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  1. GadgetRN71

    I wish I could see you!

    My dad died at about 1:30 am. When I got home I lay down and tried to sleep. All of a sudden I felt like someone had their hand on my arm..it was cold, but not unpleasant. My mom said that she heard my dad calling her name..
  2. Hospitals are hiring travelers. They like to do that because they don't have to pay benefits and many times they will hire from the traveling pool. Kind of a "try before you buy" situation.
  3. GadgetRN71

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Excellent point. We all deserve basic courtesy, and to feel safe at work. You have to earn respect.
  4. GadgetRN71

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    Excellent article. Sadly, those who try to fight for change often end up discouraged, tired, beaten down. I'm not ready to give up quite yet, but I'm getting there.
  5. GadgetRN71

    Coffee Addiction

    Dunkin donuts iced coffee year round for this gal...
  6. OP, I understand why you're upset. This nurse's behavior is reprehensible. Unfortunately, you'll find that nursing has its share of creeps like any other profession. I agree that you should report it to your clinical instructor. Some hospitals also have a number you can call to anonymously report issues that affect patient care and/or ethical concerns. I don't think you need to lighten up at all- what this nurse is doing is flat out wrong.
  7. GadgetRN71

    How old were you when you finished nursing school?

    34, soon to be 35 when I graduated nursing school(RN/ADN). Will be starting my BSN this spring. I may decide to do NP- if so, I want to be alomst done with that around age 45.
  8. I would say go for the bigger OR..you will get more experience, and the bigger places tend to be better about teaching. Sometimes in a small community hospital OR, you have people who have been there so long, they forget what it's like to be new. Start big, get lots of experience, and then later, go to a small OR if you want. Good luck!:)
  9. GadgetRN71

    Axillary rolls

    I've worked in places like that. The place I'm in now is actually very good about replacing our equipment and positioning aids. The surgeons stay on them about stuff like that. A bigger issue for us is keeping the stuff we buy in our department- we've had to resort to locked cabinets.
  10. GadgetRN71

    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    I say good for her. Just because somone is old doesn't mean they are confused and frail. We are very long lived in my family, so I'll be working when I'm old. Maybe not full time but per diem.
  11. GadgetRN71

    So do you actually take your breaks?

    Yes, and on the very rare occasion I miss a supper ( happened maybe twice in 4 years), I punch out " no meal". You should be getting and taking your breaks-martyrs aren't a benefit to anyone except hospital administration.
  12. GadgetRN71

    Surgical Technologists Taking Over Nursing Roles?

    Actually, most of the time where I work we all get along pretty well. We all have a job to do. But, arrogance can go both ways. I've know some snotty RNs but I've also known some techs who have a huge chip on their shoulder and who try to run the show. Trust me, there are days where i wish i hadn't become a nurse, so I could just focus on the incision and the instruments and not have to juggle everything. If there's lack of respect on this thread- it's coming from both groups. For example, there little comments about nurses contaminating themselves,or getting no exposure to the OR in NS. By the way, that's not true of all programs. And, for every surgical tech that went through a degree program there's two more that got pulled from another floor and trained to scrub in 8 weeks( several young techs at my hospital like this) or got OTJ training. The original question got lost along the way... you're not ever going to see STs taking over nursing roles, IMHO. Just woldn't be safe.
  13. GadgetRN71

    Surgical Technologists Taking Over Nursing Roles?

    Sorry, you're flat out wrong. I was a surg tech before I became a nurse and can say circulating well is far more difficult than scrubbing. Surg techs don't run rooms- circulators do. I know some techs THINK they run the show but that is not the case. And I'm not afraid of losing my job- I'm a nurse that can scrub..that makes me very marketable. :DWe also are moving toward staffing more RNs than techs..easier to run a schedule that way. Angry much?
  14. GadgetRN71

    "Disruptive" Surgeon's Suspension Warranted, Court Rules

    Ha..funny that this was posted- i just wrote a doctor up for disruptive behavior.
  15. GadgetRN71

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    This is not true-ADNs work in all areas. Including peds, maternity, ICU, ER and the OR. My coordinator is a diploma nurse. A funny story..we had a representative from RIC come to the hospital to tout the RN-BSN program. I stopped by the booth and she asked where I worked. I told her I work in the OR, she says in a shocked tone.."as a NURSE?". LOL, she was kind of a dingbat, to be honest. She really looked confused when I told her I was the charge nurse.. Maybe she's the one telling people that only BSNs work in certain areas? Anyway, that info is flat out WRONG. And that dingbat lady was one of the reasons I decided to not go with RIC as my BSN program. I don't have time for that kind of snobbery. Bella, They've been saying for decades that they're going to make the BSN the minimum level for entry into nursing..hasn't happened yet. the only reason I'm doing it is if I would like later to pursue a NP or CRNA program. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. RI hospitals are not going to pay the BSN anymore money than an ADN or a diploma nurse.