the previous posters that your energy should be applied to better things! Such as your school work...and there is plenty of it.

    I will say, in high-school, I always worried about people talking about me, what they thought, blah blah blah. When I started college at the age of 27, I realized quickly that had changed. I didn't care anymore. And I will say, it changed even MORE when I had my daughter at the age of 29! Life experiences WILL help you get past these things. I have learned to speak up if I think it's necessary (mainly after I had my daughter, I learned to do that). I am a much different person than I was in my teens/early 20's.

    You will have those who are just cruel for no reason (and no, it is not always something you said or did that causes it), but you just need to learn to look past that. I am hoping I won't have to deal with that with the night classes, but who knows. I think it's something that can happen anywhere...not just at school.

    I'm more concerned with getting a good education and meeting others who want to get to know me and work to help each other...not dealing with those who like to make others lives as miserable as possible...I have no room for that in my life!

  9. by   2bNurseCouple
    I have to agree with the previous poster with respect to the downgrading of college education. I am 35 years old and originally attended college fresh out of high school in 1990. I attended two different major universities over a two year period and took a full course load each year (i.e. I had a fair amount of classroom experience).

    Since I returned to school several months ago, I have noticed some major changes that I was hoping were not universal to all colleges and universities. First, classroom decorum has all but vanished. In the "old" days, we always called our "teachers" Prof. Last Name or Dr. Last Name. Now, they just want you to call them "Scott" or "Kitty". They used to wear business attire and look professional, now they just show up wearing blue jeans and a polo shirt. There didn't used to be cell phones, and now even the professors are taking calls in class!!!

    As far as the education goes, students just seem to want everything handed to them on a silver platter. We used to have the old method of "chalk and talk," now students demand printed copies of the power point presentations and essentially want the professor to "review" the test by giving them questions and answers virtually identical to the real thing. Rather than having to read the text and extract the information themselves, all they have to do is memorize a fact sheet given out by the professor and regurgitate it on the test. And everyone wonders why graduates today can't seem to figure things out on their own!

    Finally, some of my classes are online, and I am shocked at how poorly most of these students write. Poor spelling, incorrect grammar and punctuation, and incoherent sentences. It makes me wonder what kind of nurses we're producing nowadays.

  10. by   stuffbubby541
    I am experiencing some of the same issues. Our class is broken into 3 groups....we are a group of 90. My group, we have know it all's, chatterboxers and I can't take it. Some of the students have done the lpn program, failed the NCLEX and they are repeating the whole thing. They think they know everything...yell out the answers when the instructor called on you to answer the question.

    I've spoken to several of my instructors about this problem..but they can only do so much. I really loose my flow when some in the back of the class is constantly talking over the instructor. I have to work extra hard so that I will understand what the instructor is presenting.

    Thanks for the post!!!!
  11. by   s1shaw
    Two weeks before my clinical for nursing school started my mother died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. I had four children under the age of 12 and I was going through a divorce. I had a group of the same hateful people in my class. So to avoid them, I started a study group and personally tutored a dyslexic and two girls who were from Mexico and South America and had a hard time with our language.
    Although the girl from South America ended up dropping out of the program, I was very proud of the girl with dyslexia who received an award at graduation.
    I graduated third in my class and was happy with myself for all I had accomplished. What I suggested is find a group of people that YOU like, study with them, go out after class with them...forget about the a**holes in the class, you can't change them.
    Enjoy yourself and make friends. Remember that the ones that are like that in nursing school will be like that as nurses. These are the type of nurses you will be working with. Learn to ignor them NOW, consider it practice.
    Good Luck...Susan
  12. by   s1shaw
    ....and the sad thing is....I'm only two classes away from entering the second year of the RN program...and I have no desire...I just don't want to deal with those class idiots again...sad, but true...
    So I'll live with my LPN and stay under the radar...
  13. by   Kasia3
    All the ones with an attitude are gone,and have to reapply again.I guess instead of focusing on school work they were engaging themselves in catty games,etc.I guess it doesnt pay off to play around in nursing school