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scaredofshots has 4 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, ER.

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  1. scaredofshots


    Yes there are a lot of crazy patients. No stay in the ER where you will have more experienced nurses there to help you. At a jail it is just you.
  2. scaredofshots

    How long after your 3, 12 hour shifts do you feel rested?

    Some weeks are better than others. I work 3 12hr shifts 7P-7A after my last night I always feel cheated a day because I have to sleep then I will need to sleep that night also to get back on a day time schedule that only lasts 3 days
  3. scaredofshots

    Nurse Facts to Cell phone

    like bullet notes or something
  4. scaredofshots

    Nurse Facts to Cell phone

    anyone know how to get daily nurse facts sent to your cell phone via text message?
  5. scaredofshots

    Clock OUT and IN for lunch in a NICU???

    I agree with you. I work in the ER. We are also told to clock out for 30 minutes. Some nurses just hand over their badge to one nurse who clocks everyone out and the secretary keeps up with the time so she can clock those nurses back in. We hardly ever sit down during our 12 hr shift. I have clocked out 3 times in the last month for a "lunch break" and then forgot to clock back in because I had to run back out to check in EMS! What are they thinking????
  6. scaredofshots

    Why don't employers start lowering wages for nurses?

    You seem smart enough. Hey if you really don't care to make 15.00 per hour then save yourself some time and give those nurses out here some respect. Go apply at Mcdonalds!
  7. scaredofshots

    help with test taking tips

    the book (Test for sucess) nursing book helped me. good luck
  8. scaredofshots

    Does your ER scan medications?

    Anyone else work in the ER where you have to scan your medications before giving to patient?
  9. anyone else having to scan medications into meditech and document in T-system in the ER?
  10. scaredofshots

    Why should family presence be allowed in the ER?

    only 2 at a time please. and then stay out of the way.
  11. scaredofshots

    Catty coworkers

    you are so right!! it does start at the top! same thing on the floor i work on. our nurse manager never has anything positive to say and our first shift secretary is the B from H and gets away with it! i try to just do my job and leave. its sad that we have to tolerate sorry people.
  12. scaredofshots

    Fun Care Plans

    It is my care plan for myself: Here goes Nursing diagnosis: Hopelessness r/t prolonged activity restriction creating isolation, long-term stress, perception of demands that overwhelm personal resources. Outcomes: I will verbalize feelings, Make positive statements(e.g., "I can pass nursing school" or "I will study all the material for this exam and be prepared for the next test") ,Sleep appropriate length of time for my age and health needs, Initiate activity. Nursing Interventions: Monitor and document the potential for suicide. Assess for signs and symptoms of depression, and use humor as appropriate. Teaching:Teach the use of stress-reduction tecniques, relaxation, and imagery. Encourage family to express love, concern, and encouragement and allow to express and verbalize feelings.
  13. scaredofshots

    How many patients?

    i work med/surg with 34 beds. we have 5-6 pts per rn or lpn at night 7p-7a and sometimes during the day 7a-7p. on days we have 2 aids, night we have 1 aide. we do our own admissions and discharges. day shift has a free charge that assists with admits/discharges/orders/md calls/etc. night shift charge nurse takes pts. we never have 7 patients. we do computer charting and med scan.
  14. scaredofshots

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    Take the NCLEX on June 30th. I think I am ready we will see... :smilecoffeecup:
  15. scaredofshots

    Has anyone here had to do clinicals in OB

    GUYS get over yourself! When it comes to pushing that kid out do you think the mom cares who is in the room? And in most cases isn't the Doctor a male????
  16. scaredofshots

    Should I go LVN or RN route?

    At our hospital the LPN's make what the pre RN student nurse makes and the student nurse is doing tech work, SO think about this do you really want to get a degree that won't pay you for what you do. ie: LPN's do the same thing as the RN's but get paid ten dollars less. Just something else to think about...

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