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  1. NaomieRN

    Medical Surgical Floor from Hell

    Thank you, I agree 100% with you.
  2. NaomieRN

    Medical Surgical Floor from Hell

    I graduated in May of this year. I took my first job on a Med surg floor. The orientation was basically sink and swim. After the orientation, I received no check list or feedback. I have not done almost half of the skills required to function confident on that floor. I addressed my concerns with the floor manager, she told me, I would be ok. So far, I am doing ok. My main concern with that floor, is the way they assigned patients to nurses. For example, last night, there were about 4 isolations, I got 2 of them out of 5 nurses working. My assignment was split from the night shift because of the complexity. The Day charge nurse purposely changed the assignment so her friends can have lighter loads, while I ran alll shift. Almost all of my patients were confused and on tabs, which required constant running from one end of the hall to the other. I am planning to resign, but before that, I would like to meet with the CEO and the nurse manager, so they can do something about that. I am also not the only nurse the clique is doing that do. There are like 5 nurses that are good friends. They drink and party together; so when they are in charge, their friends get easier patients, so they can have time to text, surf the web and joke around with each other. I appreciate any advice from you guys.
  3. NaomieRN

    Passed the Intro to World Religions Dantes

    I still have my notes, send me your email through private message ok,
  4. NaomieRN

    Failed 2 Fundamentals tests - HELP!

    When you read the text book, pay attention to charts and dont be afraid to meet with the instructor for help.
  5. NaomieRN

    May Grads and jobs

    Most of my graduate class are working. I graduated in May from St Vincents College. I have a part time job and was asked if I wanted to work fulltime because two positions have been created. Try to apply at St Vincents Medical Center. There are a few positions in respiratory and Med Surg. You can apply online. Good Luck!!
  6. NaomieRN

    Best time to take the NCLEX

    I took the nclex July 3rd, graduated May 15 and I passed. I wish I took it earlier, but I was waiting for my school to send my transcript. By the time I received my ATT, it was already in early June and the earliest date that was good for me was July 3.
  7. NaomieRN

    Just Failed the NCLEX

    I am sorry to hear about you not passing. Do not retest immediately. Take time to plan for the second time. Try different strategies, such as exam cram. Do 100 questions a day and go over all rationales. Review content of weak areas. When you get your result from the state, see the areas you can improve on. I know you can do this....dont give up!!!
  8. Kaplan all the way!!! I like Kaplan review because it made the nclex seemed easy. I followed their plan and strategies and I passed the first time with 75 questions. Kaplan was a great investment. Highly recommend!!!
  9. NaomieRN

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

  10. Remember to stay positive, relax, do deep breathing exercise during the test, sleep well the night before, exercise, prepare your mind to stay longer, bring extra snacks, get to the place early.....tell yourself...you will make it!!! Good luck to you!!!!
  11. NaomieRN

    Kaplan..is it worth it?.

    Kaplan worth every penny to me. The online content is great because at this point you want to focus on keypoints not detailed information. The online videos are based on frequently nclex tested information. Use the workbook while watching the online videos, it will help tremendously. I passed the first time using 90% Kaplan and 10% saunders.
  12. Just graduated from St Vincents and passed the boards on July 3. I went to the evening program. Nursing 230 is half psych and half Neuro. St Vincents passing is now an 80 and I do not know that BPT is, but I believe it is less than that.
  13. NaomieRN

    How many questions did you get ?

    I passed with 75 questions, several of my friends also passed, 92, 222, 208 and 265. Most of my class passed with 75 questions. The friend who passed with 222, actually ran out of time.
  14. NaomieRN

    SATA's and Pharma are my problem...HELP!

    You got through the tough part and the best is yet to come. I think your problem may be more anxiety than anything else. I took my boards in July and passed. The week before the test, I had major anxiety because like you I was the top of my class and I did not want to fail. What I did, two days before the test, I got my hair, pedicure, nails and eyebrows done. I stayed at a hotel over night closer to the test center. I exercised few days before the test and did deep breathing while taking the test. I know if only I can control my anxiety I would be alright.
  15. NaomieRN

    SATA's and Pharma are my problem...HELP!

    I went to a nursing where I never took pharmacology. I studied the meds by different classes and remember the bad side effects. I had about 10 meds, I knew most of them. Make sure you pay attention to meds you see on TV commercials, like Zoloft, Viagra and Cialis. The key to success: think positive, practice as many questions as possible and go over each rationale. Take notes and read contents in weak areas. Try to understand the concept rather than memorization. You can pass....I read your previous post Please do not give up, you reach too far. Hang in there, I am praying for you. Keep me posted with some good news soon!!!!
  16. NaomieRN

    Kaplan overall qbank score

    Kaplan questions are more challenging than the Nclex which in my opinion is good thing. Are those questions mosly knowledge? Kaplan questions are more application and analysis, which are important in order to pass the nclex. Some people do not like Kaplan because the questions are too tough, but in reality are helpful.