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GadgetRN71 has 14 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Operating Room.

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  1. GadgetRN71

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    I recently received a raise to 48.71 an hour. That comes out to about 101,000 a year. I have almost 14 years of experience and an associates degree. I work in the OR, in a surgery center. i work in Boston but live in RI.
  2. GadgetRN71

    A cautionary tale: advice/help needed

    Your Bachelor degree isn't useless outside of nursing. It will mean more school, but you can pursue a graduate degree in something else, or go to law school. You can go into medical sales. There are options for you..
  3. GadgetRN71

    I wish I could see you!

    My dad died at about 1:30 am. When I got home I lay down and tried to sleep. All of a sudden I felt like someone had their hand on my arm..it was cold, but not unpleasant. My mom said that she heard my dad calling her name..
  4. GadgetRN71

    Scheduling harassment

    It isn't inappropriate if she negotiated it, they agreed and she has it in writing.
  5. GadgetRN71

    Scheduling harassment

    I say good for you that you negotiated. Nurses are traditionally bad at this, especially female nurses. I have negotiated better pay and shifts as well in the interview process and it has worked in most cases. For what it's worth, any resentment I received was from female nurses, the male nurses were impressed that I did so. Negotiating works best when you aren't desperate for the job, you have to be prepared to walk away or at least be very convincing that you will walk. Obviously, it helps if they are needing to fill that position quickly too.
  6. GadgetRN71

    Inappropriate nurses?

    I think emailing the manager was a bit much, but the male nurse sounds like one of those lazy nurses who is always concerned with what other people are doing, what their workload is or what their work hours are. It wasn't his business. OP, I think you handled him just fine, nosy types like that hate it when you don't play along. Again, I think emailing the manager was a bit much, I'm quite sure she knows just how poor his manners are and how lazy he is. Unfortunately, people like that usually know how to game the system and they are often protected by management. Just be happy you don't have to work with him all the time.
  7. We used to let them have the hardware most of the time, but no go on gallstones, kidney stones, etc. I did have one guy that wanted to keep his amputated finger. He was told no as well.
  8. GadgetRN71

    On-call in the OR

    I had posted back in 2012.. Finally found my surgery center job! No more call for me. A lot of the hospitals around here are begging for staff. So, I think many OR nurse are fed up with the call thing too.
  9. Best of luck to you. This is a great opportunity. You will get wonderful OR experience in a level 1 trauma hospital. I have been an OR nurse ten years and was very meek when I started. You will find that you will toughen up, and it helps not to take things personally. The call situation doesn't sound that bad. I'm not a fan of call, but some really like it. You may find you're one of them.
  10. GadgetRN71

    Patients wants a back rub

    I would not be comfortable giving a back rub. I for one am glad that this has fallen by the wayside. Although, in a bid to improve Press Ganey scores, it wouldn't surprise me if administration reinstated them, along with Happy Endings..😂🙄
  11. GadgetRN71

    Should I have volunteered to stay overnight?

    I like that..this needs to go on a coffee mug. True though, anything above and beyond we do isn't appreciated. I do what is required and that's it, especially when it comes to overtime and non patient care things.
  12. I would take it if you are offered the job. Beggars can't be choosers. Three years will go by fast. Is it for a specialty area? Those tend to have long orientations.
  13. I live in RI and work in Boston. Takes me about an hour and 20 min to get to work. That train is always packed too, so I'm not the only one. In the grand scheme of things, an hour to get to work is nothing. I know people who take two hours and above to get to work. At this point, you cannot be too picky.
  14. GadgetRN71

    No Water at Lunch?!

    I have become quite good at bottle flipping myself. I don't have a problem with kids doing this. At least they aren't on their phone, poking away at a tablet screen or playing video games constantly. They could be doing worse things than flipping bottles.
  15. GadgetRN71

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I have been bullied at work. The incidents were.. Being sworn at because I was in charge and had to mandate the bully's friend-that bully was disciplined though(suspended). Phone calls to my home. I know it was the bully because I overheard them in the locker room admitting to it. When I would post the assignment- it would be ignored or the paper I used to post it was crumpled and thrown on the floor. I'm no victim though- got the union involved and the perpetrators and the manager who condoned/encouraged it caught grief for it.
  16. GadgetRN71

    Not sure what to do. Licensed RN working as tech.

    I would leave. Sorry to be blunt, but they don't want you. Go elsewhere( don't be picky either) and start with a clean slate.

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