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5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER
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Marie_LPN, RN is a LPN, RN and specializes in 5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER.

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  1. Marie_LPN, RN

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    Depends on why the case is long. If the surgeon drags his rear/doesn't know what they're doing (we're blessed to have one of those), then i'm wishing for a day of fast cases.
  2. Marie_LPN, RN

    Overwhelming job! Oh my gosh!

    12 weeks is nowhere near an appropriate length for orientation.
  3. Marie_LPN, RN

    LPN v ST v RN

    Depends on the facility. Some place will hire new grads, others want prior med-surg experience.
  4. Marie_LPN, RN

    OR Pet peeves

    I stopped getting that when i replied with either "well, people in hell want ice water, also" or "well, grab a mop, and get to cleaning, this room doesn't clean by itself." I've also used this one "i'm going to PEE sometime today, and right now is a great time for me to let it loose."
  5. Marie_LPN, RN

    Break room and refrigerators

    Fridge gets cleaned at 10 pm, you either have your stuff out or it's gone. Sounds strict, but the fridge situation got ridiculous, and came down to this.
  6. Marie_LPN, RN

    Is it me?

    The way we train people is to give them the same preceptor as often as possible throughout their training. We've seen that this helps in training because 1) the preceptors have years of experience, years of problem solving, etc. 2) it helps form a 'bond' with the trainee so that they feel comfortable asking questions, voicing concerns.
  7. Marie_LPN, RN

    Safest glove preference?

    I do indicators under the orthos. I actually cannot get over how many of my co-workers still single-glove for any procedures, yet if they learn that their current pt. has HIV or HBV, they'll double glove. I double glove simply because you DON'T know what the heck people have nowadays.
  8. Marie_LPN, RN

    What's the easiest job in the operating room?

    I'd never say that any job is easy in the OR, the OR is not where the easy jobs are.
  9. Marie_LPN, RN

    Timeout univercal protocol

    Let's not forget the foghorn voice used to shut ppl up so they will listen to the Time-Out (my beginning line, which JC liked, is "Ladies and Gentlemen, i WILL have your attention NOW because this is our official Time-Out, our pt.'s name is............").
  10. Marie_LPN, RN

    Scary Old School Surgical Tools

    Makes me glad i'm not a male.
  11. Outpatient surgery check-in (ASC) first, whether they are going home that day or not, that's the 'default' receiving area.
  12. Marie_LPN, RN

    count sheets

  13. Marie_LPN, RN

    Yellow skin of patient during surgery

    Or also Ioban.
  14. Marie_LPN, RN

    I got a job!At an abortion clinic?

    It would be nice if people didn't use their personal feelings, opinions, and beliefs about abortion to influence someone else's job!!!!:stoneFor those that are choosing to do so, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU.
  15. Marie_LPN, RN

    I got a job!At an abortion clinic?

    It's your job, it's your decision. Whether I can sleep at night has nothing to do with your job. If that's where you want to work, that's your choice. No one else should attempt to influence you one way or the other.
  16. Marie_LPN, RN

    What do you think about people calling you "honey"?

    I don't like it, but it ain't the end of the world.