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jla623 specializes in SICU/CVICU.

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  1. jla623

    Brookhaven Nursing Program Question

    That's about how many points I had! You have NOTHING to worry about.
  2. jla623

    Brookhaven College

    That should be a good enough score to get in. Especially if you have all of your support courses done and you get your 3 points for reapplying. I graduated in May. It's a great program! Brookhaven has a great reputation. Good luck!
  3. jla623

    Brookhaven College

    I think I got a 95 when I took it. I would say to aim anywhere above an 85. The higher your score, the better your chances. There is a HESI study guide you can get at the bookstore (the off-campus one is where I found it) that is really good.
  4. jla623

    ADNs having problems getting jobs?

    We had several people in our program (ADN) receive offers for new grad internships at Methodist.
  5. jla623

    ADNs having problems getting jobs?

    Not exactly true. I was offered several ICU positions (where there were only 1 or 2 spots available) over BSN graduates, and I have an ADN. One of them was a magnet hospital. It's all very competitive whether you have an ADN or BSN. Of course, I'm sure it would be a different story if I were not planning on continuing my education at all. You also have to take into account that many ADN graduates already hold bachelors degrees in other fields.
  6. jla623

    Comparable jobs to RNs (salary wise)

    This is true, I made about the same (if not more) bartending and working 20 hours a week.
  7. jla623

    Brookhaven Nursing Program Clinicals Question

    What do you mean by the areas? The different units? I had my first semester on an oncology floor, 2nd semester I was on a med/surg floor, ortho floor, and neuro floor. 3rd semester was Peds/OB/Psych. My last semester was a unit of my choice and I did CVICU. Clinicals are at hospitals all over Dallas. The ones that I heard of people having were: Medical City, Baylor downtown, Baylor Plano, Baylor Irving, Baylor Garland, UT Southwestern, Parkland, Childrens, Green Oaks, Richardson Regional, and Med Ctr of Plano. Does that answer your question?
  8. jla623

    Critical Care Internships for new grads?

    Baylor, UTSW, Medical City, Presby, Parkland, etc.
  9. jla623

    Parkland or Presby Denton. Help! Need advice quick!

    I would steer clear of Presby Denton.
  10. jla623

    ICU Decision/Help!

    I would take the job offer and still interview for the ICU position. I'm probably going against what everyone else will say, but I was in this position a few months ago. I accepted the job that I was offered first, then I kept interviewing and ended up securing an ICU spot that I really wanted. Yes, I did have to call the other hospital and told them that I received another offer in the ICU that suited me better. Of course I was afraid of burning my bridges, but the first hospital actually ended up calling me a few weeks later with another ICU offer (that I didn't take), and even told me that they would love to have me in the future. I would rather be safe than sorry. I would take the job and still try for the ICU job that you really want. If you turn this one down, what happens if you don't get the ICU job? I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world, but you may have to wait until the next round of internships. Good luck!
  11. jla623

    GPA for brookhaven/northlake/el centro

    You would probably get into Brookhaven without a problem (if you do really well on HESI) since they go by points. Your HESI score is the bulk of your points, so that is more important than your GPA. Your HESI score + support courses + GPA is how they decide. Just go to the website and check it out. I would shoot for a HESI score in the 90s.
  12. jla623

    Of all the courses, which was most difficult for you?

    I thought OB was a nightmare.
  13. jla623

    Which one would you choose

    I would choose the one that is closest to me. I only say this because I had a job that was 30 minutes away (without traffic) and that got really old, really quick. If they are both the virtually the same, then that is how I would make my decision. That is just me though.
  14. jla623

    Which hospitals claim to be on a hiring freeze?

    Hmm, I don't exactly agree with you there. The majority of the people in my class have not been able to find jobs yet. Some of them may have lost the battle for the most competitive spots and are being too picky, but quite a few have been trying to get jobs in med/surg from the beginning. I have friends from other nursing programs that say the exact same thing. People that graduated last May did not have as much trouble finding a job as this year's May graduates. The fact is that there are hiring freezes and there are a lot of nurses returning to the field after not working. The job openings are limited.
  15. jla623

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    I just recently narrowed it down between all of my offers to one in CVICU. I live in Dallas and it pays 24/hr with great shift diffs. I am very excited!
  16. jla623

    Presby Dallas ER

    This is true, a lot of people in my class haven't gotten jobs yet (about 75%). It's more competitive than ever. I would absolutely take the ER position. It will be much easier to get into ICU after you have worked in the ER since in some places they consider it critical care. I was told that Presby doesn't have a contract by the way. Good luck!