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  1. Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    So sad I just found this and mine are gone. Most of you probably don't remember Joyce but I had some from her Daytonite.
  2. Do not understand scheduling issue

    It probably isn't about how the OP is presenting and maybe its different for CRNAs? NPs can call themselves whatever they want including "doctor" if the facility allows but it will not put them on par with a physician. The hospital where I work calls...
  3. and no RN experience with meds or presentations.
  4. New work pay formats

    These aren't great, imo, unless you are doing a very high volume. My RVU pay is in the $29 and change. It averages out to a minimum of $90 an hour but my volume is heavy. Like OMH said you will have to crunch the actual numbers and see what will be ...
  5. It seems they also don't cover BPD vs Bipolar, Delirium vs Schizophrenia, Malingering or drug seeking at all....but lots of polypharmacy and erroneous diagnoses.
  6. New work pay formats

    For me although I am efficient I have no interest to do 10 minute appointments on an OP basis. My focus has always been the bottom line so I would need to know the actual numbers for #1 and #2 to estimate my possible income. Is health insurance facto...
  7. Do not understand scheduling issue

    Physicians are more valuable and higher on the food chain than we are simple as that. If you also work for RVUs you might consider changing jobs as this seems to be the writing on the wall. If in fact she has difficulty keeping patients I would wond...
  8. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    It is a reality in psychiatry and now the psychiatrists who used to be NP friendly are not so much both due to the tightening up of opportunities and the low quality of the new graduates. Why would a clinic hire a psychiatrist for 2xs the money if th...
  9. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I'm guess this was said tongue in cheek? Because I can tell you exactly how it will go. Why would anyone pay you $200,000 a year when a bright, shiny new DNP, who hasn't worked on day as a nurse or actually anything else, is willing to do it for $100...
  10. Profanity in the workplace

    I agree and there are times when I feel my foul language is getting excessive but as you point out I usually decide I'm fine with it and carry on status quo. I probably won't change my ways but it does give me pause when I realize there are those who...
  11. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Pay attention to this folks it is the truth. The last experienced NP hired in my department is making $40,000 a year less than myself and a colleague who started when I did and $10,000 a year less than the last new grad hired. Sorry I don't have the...
  12. Profanity in the workplace

    It is one of my all time favorite words. I use it often although not directed at others or knowingly in ear shot of a patient. Cursing is like scrubs one of the few perks of being a nurse.
  13. Psych no salary/pay

    Best wishes. Please let us know how things work out.
  14. Psych no salary/pay

    $53 an hour is a terrible rate in my opinion even for a FNP. I would be more proactive than just telling them you were offered $95 an hour as 1099 and also include the rate it would take to hire me. Note to others: Don't back yourself in a corner an...
  15. I Make Less Than a Brand New Nurse, Why?

    Excellent points and unfortunate although I tend to avoid the whole discrimination thing. It is business and their job is to get someone for the lowest rate and there are factors that go into who is more desirable regardless of actual legalities. I ...