Mommy Will Be There

  1. People frequently ask why did you become a nurse? It's like the day time talk shows calling an unsuspecting person and playing everyone has a story. They call the unsuspecting person and hear their story. Well, this is my why I became a nurse story.

    Mommy Will Be There

    I was in the first grade when I had to get my tonsils out. I was probably six or seven. My mom was an evening shift worker and when I went to sleep she was there but once I awoke, she was gone. I was crying and this nurse (I use the term loosely, she could have been a tech for all I know) was walking by.

    She heard me crying, came in and asked me what was wrong. I replied that my mom was not there. She consoled me by telling me to eat the popsicle that she had gotten for me. She hugged me and promised me that once I fell asleep, my mom would be there when I woke up, and she was there!

    How did this lady know that?

    I am young and impressionable. Oh my Lord, I thought this lady was something.

    From that point on I knew I wanted to be like her. I wanted to grow up and be a nurse. I wanted to able to help people and console them when their mommies were not there. When I tell this story, I well up with tears because this woman has no idea the impact she had on me. That little bit of compassion has gone on a long way; this is what my career for the last 16 years has been built on.

    Fast forward to today; I am an adult ICU nurse who had the pleasure of getting to repay that nurse and be just like her. A woman in her forty's having a "simple" hysterectomy, was supposed to go home in a few days, and is bleeding into her abdomen slowly.

    Her nurse prior to me tries to find the cause of her vague "my stomach hurts" and the moderately low systolic blood pressure in the 90's. Nobody finds it until she crashes and is coded when she comes into my assignment. She has a husband and three children ranging in age from 16 to 7. Seven the same age I was when I had my first hospital experience! I see myself in this little girl, although the circumstances are different!

    We both want our mommies; unfortunately her mommy won't be there next time she wakes up because her mommy ends up being a compassionate wean and dies two days later in the ICU as my patient. In the two twelve hour shifts I took care of her mom, I got to give her many popsicles and promise her that mommy would be looking down on her from heaven, and got to give her many hugs as she would sit on my lap as daddy and her bigger brothers would be in mommy's room crying. I do not think she realized the situation as she often skipped up and down the hall from the ICU to the elevator.

    I hope I impressed upon her a positive view of nursing, and she one day writes a letter about the ICU nurse that took care of her mommy when she becomes a nurse.

    So, I challenge all that are reading this to be nice, promise popsicles, and that mommy will be there next time your little patient wakes up.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    lovely post, just goes to show how a little kindness goes a long way
  4. by   canchaser
    Thanks for the reply, kidness can go a long way, That is for sure.
  5. by   vanessalynn30
    omg, I really teared up reading this. I know you made the same lasting impression on that little girl.
  6. by   coffeeaftermidnight
    Beautiful post.
  7. by   mandirigma12
    This si a good post.
  8. by   littles2
    I told myself when i read this that i would not cry, but when i hear how others are able to impact ones life in such a way that it sticks with you for the rest of your life, that is truly amazing.
  9. by   TuTonka
    Ok the story was fantastic and definately the type of story that keeps all nurses in this profession but couldn't you have warned the cry baby that it was THAT kind of story? Now my eyes will swell shut and I will snot my way to bed. But I truly found the story beautiful and heart felt. I hope for you that your wish comes true. Thanks for the post ....from a cry baby.

  10. by   camjones
    This was a very inspiring and sad story . Thank you for sharing this touching experience.
  11. by   mydream77
    YOU are the reason why I am working so hard to become a nurse. I hope I can bring comfort to someone in their time of need as well. You are truly a great person and that is what I think everyone should always strive to be!! Thank you for sharing your story!!
  12. by   natusia84
    When I was a volunteer at my local hospital, hoping to be a pharmacist, it was a nurse who was so kind and encouraged me to go into nursing instead. She treated her patients which such kindess and gentleness, that they were usually still smiling when she walked out of the room. I don't remember her name but she inspired me to go into nursing.
  13. by   snowyRN
    thanks for sharing!
  14. by   oyin_sussy
    wel, my view so far, i think the story is highly fascinating. i like al post to d thread. this is tremendously encouraging and interesting as wel. i'm highly impressed! keep it up! luvly!