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MJJFan1 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry Med/Surg.

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  1. MJJFan1

    NCLEX 2020

    Was years ago but I took it about a month after graduation. I had one review book but honestly there’s nothing you can truly study that will prepare you for it. It was critical thinking. 76 questions, 2 days later I had preliminary pass results. Most of my questions were select all that apply. I remember one nightmare question that I’d had and still to this day don’t know if I got it right. But don’t sweat it it, if you made it through school with no troubles, You’ll be fine.
  2. MJJFan1

    Med-Surg IV Meds

    You’re better off knowing your common diagnosis admitted to the unit and then the treatments/labs/tests/meds that go along with that
  3. MJJFan1

    Need some advice

    We are in a pandemic. Everyone, experienced or not is being dragged into the unknown. We have PACU nurses working on our dedicated COVID unit. They are straight losing it. Everything is totally new for them in the med/surg atmosphere. We are all going to get through this. We are in disaster mode and I'm certain your executives care more than you just keep showing up. Take it one day at a time.
  4. MJJFan1

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    Well I actually opted out of benefits when I started nursing and was paid $10 more per hour, so that’s why I figured that could be why.
  5. MJJFan1

    What would you do?

    Go with your gut!!
  6. MJJFan1

    I Love Flight Nursing--I want you to as well!

    Get it girl 😍 that makes it even sweeter
  7. MJJFan1

    Considering Starting Small ALF

    I’ve gone around the merry go round with idea after idea: mortuary, day care, sober living home, halfway house....I just can’t decide. My heart says mortuary but every time I think about going back to school for mortuary science, I just go 🥴....
  8. MJJFan1

    Insulin Administration

    Try Mosby’s nursing skills
  9. Great points made TriciaJ
  10. MJJFan1

    What is Content Marketing for Nurse Entrepreneurs?

    Good information. How do you drive traffic to the content though?
  11. MJJFan1

    I Love Flight Nursing--I want you to as well!

    So is that one post? Or do you have multiple topics? It just seems like the page goes on and on (a lot of scrolling). I love the theme. Do you have an affiliate for the products? If not, get them and get paid for advertising.
  12. MJJFan1

    I Love Flight Nursing--I want you to as well!

    I’ll burst the cherry.
  13. MJJFan1

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    Maybe she’s paid more because she opted out of benefits (insurance, PTO).
  14. We should be allowed to remain true to our morals. As long as we are able to secure a willing staff member, shouldn’t be a problem
  15. MJJFan1

    Advice for new nurse? Mistake was made

    It’s a learning experience for you. Don’t beat yourself up, although that’s easy for me to say but I know you feel different. It’ll bother you for a long time probably but this will never happen again on your watch because now you’ve experienced something that’s scared you deeply. Keep trucking along.
  16. I think it starts with nursing schools. There seems to be such a difference from when I came through. I believe we should also invest more in our preceptors. That’s what makes or breaks new nurses.